For me, it's smoking a lucky as I play some vidya

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for me, it's panter minis


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I havent had one of these in a glass bottle in years. theyre all plastic now. the bottom inch tastes like chemicals and I genuinely cant drink it. I assume its leeching something out of the plastic and it all falls to the bottom

I hope you're lucky enough to not strike out from cancer in the future.

>FILTERED Lucky Strikes
Unironically, unequivocally filtered.

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having a fag every now and then isn't so bad

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It's high gravity so a lot of shit settles at the bottom. It's definitely not good for your body and way worse than other alcohol. For the real men it's Old E and the luxury brand 40 oz

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Whatya' now about that?


bros this azn twink went on an hour rant about cigs when I said I was thinking about taking up smoking it was so cute

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Chewing is a more reliable nicotine delivery system. Vaping is less terrible for the lungs but it's also very easy to accidentally go overboard and rather than take smoke breaks you'll just spend all fucking day casually vaping.

Cant smoke cigs anymore, after quitting years ago they taste like trash.
I like mini cigars though.

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>Drinking the baby version

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Have a lucky strike today! Recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors, for it's smooth filtered taste

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Feed nana?

for me its monster energy

That does sound comfy. Coffee and a cigarette playing a game would be dope. Do you smoke inside the house ? Must stink in there lmao...

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Smoking is so nasty. Seriously one of the grossest habits anyone can have. I smoked from like age 16-20, then I grew a brain. Shit smells and is a waste of money.

these bad boys

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it doesnt happen with the glass bottles or cans though. i can only taste the bad shit in the plastic bottles
ive been drinking a lot of king cobra. lower alc content than steelies but its also a dollar cheaper at my store

>Tfw everyone collectively thought they were Kool aid jammers even though jammers we're just koolaid brand Capri sun

very nice! for me its this while on opioids with a freshly ground strong coffee. its like sex but without effort.
i stopped smoking in room. i think its disgusting and a subhuman practics.

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smoking is subhuman to begin with

In December of 2020 Lucky Strikes were reintroduced to the American Market by RJ Reynolds (who also own Newport, Camel, and Pall Mall), and this was accompanied by a MAJOR marketing push to position Lucky Strikes as a premium cigarette brand. I suspect one of two things here. Either
A: OP is a shill, trying to “subtlely” put Lucky Strike cigarettes in your head. Or
B: OP is a soft headed simpleton easily persuaded by marketing, and in the last year he has actually bought into the manufactured notion that Lucky Strikes are premium cigarettes he should be smoking. I’m either scenario, let me just say YIKES, and CRINGE, and imma head out.

I don't think it's legal to sell unfiltered cigarettes where I'm from unless you roll them yourself.


Just snip em. The filter is only on the end

Filtered cigs have inferior tobacco rolled in them.
The non-filtered Lucky's are a superior smoke.


>Motherfucking illegal to sell cigarettes with no filter
>Science has been proven for over 20 years that the filter does literally fucking nothing


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Pipe is the superior smoke. good draw. cool to the tongue. relaxing. you get the nicotine hit without having to hack up a fucking lung like with cigarettes. it's the gentleman's way to smoke.

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Kek I love it when people point out stupid shit here let me try:
>popular commercial cigs have more than double the nicotine compared to homemade cigs.
Huh really makes you think...

I don't like smoking inside the house, so I usually take breaks in-between long gaming sessions for a smoke.
Cancer is RNG. My friend who was the healthiest dude I knew growing up and always athletic died from it at age 23. Here I am 5 years later while being an unhealthy pos.

Pipe is the fedora of smoking
Real men smoke Thuoc Lao

why not just drink spirits


my uncle is 71 and has been smoking since age 13. he went through Vietnam so was exposed to all sorts of shit (like agent orange), and he never got cancer and is still pretty fucking spry for his age. there's no doubt that smoking is unhealthy but cancer really is just luck of the draw.

can't enter the steel slumber with spirits

Only fags need specially aged liquor with special ingrediments. Drink wine while you're at it bethany

>steel slumber
is that where you piss yourself in your sleep but you sleep through it because your brain is busy fighting off the toxic shit in the beer

Disgusting smelly smoker

What do you know about it?
Prolly nothin

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Enjoy your painful death

technically cancer is just when mutated cells start replicating uncontrollably. The thing is the body has several fail-safes for when that happens so most people don't have problems.

that sugary shit doesn't even comply to the germ,an purity law

to add to this because cancer is just mutated cells the only thing which smoking may do is increase the rate at which cells mutate. This is what higher rate of cancer means in this case.

I just don't understand smoking. Why do people smoke? Is it really that relaxing?

there is no point, it's a pointless habit

it's ok when you're drinking or doing coke though

why don't you try it and find out


white women were right about one thing

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id rather smoke weed than cigs

of course you would

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>4 years ago replace all alcohol with phenibut

I don't even know why people still drink that shit when it's inferior to drugs.

phenibut does nothing

For me it's kratom, delta-8 THC, phenibut and Dr Pepper

>phenibut does nothing

lmao what? It is THE BEST legal high on the market, bar none. You apparently didnt take a recreational dose of it.

This is pretty much why some people can smoke their entire lives and not get cancer. Your genetic history determines the likelihood of ever getting it; if you have family members who died from cancer, then yeah, smoking would probably be dangling on a knife's edge, don't have a family history of cancer? You're all but guaranteed to be fine as long as you don't smoke a pack a day.

Getting pissed for less money >>> getting pissed for more money.

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For whatever reason 1 lot of people recommend 250mg-1g, but I literally feel NOTHING on it unless I take at least 2g. Try a high dose, don't eat anything 2 hours before or after, and drink a lot of water. It's not as good as some people say, but it's decent and by far the strongest sleep aid and diuretic ever. (Hence the drinking)

Also the best game fuel (RIP)

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Anyone that smokes american spirits able to compare a lucky strike? I smoke unfiltered spirits and have always been curious about strikes.

At least people can’t really tell you to “mill yourself”, since you’re already doing it.

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Ok femboy

You have to take 2g and take it with caffeine and on an empty stomach. Phenibut without caffeine is just meh.

The only American Spirits I smoked were Blacks and they're better than Lucky's.

i tried 3g once and it did nothing, though i've looked it up and apparently benzo tolerance was probably the reason why

phenibut and benzo's act on different GABA receptors.

Yes its mostly probability though so even if you do have a history (or don't) its still uncertain. That's what makes cancer so terrifying you just don't know until it happens.