Smite SLIPKNOT update

>CEO makes devs put his favorite band in his game and makes them canon among Gods
holy fucking BASED

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smite fucking sucks

No one listens to gay guitar music in 2022.

they have nine band members? is that why their music sounds so bad?

jaja what a contrarian comment, here's your upvote you big troll!

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I remember asking a friend about this back in highschool and looking up to find 2 or 3 of them just stand around with a cowbell or something very simple like.

Maggotbros... WE WON



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I feel like I've been seeing this same thing stated for 15 years

Slipknot was only good for their first two albums. but they were damn good albums I'll admit. there are better nu-metal bands.

smite more like shite HEYOOOO

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Based. Zoomers will never get it.

i never liked the tryhardy, "le satanic but unironic" metal bands but slipknot had some fucking bangers, duality is well known for good reason
shut up -oomer

I love that with every mask redesign the band goes through making new designs, Craig Jones just keeps on remaking the same mask over and over. He sure loves those spikes

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weak bait faggot

Why do soibois hate guitar so much? Because it's too hard for them to play?

it hurts their sensitive eardrums that've been shattered from listening to dubstep since it was popular
and its the most masculine instrument ever invented

when was the last time your boomer shit won a grammy
like 50 years ago?

got you tho

because popular is the same thing as good right?

says the toothpick armed college fuckboy playing his acoustic guitar because he thinks it will get him all the babes

>Le Grammy
Do you think men care about globohomo validation

>when was the last time your boomer shit won a grammy
There's literally Grammy categories for rock and country, pretty guitar centric genres.

>this queer is musically challenged
and don't even bring up faggy djents. I was there in 2006 playing djent on stage before djent was even considered that gay ass category by backward cap fags.
i just pitied u and wanted to give (you)

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pity categories kekw
call me when one wins album/song of the year

What an odd crossover.
Vol. 3fag here. I listened to slipknot for the first time in years last month and my favorites are still kino. I tried the same with Stone Sour, but I had to stop after trying to listen to some of what used to be my favorite songs by them. Why was their mixing so bad when Corey and Jim got good mixing with Slipknot? Did they cheap out for the side band?

you got a kek from me with your first comment user but now you're trying too hard

yeah duality is one of their few songs i remembered always loving, i decided to delve into their catalogue after watching that trailer and i found another kino track i remember:

Ya blew it, son.

nigger have you looked at modern metal/rock/punk?
its full of soi

>playing hirez games
Never again

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I haven't listened to slipnot in over a decade. Lots of these types of metal bands have like 2 bassists and 4 guitarists, 1 bassist who does nothing, and 2 guitarists who do nothing. As well as a guy whose job it is to just kind of bounce around and look like a scary gargoyle or some shit. Corey Taylor already writes most of the songs

Disturbed has never been good. Not a single time

post 3 favorite bands

i would say its the most iconic mask of the slipknot masks

That whole album is just incredible. That and their first album are the only two I've really been going back to since I started listening to them again.
I remember watching this one interview years ago where the interviewer had the guitarists each play one of their riffs and Jim explained the opening to Eyeless off their debut album.
>yeah, so I basically just play this
>but then I add this so that it sounds like shit

3 favorite metal bands?
Rivers of Nihil
Municipal Waste

lmfaoo now those are pure dogshit and by fucks that can't write for shit.

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>Before I forget
My fucking nigger! Everyone loves Psychosocial and Duality but if you ask me I think Before I Forget is their best track to date. The guitar action is tight as fuck, the lyrical melody is nearly perfect - it flows even better than Duality in that respect - and the music video at the time was amazing because it was the closest thing we ever got to a face reveal.

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>no longnose guy

Based. Fuck their singer. He's one of the few vocalists I can't stand the voice of.

Reminder this exists. dangerously cringe

Bet you think you're deep because you listened to Tool once

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never even heard that song and not clicking that shit. but alright mr.cringe.

Nah I don't like tool.
I like Archspire for their instrumentals, not because it makes me feel smart.

yeah im honestly going to repeat these tracks over and over to see which one i prefer, its pretty close but i only listen to slipknot like once in a blue moon.
been considering getting more into 2000s/late 90s nu-metal and metal in general since og linkin park has gripped my nuts again


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Car Bombniggers, show yourselves.

Gigabased, too bad the game sux

Check out Spineshank and Primer 55. Mostly Spineshank, their shit is timeless for Nu-metal. If you want some good ol' metal that isn't nu then look up Pantera.

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His final verdict: The Nameless

listening to spineshank's "strictly diesel" 1998 album now, im impressed by the twangy angst that sounds very good. even beaty like linkin park turned out with meteora
>his verdict
pfft checking this out after another spineshank traack

Plus he is a tribe member

>Disturbed has never been good. Not a single time
they will never escape the black hole that is nu-metal, no matter how many ballads and guitar solos they shoehorn in

Ten Thousand Fists wasn't that bad.

It was bad.

It's funny comparing how decent their Land of Confusion cover is compared to this shit

Man I haven't listened to Slipknot since 2005

>any year
>giving a fuck about the grammys