Salt and sacrifice


what went wrong?

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first game wasn't good and the second should've have gotten any funding

from those reviews every positive one is saying its the same game but better so thats good enough for me

>le chinese botnet launcher game
no, thanks

I'm playing it and its good

Literally everything about it is worse than Sanctuary.

people became more shit at videogames and shit themselves whenever difficulty appears


>You need to put a minimum of 10 points into Will in order to have enough stamina to actually dodge and attack reliably (basically DS2's ADP) unless you're using twindaggers, which suck.
>>You can no longer two-hand weapons or mix and match one-handed weapons with shields; two-handers and paired shield+sword/axe/hammer are their own weapon categories now.
>Parrying is removed, blocking is terrible, and poise is useless.
>The primary gameplay loop is running after elemental dudes that teleport around the maps while summoning enemies you need to grind to get the materials you'll need to make better armor/weapons and take advantage of elemental weaknesses on subsequent elemental dudes.
>Say goodbye to the interconnected world of the first game, the whole thing is just a bunch of disconnected places you teleport to.
>You can't teleport between checkpoints, and you can't level up at them either; you need to teleport back to the hub zone and either climb stairs or hookshot your way to the top of the zone to the leveling statue, then run all the way back to the bottom of the hub zone to open the portal back to the area you were at, then walk back to where you were (hope you opened some shortcuts!).
>You now need to gather items to craft your healing/mana potions and ammunition.
>Bosses are all aggression all the time, knock you into the air constantly, and since you have no i-frames during this and no air recovery you often get juggled from 100% to 0. You also don't regen stamina while getting hit or knocked into the air, so if you get smacked at 0 stamina you'll be unable to recover for the next multi-hit combo attack.

I could go on but I'm just done with this game.

I see they took out guns.

How's magic at least? I didn't like bows/crossbows

>what do you mean i can't just attack 20 times and still have enough for 5 panic rolls after with zero investment
dumb DS3tard

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I was afraid of shit like this. I knew the Sony and epic games bucks were a bad sign.

>parrying is removed
What the actual fuck?

>Epig exclusive
That's how you know shit is not worth even pirating.

Ignore the big copypasta, the game is doing new things

It was replaced with perfect block which is worse parry

There's a sort of parry where if you block at the right time it uses less stamina, except there's still a huge delay after it before you can do another action for some reason so by the time you can act so can the enemy. It makes no fucking sense. In a completely counter-intuitive fashion the only thing shields in this game are good for is blocking AoE attacks.

Were you ever able to roll through attacks?
I thought you could in the first one but tried it in the second one and I couldn't.

I could roll through the enemy before they attack but like, I thought the roll/dodge had i-frames

It's not. It's a weird hybrid system where you have Sekiro-like perfect blocks and when you get a few the enemy gets put into a riposte state

I can roll through every attack perfectly fine, full i-frames
Are you maybe fatrolling?

Try whips if you haven't yet
Moveset is fucking hilarious, with kicks and punches that send lesser enemies flying across the screen
I'm going to play with whips and xbows because I want full luck for dat item find

Yes but I'm pretty sure rolling has less iframes than in Sanctuary.
Fatrolling is still more useful than blocking.

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it's weird that this game doens't get jerked off more for being a 2D soulslike

also daggers' running attack is a jumping kick that sends enemies flying

Such as?

Magic is the best ranged option
Good for burst damage
It can't be your main weapon, at least not in the early game, because you run out of ammo and focus so fast so you still have to melee a lot
Focus pots upgrades are scarce as fuck
Enemies can and will block your spells a lot

>Focus pots
wait what?

>you can get the wandering bosses to kill each other
feels fucking great

>sell out to egs for sequel
>it's complete shit
many such cases, thanks Tim!

Fuck off Snoy.

Another shitty uninspired soulslike.

shitty plebs fromdrones are killing the industry.

Why do the mages just respawn and roam the map instead of hunts being directly initiated by the player. They only act as a nuisance and if you don't ignore them you just end up overleveled and steamrolling new bosses.

Talk to the npc next to the table that upgrades your potion/ammo quantity to unlock focus potions; except classes that start with them
Also antidote and more after you collect the required material

Blue pots
Cleric and sage start with them
Other classes just need to collect haze spirals (blue bottles), usually found in those stone pillars kinda things
Then talk to the herbalist so she can craft it for you

Played it for like 2 hours. It's alright but a bit too easy

>what went wrong?

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To analyse a few things.

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Yeah. It's pretty whatever. Did the first area and was baffled and how much backtracking I had to do to hunt the teleporting Mages and then do the doors hunting them unlocks. Feels like padding. I don't really mind no fast travel but the levelling stone being at the very top of the hub and the travelling portal being at the very bottom of feels like a very deliberate fuck you from the developers.

whats the plot of this one?

The fuckers can also teleport to the parts of the level you didn't visit/unlock yet.

Do you seriously have to go back to the camp every single fucking to level up?

>Just like Demon Souls and Bloodborne

based autist

>Very bottom
Use the key to get a key to open a room to unlock the door below the gate

no idea what the devs were thinking removing air blocking. the areas are getting so tedious to navigate that i'm probably not going to bother finishing the game.

it's like a game designed by someone who thought the anor londo archers were the peak of game design

>Best way to fight a boss is to just throw axes at it from the edge of the arena

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lol the thing that never stops tracking you

How does it compare to Salt and Sanctuary?


First game was one of the earlier Souls ripoffs. The novelty is no longer there. Also you can be inspired by Souls without being so creatively bankrupt over it.

It really wouldn't be so bad if he slowed it down, or reduced it to only one at a time, or made it not last as long, but instead it's too fast, lasts too long, and there can be two of them at once with no downtime all at once. Trying to deal with the boss' melee attacks at the same time as dodging the ice rain balls is just idiocy.

Hold some button to craft ammo away from a obelisk, throw only run time

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Nice strawman, try playing the first game then compare the two you daft cunt, it's like night and day.

wait until you get to the 3rd/4th area where every mage has an instant kill juggle if you don't pop a humanity and even then they can still randomly land lethal juggles if you get unlucky bounces

I really loved S&S but tbis new game sounds like total ass. Thanks but no thanks. R4TY8

I did. Half a dozen times actually. The first game was also very unforgiving stamina wise. At it should be.

Oh forgot to mention this, but some checkpoints have enemies literally right next to them, so when you respawn at them you are immediately attacked. Since you don't regen stamina on death for some bizarre reason, this can sometimes result in you spawning in with no stamina to attack or roll before the enemy attacks you.

only for a mexican

Yeah, nah. I literally am going back to play through the first game right now and it is nowhere near as bad as it is in Sacrifice.

somehow that face looks worse than sanctuary