Do you think Niko was intimidated? I don't think so

Do you think Niko was intimidated? I don't think so.

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No, he wasn't. By that point, Niko had already gone on many rampages specifically for Roman. Even before the events of GTA IV, Niko knew full well that you just don't fuck with someone's family. At this point in the story, despite Gerald being a cold blooded and potentially crazy bastard, Niko was on his level of understanding.


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No, because Niko had no intention of fucking with the McRearys.

You also have to remember that by that point Niko had already faced the legendary, infamous Dardan the Knife, and nothing can intimidate a man who faced Dardan and lived.

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I think it goes even the extra mile. Gerald and Niko almost mirror each other physically in this cutscene. Though they share the concepts of family and respect, maybe Niko looked at Gerald and saw what he could become if he went down the path of pure violence.

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Jesus Christ you people on this site are obsessed with hairlines lmao

Why are the super secret government guys in GTA games so based?

>hey bro go blow up this shit and kill these people and I'll give that guy you're hunting to you on a silver platter

It's the classic case of U.L paper jews using Niko's aptitude for combat for the "good of the people".

he was in the Yugoslav Wars,a bunch of Irish goons are nothing compared to that

Just because I make a joke doesn't mean I was being negative or obsessed you schizos.

Yes it does.

No, he standed straight and looked at him right in the eyes at all moments.
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the only thing that intimidates niko is getting shot out of a windshield



Who were those guys anyways? The same group that glownigger from San Andrea's was in? FIB?

CIA, UL Papers appears in GTA5.


Listen to the conversation he has with the Russian mobster's wife. He has no fear. He believes he has no soul, has no redemption, is not fit for peace. You can't intimidate a person like that.


why do look identical?

Bros how do I get past Dardan? I know hes the first skill check and casual Filter but his fight seems to be unfair. Any tipps?

The only bad part about 4 was the bank heist

Why would he even need fear? He literally doesent care if he lives or dies. The only thing he cares about is his family and his plot for revenge.

The only angle you can get at him is his family. And then you just unleash a war criminal who doesn't care about his own life upon you. There is no intimidating Niko, only making him mad.

Are government agents like this IRL?

Thats why the mission where he saves Roman is my favourite, its one of the few times that you see him care about something.

Niko is a manlet holy shit

If this game would have released today, Niko would be bosnian.

Wiki says he is 6 ft tall, isnt that average? Most characters seem short compared to Gerald.

I just played this amazing game all the way through last year and you fucks are convincing me to play it again.
Nah, Gerald is canonically like 6'5" or something. Says so in his police profile.

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ITT: Basement Dwelling Virgins with MAYBE, one schoolyard fight under their belt, postulate about how hard a fictional slav war (note: slav wars are 10x more brutal than regular wars) vet is who has continued to kill and rampage and probably has still-warm blood on his hands in this cutscene

FIB? Do I look homosexual to you?

no, they would have Niko do their bidding and then frame him for a false flag they perpetrated, then he would mysteriously commit suicide three days later

Man, I love Niko. Trying to get away from being a heartless killer and reconnect to something human only to get thrown back into the meat grinder in the land of opportunity.

I miss GTA IV

Toreno and ULP are two of my favourite side characters in the whole series. there’s something cool about rogue government agents who initially strongarm the protagonist into doing their dirty work, but then prove to be reliably helpful in return. the agents in GTA V fucking blew

Same I love his story and im happy that they didnt bring him back in GTA5 given that most characters from 4 seem to Die or be completly different.

>when fake american titties are a concise metaphor for the differences in niko and roman's worldview
i don't think there's a word for this other than: based

he’s a good character trapped in a really mediocre and unfocused story. such a shame

This whole story arc is kind of infuriating. The game forces you to betray/kill your own allies with zero option to either mediate things or stay out of it. Not only that, but Nico weirdly has zero remorse or anything (despite him having much more of a valid reason to compared to all the other times he bitches about killing people who he never personally had a reason to care about) and continues business as usual acting chummy with the McRearys despite being the reason one (or two even) are dead

Just dodge his attacks lol

Ill say it now, GTA 4 had the best story, while SA is the best overall GTA

>My aunt, Roman's mother, was raped and murdered. Roman... still does not know

>Don't you worry about your soul?
>After you walk into a village and see fifty children all sitting neatly in a row against the church wall, each with their throats cuts and their hands chopped off, you realise that the creature that could do this has no soul

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Yes, this is how sociopaths in the criminal underworld operate.

>My aunt, Roman's mother, was raped and murdered. Roman... still does not know
When did he say that? I don't remember this line

He tries to refuse every favor for Francis and he basically says he'll end you if you don't do them. Francis isn't above killing his own brothers, and whether or not you kill him or Derrick you can't tell anyone you ever did favors for Francis because Gerald would think you're an untrustworthy rat and want you dead, and it along with killing one of the brothers would end his friendship with Patrick, who is probably the only one of the McRearys that Niko genuinely likes and wants to associate with.

He can't exactly open up to anyone about his remorse and it wouldn't fit Niko's character to start shedding tears or feel guilty about a situation he was blackmailed into. He's seen worse in the war and even when he opens up about that he just acts with a calm distant sadness.

No, because real life doesn't freeze all progress if you decide not to betray an ally. In real life he could have very well said "fuck off, figure shit out yourself" or "hey packie, your brothers are trying to get me to kill the other, i'm not doing this shit so you go ahead and figure that shit out" instead of putting himself in a shitty situation with little personal gain. It wasn't even presented as a high paying job or opportunity. Just bullshit.

Just a melodramatic nonsenical choice for the sake of the muh choices trend

Cant remember exactly when but the line stuck out.

I think he tells it to Kate when you go on a optional date mission, maybe you have to get drunk to get the dialogue. I think some of his emails home might have had subtle references to it too but I don't remember.

>going on dates with thots and friends actually netted you some insight on the characterd
Man, the writting in GTA V was such a step down.
Unrelated to the second line though. Here it is:

>why isn't GTA IV an RPG like I want it to be
Jesus Christ, you're a fucking idiot.

That serial killer seemed to intimidate, or at least unnerve him.

Proved my point

so does Karen, she's the one threatening to stick a flashlight up the guy's ass in that mission where you rappel out of a chopper and smash through the window into the building

>slav wars are more brutal than regular wars
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GTA VI should have the features from both SA and IV
>can work out/get fat
>can rob people's houses
>can enter police stations, hospitals, banks, recreational like bowling etc.
>date and hang out with friends and enter buildings with them
remember even san andreas had dates where you could enter bars with your girl and that was fucking 2004

Poor Gerald, he never learned who killed one of his brothers, same goes for Packie.

>smack head rat
I doubt they will lose much sleep over it