Why don't we get VS Capcom games other than Marvel anymore?

Why don't we get VS Capcom games other than Marvel anymore?

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Comformity, in4 BUT MUH JUMP

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We don't get Versus games at all anymore.

>The one faitan Ono didnt tarnished.

Good. Give me Capcom All Stars.

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Because Wii piracy was very easy and everyone here pirated it? Nintendo also let their console get flooded with shovelware and only ever advertised to extreme casuals.

C'mon, you guys can't be this dumb, there's a reason why.

So your answer is that Capcom doesn't do crossover fighters anymore on any platform... because the Wii had piracy? Dumb he says...

are you retarded?

Why didn't they release it on other consoles? I get why they don't put it on steam today, there's probably rights issues, but when it released?

>not including the best character

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I want a Tekken vs MK, with all the fatalities and gore, imagine Kazuya blowing Sub-Zero's head off with one of his electric punches

Everything non-sf sold poorly so they are playing it safe

fucking based

Onizuka mains, where we at?

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He's an Anti-tendie, they're all retarded.

In terms of new Capcom crossovers I want see:
>Capcom Allstars >>>>> Nintendo >= Sega > Shonen Jump
IIRC, the reason why he wasn't in the game was because they couldn't think of a way to implement the car into his moveset.

>Tekken vs MK
Fuck off NRS shill

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Because games used to be made for gamers and now they're made for normies. That's it. That's the answer.

IIRC it was made from the ground up specifically and exclusively for Wii hardware, including the arcade version. I remember reading interviews where capcom specifically said they chose to make TvC because Wii didn't get SF4.
Take that info with a grain of salt because they also said they were planning on making more fighting games on the Wii to take advantage of the madcatz TvC fightstick but quickly buried that idea.

>MK getting a crossover outside of DC universe

CvS 3 never ever?

>Sega above Shonen Jump
Sega has fucking nobody but Sonic.

>frank fucking west
too bad about the wii exclusivity part

Yeah, but i would love to see Kiryu and Alex Kidd punching the shit out of Mega Man.

WWE vs Capcom when?

Sega also has my man Jack.

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If they did do a CapVSCap, I wonder if they'd go basic RE engine style (pseudo-realism) or attempt a more versatile cel/cartoonish look.

On one hand, RE engine realism would allow straight asset reuse (Lady D for instance). At the same time, no one wants to see realistic Megaman/Amaterasu and there would be novelty in seeing something like SDT Dante in anime form.

Personally, I think a more cartoony look would be a good way to distance it aesthetically from SF6, but who knows if the suits would allow it.

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I like Bayonetta...

Geez if you want Capcom only so badly then just use half of this.

>Capcom Allstars
I mean, we kind of had that with fighting jam.

When Baiken was added to SamSho i thought there was a chance for a SNK vs Arcsys but i guess that's just not happening.
Either way, i'd like a capcom all-stars.

It's a big ass "kinda" considering that MUGEN was 3/4 Street Fighter with a splash of Darkstalkers and Warzard.

Anime or fuck off. I don't want to see goblin lady and other re characters. Sakurai in smash was successful in bringing old characters with modern models not sure why can't others be faithful.

>Jack (Madworld)
>Kiryu, Majima, etc
>Anyone from Streets of Rage
>Any of the Virtua Fighters
>Nobody other than Sonic
Yes user. Nobody but Sonic.

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Here, save ya the trouble.

>Sakura Wars(Sakura)
>Phantasy Star(is
>Skies of Arcadia(Vyse)
>Shinobi(Joe or Hotsuma)
>The Fighting Vipers
>Sam Gideon
>Gunstar Heroes

Shit, fucking phone

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Both are good picks honestly.
>TFW Ryo Saeba tries to Mokkori with Morrigan.

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Same reason we don't get Darkstalkers or Rival Schools or anything anymore: They don't sell enough.

Vs series peaked with SNK2, but TvC is also very excellent

Also Ulala from Space Channel 5 and Beat from JSR. Pic is also an actually good DA piece. SEGA has as close as possible to a goldmine of IPs and it's a shame they aren't using it.

>Gunstar Heroes

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Capcom AS Roster
>Ryu, Chun-Li, Juri, Bison, Akuma
>Batsu, Kurow, Akira
>Biff, The Scorpion, Black Widow
>Ryu(BoFIII), Nina(BoFII), Fou-Lu
>Jill, Leon, Wesker
>Cody, Guy, Haggar, Poison
>Protoman, X, MMZ Zero, Tron, Sigma
>Falcon, Valgas
>Tessa, Scion
>Morrigan, Jedah, Talbain, BB Hood
>Dante, Vergil, Lady, Nero
>Captain Commando, Linn Kurosawa, Regina, SonSon, Firebrand, Arthur, V. Joe, Gene, Cyber Blue, Asura, Jin, Strider, Hayato

Hell, let's throw Alex Kidd a bone

Here's a roster that's been posted before.

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>Puny 50

Only if they are almost all in the base roster.

>Tenma instead of Harima
I will forgive it due to Kamen Rider Black RX, but these guys do goofed

Whats the deal?

>Lists literal whos and dead franchises
As I was saying. Sega has nobody but Sonic and putting them above Shonen Jump is retarded.

Most of the franchises in Marvel VS Capcom are dead, literally who franchises that are only known because of being in Marvel VS Capcom.

By your logic, whats the point of a new VS game now? Disney and Ono Killed both their respectives sides.

MvC2 capped out at 56 IIRC and most of them were asset flips, 50 characters on the base roster would be insane especially considering that DLC is all but guaranteed.
at best were getting some sanitized e-sports leaning mess instead of the chaotic bullshit of the older VS games, because normalfags just learned about "muh nootroll" and "kusoge" and because of that they will bitch endlessly if a combo goes on for than 4 seconds.

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>"Why yes i love to suck dick"
I bet you can't nane most shonen mamga

>Implying crossovers aren't always filled with literal whos from dead franchises.

I honestly would like Umi but i'll take it.
Why not Nova?
If the other cyborgs are assists it could be fun
I'm surprised they wouldn't go for Siren instead but it's a nice choice

It's pathetic when people can't accept they lost or were wrong on an anonymous anime board.

Fuck off, game characters vs game characters in a fucking video game is far supperior in every way to game characters vs weeb jap comics intended for young kids.

>7 Mega Man characters
I doubt Capcom would put that many

He was actually in a Konami fighting game, Sunday Vs. Magazine.

It's pretty much a crossover fighter between Weekly Shonen Magazine and Weekly Shonen Sunday. So that includes...

Cromartie High School
Ashita no Joe
Cyborg 009
Tiger Mask
Fairy Tail
Hajime no Ippo

Nice bait.

Fuck capcom, i want a kofxtekken, the all star collaboration was great for a mobile game


>no Frank
not based

RE engine wouldnt necessarily limit them with the art style. Dead Rising, Resident Evil 5, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and most of the Capcom games between 2006 and 2018 all ran on MT Framework.

He's a psycho maniac!