Buyfag thread

Buyfag thread.

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Lilith pits sexo

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I pre-ordered. Can't wait to hotglue her.

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You better post

Morrigan is better

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Kotobukiya statues were pretty great when they were priced at $49.


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Posted these a while back. Designed by me, manufactured by Zap Creatives

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How disgusting.

I got the Remilia one, shit's so cash.

I've always wanted one of these, though that game is a bit shit

>American art
Complete trash

Klee :)

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Either a huge fan or legitimate paid content

>grown men who cum on their sexy action figures
what zero pussy does to a mf

>find it weird
>somehow found my way into the hotglue subreddit
>ended up masturbating to the pictures

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what's the fucking point of hotglue, you're just destroying a really expensive statue.

i never gave a fuck about shit like this
but this one really got me, holy shit its great

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>pretend they're girls that were transformed into figurines that are still conscious and able to see/hear/feel everything
>the hotglue becomes 100000x better

Christ almighty, tell me this is a bait.

I don't do it, but clearing cum wouldn't be that hard. Quality figs are durable.

Waiting on this.
Worried that global fuckery is going to rob me of a lot of money since I bought a few figures last year. Like Pyra and what not. Concerned they are never going to make it now.

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I just can't get into acrylic standees. Not my thing.

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Can I ask why? I'm honestly not really a figure collector or anything, I just sort of made these to actually have some physical piece of my art.

Let's see some critique then, fuckers.

they look cheap dude

Ugly faces.

It looks fugly and screams "i can't afford a real figurine". It's passable only if you want to up your d&d game from paper cutouts and bottlecaps but don't have minis.

Horrible art.
Looks cheap.
Did I mention the art is shit?

>Can I ask why?
To me at least, acrylic standees take up too much space for whats essentially a 2D image. I just always feel like I'd rather just have a small picture or something. I totally get the appeal of them as small desk art sort of things, but I have 1 or 2 small figures that I place on my desk. Like a Ness Amiibo or the old Joseph in the bottom left of pic related that I picked up while in Japan in 2019.
If I found the right acrylic standee I may make an exception to liven up my work or home desk a little more though. I'm not 100% against them at all times if that makes sense. They aren't funko pops
>Let's see some critique then, fuckers.
They probably just think the art style looks too American/Western for the characters. I can see the "western" look in the style, but its 1000x better than I could do no matter what style I was going for.
Making your own acrylic standees comes off as being a little more pricy to me but maybe I just have no clue what I'm talking about.

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when does that one come out again?

the left one is fine I guess but the splotchy shading on the right looks messy and a bit ugly.

I hope Storm Collectibles ends up making the whole Darkstalkers cast. Their Demitri is great.

that's a boy

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No but I wouldn't be deterred if it were.

>Q: What’s her gender?
>A: She’s a woman.

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not vidya but i preordered this cutie, it's going to be my first 1/3 doll

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Is that a boy?

buy POP UP figures if you can't afford the super expensive ones, jesus fuck. Plus, they have ugly western fanart faces and lazy shading and shine.

I don't cum on them. I arrange them in silly poses for my amusement.

To mark them as yours even after death.

>can I ask why
because it's just fucking 2d art dude, I'd rather get a poster if I wanted 2d
also what everyone else said

I personally think it looks fine. The shading on Menat does make her look like shes got a bit of oil on her. though if thats the intention go for it. She kind of looks like that in game too. I just think the faces should be a litle more dainty/cute, thats my take anyway.

Not flat enough

meds. now.

You into girls with concave breasts?

You wish, gayboy.

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actual brain rot lmao

I would like to hotglue these

Play Darkstalkers. Buy the rerelease.

I want this figure

You want it? It's yours, my friend! As long as you have enough rupees.

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Do you guys know of any stores that sell japanese nintendo eshop cards? Besides playasia. I wanted to see if they'd be cheaper since the yen is cheap now but play-asia is just keeping them at the regular price.

Where’s her tits? Do pedos really?

She's perflat

how do buyfags keep up with releases of everything
no way there's only one or even a handful of sites that collect every merch that gets released, i offhandedly saw a statue for this one franchise i like and it turns out it was released like 5 years ago and now it costs like 1k
or i see a statue and it turns out that its actually a garage kit that was sold unpainted at some japanese comic festival and only 30 were ever made and you would have had to been there in person
side note, where do you guys buy cases and shit, i dont have much interest in getting 50 anime chicks but i do have a lot of miniatures im proud of painting that i would like to display

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check the buyfag threads on Yea Forums and myfigurecollection for shit.
ikea detolf, bookshelfs or diy displays

start recognizing brands and big releases/conventions
you'll never get the GK you want really

>how do buyfags keep up with releases of everything
I don't really.
I'm a buyfag, but probably more of a "casual" one compared to others. I have a lot of figures, but I've bought them over many years. I don't necessarily pay too much attention to annual or monthly releases other than "Oh that figure looks cool, I'm going to get that" I occasionally browse a site, a buyfag thread, or a convention dealers room and just pick one up. If ordering online and its expensive I'll probably research a bit more first before taking the plunge. I'm not paying attention to the new releases every month, or anything like that, and I really only pick up things or characters I like quite a bit. I have a "no lewd" figure rule that I've really only broken the rule on once. Not for any reason other than I just wouldn't display it, so it narrows stuff down a bit also.
You can check release dates on myfigurecollection. If something is old and the only way to get it is second hand, I usually just forget about it unless its something truly amazing and I'm willing to find a seller for it and pay the upcharge. Which is rare.
Garage kits I admire from afar. I don't know enough about them to really put in the effort to buy them.
I have an Ikea detolf shelf, which is the glass cases you see most often in peoples images they post here.
I don't care too much for how figures tend to look on old wooden bookshelves.

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I’ve seen boys with better breasts than those