Where did they go wrong?

Where did they go wrong?

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Classic Flavor of the month curve in Japan. Japan loves novelty and moved onto the next big thing

Either Yo-kai Watch Busters 2 or Shadowside. They should've treated 3 more like a last hurrah instead of giving up and making so few psychical copies they cost like 300 bucks now. It's the best one hands down.

In japan I dont really know. But in the west? Taking a year and a half to 2 years, to localize each game was horrendous and incredibly out of touch. People barely cared by the time the games reached the west, they frustrated and tired out their consumers before the series could barely start.

Is it just a straight Pokemon clone, or there is there more to it?

Oversaturation, they blew their load with too many products too fast.
Shit was never going to take off in the west and anyone telling you otherwise is snorting weapons grade copium.

Just look at this shit.

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Lets be real now, oversaturation has never stopped Pokemon or Call of Dutty from maintaining their obscene popularity and sales.

Too jappy

Level-5 has run whatever success they have had into the ground every time. Look at poor Layton

Pokemon didn't release RB and GS on the same year m8

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Cod or Pokemon don't release four games in the same fucking year.

I read that during the height of its popularity, there was a massive shortage in merchandise, so many were turned off on the series. Those toys are what really matter to the kids.

Although, I wonder if there could be a resurgence in popularity in the future. Perhaps like how millennials absolutely lost their shit over Pokémon in adulthood because of the nostalgia.

Yet another one of Nintendo of America's success stories, alongside Xenoblade (more successful on torrent websites than actual retail), Metroid Other M (whose Samus characterization was mostly due to their nonsensical localization choices), Snack World (which added Trump jokes complete with a Melonia -because boobs = melons- to a medieval setting that had none of that sexism and politics, and the localization was boasting about the "censorship" in the marketing of the game, which ended up turning off even SJWs and caused resetera in a rare lucidity moment to try and end those localizer's careers) and Fire Emblem Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (both had a chaotic and incomplete Western release that didn't cover all regions or the release schedule even for non-sexual content, because they WENT OVER BUDGET)

Sometimes it seemed like Level-5 burning bridges with Nintendo (burning bridges because the NoA translators credited in YW4 JP were removed in a patch post-update) was a crazy idea, but then you remember they had a lot to do with YW's production woes.

Stealing nip versions of all of these was an issue. Archive.org didn't have shit.

Now add the gazillion Pokémon spinoffs that plugged all of those gap years and then some.

My ass they didn't lmaoooo. Why the fuck are you putting a timeline with all the Yokai Watch spin offs and one only with the mainline Pokemon games? Fucking manipulative schizos


Pokemon only came back because of GO, Yokai couldn't pull that off.

I've been playing 2 and it's surprisingly different and actually requires a bare minimum of thought in boss battles.

Not really relevant to your post but why the fuck are the Smash Bros games listed here?
Are the Bulbapedia editors retarded?

Yeah, I agree. There's a pretty safe strat to the entire game if you just use a healer properly. But the big secret boss is a bitch and a half. I thought the lack of control would be really annoying, but it's probably what stops it from being as so piss easy as pokemon.

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CoD can't oversaturate. Warzone allows them to stay perpetual but the multiplayers of each game cannot overlap without infringing on the development of one. Keeps them alive if it's the active option, like the sport titles. Pokemon's carried by merchandise, not games. They don't even need to release a game, but that's how they have a platform to release new Pokemon to sell. Yokai just set an expectation of constant new things, nothing ever really simmered before getting replaced. It's really hard to be CoD or Pokemon though, feels like trying to justify why it isn't when it's really just not an anomaly.

>making so few psychical copies they cost like 300 bucks now
This is the reason I never played 3. I went into gamestop on release day, and they were sold out. Checked my phone; everywhere was out of stock. They never got more in.

Shame because I liked the first game. Skipped the second because I was told it didn’t add much.

>live in kiwiland
>half of the 3DS library is non-existent or sold out in kangarooland

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Nintendo should just buy Level 5 already. I wouldn't mind getting YW4 Stateside, seems like Level 5 doesn't know what the fuck they're doing anymore anyways. I half-expect to wake up to them declaring bankruptcy.

The battles in 4 are really fun

>citra refuses to let me complete quests in 2
>there's no way to see what's causing the problem since i already beat the game and postgame and nobody else seems to have this problem

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YW2's 3rd version is the definitive of the original system before 3 changed it. Its honestly worth playing it on a modded Switch for the cheat injections so the recruiting of new monsters isn't a horrible slog.
Bandai Namco would probably jump on them first.

But you can't play 2 on Switch

im too used to not saying 3ds anymore, my bad

You can however play 1 on the switch and in english if you have a hacked one

marketed as the "next pokemon". All those go down the drain.

Reminder if Nintendo bought Level 5, Inafune would become a Nintendo employee lmao

United States, that's what went wrong

Just like their other series, they don't know what burnout is.

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Meant to post this

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Meant to post this

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academy isnt mainline

Too much at once. Total oversaturation. Too many games, spin offs, animes, etc.The anime rebooted itself like 4 times, was left to die on Disnsy XD in the US, replaced the dub voice actors with worse ones. Merch sucked ass too. Plus you constantly needed to buy new watch models for newet medals. Games were localized too late in 3DS lifecycle to make an impact and with an awful ad campaign m.youtube.com/watch?v=_jbEXIzcZIA

>got yokai watch 3 before it got expensive

Anime cute out the lolis and went full shota fanservice.
Gouguru is carrying the whole franchise with his Mai fanart.

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Bruh that's Level-5 in a nutshell, after Ni No Kuni Hiro's vision changed into a focus on multimedia projects.

They went all in on anime, merchandise and the like but the games carried those projects at first, from Inazuma Eleven forward the animations started taking precedent and without the proper planning those same IPs used to have their series' are now just fluking non-stop (Megaton Musashi, Yokai Watch Y Gakuen). Basically they experienced the same lightning-in-a-bottle momentum pokemon once had with Game Freak's saturated and dried up household-name franchise philosophy and it's failings contributing to their success, only to capitalize too hard and become exactly what they were selling against.

Yokai Watch 2 and 3 are awesome games, it's a shame most people aren't willing to give it a shot.

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What happened with that Inazuma Eleven game they were making? Is that actually canceled at this point?

not enough porn

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Why do you care? If it ever comes out it won't be in english.

The only reason I got yokai watch was because it looked similar to Pokémon.

That game has the weirdest development hell I've ever seen for Level 5, hasn't the anime gone past like, 3 seasons ahead of when the game was originally supposed to take place?

>hasn't the anime gone past like, 3 seasons ahead of when the game was originally supposed to take place?
Yeah, so much so that they even changed the subtitle of the game so it doesn't line up with the anime anymore. And even that was forever ago

They ran out of yokais to feature, also acutal combat just isn't fun

same as most people desu. news outlets on the game didn't do it any favors with that comparison.

Nothing went wrong in Japan, I recently learned that the anime got a new series years ago and it's still going on with new episodes and movies plus multiple movies, it only died in USA for some reason

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It also got multiple spin offs, they didn't hold back at all with the shota fanservice in them

Something must have gone wrong in japan because YW4 sold leagues below the previous games. Despite them even doing a 2nd release of the game with expanded content and releasing it on Ps4 as well. And there hasn't been a new numbered game since

The only people Marketing it was "next pokemon" were assfaggot journos that need to be hanged.
>"Is TemTem Finally The Game To Kill Pokemon?"
>"This New RPG Is Like Zelda Crossed With Final Fantasy 7"
>"Rumor: PS1-era RPG Coming To Nintendo Switch"
I can go on.

>for some reason

Really? "For some reason"?

Did they actually go wrong? I'm pretty sure they made some nice cash with YW4 and 4++.

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Lmao not at all

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Well it's been 3 years I'd be surprised if the game didn't turn a profit.

>preordered 3
>arrived on release day
Take that Never Ever Preorderfags

Sex with Inaho!

Is there any hope of a western release for YW4?