You are overencumbered and cannot run

>You are overencumbered and cannot run

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>The treasure chest was actually a mimic!

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>See that mountain? You can climb it

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Y tho?

>an invisible wall blocks your path

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i don't get it


>ze penguin makes a triumphant march to de mountains, unaware of the invisible vwall that awaits him at the base. Perhaps we all have our own invisible vwallz ourselves, boundaries that we might never reach

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>...BUT WHY?

>beasts are friendly as long as you don't aggro them

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>subtle signs the game was made in america

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It spins the egg so hard you mix the whole egg so there is seemingly no yolk.

You've never had a hard boiled egg?

But thats the best part of the egg

There's people out there that like to hit themselves in the balls

>Sneak Attack for 6x Damage!

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To fuck with people I guess

>Enemies just fuck with you and don't actually kill you.

Labs are so cute but they're so fucking stupid

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>game has environmental hazards

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>game has a thing

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>carrying in Left hand, Right hand, and Mouth in Death Stranding

>trying to put it out with some water
Would this even work? It's a lithium fire.

No and this is why you don't store that shit inside, guy was fucked either way

Not at all. In fact there are Tesla fires which have occurred where the fire department won't even bother.

>"Normally a car fire you can put out with 500 to 1,000 gallons of water," Austin Fire Department Division Chief Thayer Smith said, per The Independent, "but Tesla's may take up to 30,000-40,000 gallons of water, maybe even more, to extinguish the battery pack once it starts burning and that was the case here."

My dad has a Tesla and he was told at the dealership if there's a fire to get out and walk as far away as possible, don't even try to save other things which aren't people.

that seems like a design flaw

behold a man

So they push these death traps like crazy without a reliable and cost-effective means to put them out in case of spontaneous combustion? Fucking great.

Nice slip nerd

No, you need a chemical fire extinguisher

>Storing the bike inside
>water on a lithium fire
>Opening the door to supply fresh oxygen to the fire

I'm speechless

Sounds like those nuclear Fallout cars.

he cute, I wish I could help the lil guy out

That looks like a success though?

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A classic.

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>leaving the tutorial and entering The Game

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>people don't think rationally during chaotic situations
Who would have guessed

Why did that post get removed?

>cats become cgi when they touch water

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It's probably better to open the window and feed the fire than to suffocate to death.

He could have thought rationally prior and not put a bike in his house

Capitalism isn't without it's flaws, laws will be put into place if/when it becomes a problem. Unfortunately the only country seeming to realize the potential of this issue so far is fucking China of all places. Man Yea Forumsros dystopia really isn't going to be all that fun is it?

>Donkey Kong Country 2

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why was it on?

The sounds a beaver makes is literally the cutest thing on the planet


type it.

Is that thing real? No really.


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*beaver sounds*

1) Always own a fire extinguisher (ideally one per level of building)
2) Always know where your fire extinguisher(s) are
3) Make sure your fire extinguisher(s) are replaced/refilled every 5-10 years

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Probably just freaking out since it's still learning to swim.

The media makes you think that most people buy them to be eco friendly or whatever, but they're mostly used as status symbols by chinese, indians, or white tech workers. They don't care about risks if it means showing off to coworkers.

Lithium ion batteries can spontaneously combust at any time

Nope, electrical fires are a bitch like that. It's why companies should have multiple types of fire extinguishers because using the wrong thing on the wrong fire makes things worse, as shown in the webm.

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>The long camera hold as if we've just watched something existentially terrifying

so can you

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>the gov't is constantly pushing for electric cars
>if the problem gets bad enough gov't will fix it
Teslas wouldn't exist if not for constant "green energy" initiatives.

A bucket of salt or sand might also put it out, but I'm not sure about those batteries.

>cannot fast travel while enemies are nearby

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That's fine, the game is 100% completable (no exploits) while being over-burdened as long as you do the right build.

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Girl in the beanie is cute

To be fair, a ton of non-renewable energy companies get a ton of cash from the government for existing, providing employment and keeping the asphalt hellscape profitable.

So many questions
Why was he out of the car if he was going into a carwash
Why was he lightly jogging instead of sprinting
Why was he moving at all as if he could open the door and stop it without killing himself

Gotta unplug that rechargeable speaker....

>opens the door
>doesn't fucking leave at that point

Is there actually a story as to why they can't fucking slow down?

>scrambled hard boiled egg
I would like this.

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That's not his car, that's just the car wash attendant. The driver inside the car apparently had a heart attack and the foot got stuck on the pedal, which lead to what happened.

Dangerous anomalies

Fucking kek

>a silent faulty feeeeling

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oh I see, I didn't notice the blue in the window. Never been to a carwash myself.

I dont think he was the driver. It looks like you can see blue clothing as in the drivers windshield from the first angle. I think he may have been an attendant or something,

Its her innocent smile as she prepares to greet another customer, unaware of the potential impending death

Why do faggot mods like to delete these threads? They're funny and vidya related

But how does it taste though?

It was some old dude, in his 90s I think. Used the classic gramps excuse of magically not being able to take his foot off the pedal.

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Fuck I miss Tribes.

There is literally nothing wrong with this.

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>Not at all. In fact there are Tesla fires which have occurred where the fire department won't even bother.
This sounds like something from a futurama skit.

I didn't even know this was possible!

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Wrong thread bro

>5 minutes hacks
There's everything wrong with they, theyre why youtube disabled dislikes and are run by Chinese Russians

Because there's always that faggot that starts posting liveleak/death webm down the line.

>Standing on the edge of a cliff.
That give me the willies, don't stand so close guy.

overcooked (aka solidified) yolk. genuinely unhealthy. non-solidified yolk = genuinely healthy

Wonder if people remember this one.

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>Fighting an elden ring boss

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yeah this would be instantly an Alt+F4 and uninstall for me, fuck this.

Gore/porn spam.

I will defend cops night and day but that fucking cunt should have gone to jail for this one.

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It scrambles the egg so you can have scrambled boiled eggs. The yolk is still there, dissolved into the white.

I wonder if animals know they have such good comedic timing. Birds especially.

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