Post them controllers you use to play fighting games

Post them controllers you use to play fighting games

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My micro was delayed.

I don't play fighting games. Not fun.

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Hitboxes disgust me

I only play MBON

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>getting a whole fuckin viewlix stick
>only to convert it into a hitbox
what the fuck bro

I use pic related.

I switched back to stick after two years of hitbox because I could not get double dp motions down to save my life.

based neural uplink poster

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I don't really play fighting games, mostly shmups and other arcade games but this is by far my favorite stick

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please take that vewlix out of its misery

>buy seimitsu buttons
>buy gamerfinger buttons
meh, trash
>buy sanwa
waiting but I am hoping they are good for hitbox.

>bought a kuro vewlix from a Fry's as my very first stick
>apparently it's like a super rare and sought after stick now

unfortunately I don't use it much, it's too big to be practical. Really meant for some kind of permanent setup

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I'm still unsure which i want to use, I have been mainly playing with a Qanba obsidian, but i made this hitbox myself to check out how they feel, 10dollar wine box from amazon, didnt wanna waste hundreds on a case if i didnt like it

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cables not shortened/tidied as it is temporary

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Is this the thread?

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>Buy Hori Vewlix
>Turn it into a hitbox


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Made this one myself

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Wanted it to be low profile. Haven't added art yet.

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How much did that cost you overall?

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Brooke ufb
14 24mm buttons
1 30mm button
4 Kailh low profile key caps and switches
Key PCB to pop them off and swap easily
Wire for extra up button
Neutrik passthrough
Plexiglass case with rubber feet

Total price probably about $200-230, but I had everything except the keys and case already in an old custom hitbox, I like the keys much more and with the second up button I have the same flexibility as a hitbox does for things like flash kicks and super jumps and tiger knees, but the WASD makes certain things like IAD easier, and some jump cancels flow better. Overall I'll never use anything else again lol.

Got some new buttons coming the mail. I'm already using them in my stick so I bought Crown buttons for my hitbox as well

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Still deciding what color to use on the globe I plan to make for my gold joycons, been using it for emulating older games and decided to go for it after testing on pic related felt fine

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I have all Seimitsu buttons and joystick, hooked up to a UFB. Tighter is better.


Poverty nigga who probably plays fightcade shit

I didn't know the WWF made keyboards.

at least he didn't get one from that Rii brand on amazon

sorry for shit lighting

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I always laugh when people say games are unplayable on keyboard

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are fighting games really that niche considering that there is a FG thread every day on Yea Forums?

Hitbox is like a videogame peripherial got pozzed with PCaids and mutated into this abomination.

Fucking based. You must be /fit/ as hell.

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Playing them casually isn't niche at all, its one of the most normie genres out there. However putting hundreds/thousands of hours into them and getting good is the niche part.

I use a Hori RAP 4 Kai

I swap between my razer panthera and hitbox depending on my mood

Fighting games aren't niche. Mortal Kombat 11 sold 12 million copies.

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Yea Forums is the contrarian butthole of the internet. People go here to either shill shit they like since it would alienate their irl normies friends if they have any, or to shit on stuff normies like. Fighting games are a dead genre theyre considered obsolete in todays videogame landscape.

Fighting games are shit for single player narratively driven content, 2d graphics dont impress anyone, arena fighters are more accessible for multiplayer fun, hack and slash games scratch the action itch without you having to put autism hours in and match trabnies on discord, etc etc. Leave this thread. Find a different genre. Fgs were relevant for all of 1994 where boomers mashed in sf2 before getting tired 10 minutes in and moving back to pacman. Fgs are quite possibly the japaneses greatest curse upon the earth next to anime. If you like doing the same thing over and over -- mashing buttons as fast as possible, go ahead throw your life away

These things were fucking dated when beat em ups dropped

How's the snackbox.

I was planning on getting it for 2d games

For a game that probably cost 10 million to make. Super cunny buster plus sold a million billion copies in the land of the rising pedoboner but it doesnt mean anything.

Gamerfinger buttons look so god damn ugly. They must feel good to press to justify it

I use a Mayflash F500 V2 modded with LS-32 and PS-14-G buttons. No pic but here's a pic from someone else who has the same build. I just used all different color buttons compared to their all-red choice.

It's a great and very solid stick that is tested to have 2ms lag. If Mayflash makes a bigger sized stick similar to a Hori Fighting Edge I would buy it in a second.

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I got them because they're way more quiet than sanwa and I don't want to disturb my roomate. But I do like the feel too, Currently waiting to get pic related once they're back in stock.

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You didn't beat the opponent

Sell us on the snackbox, I'm contemplating getting one since it's a lot less bulkier than my current hitbox, but idk if I'll like how the buttons feel

Do you think 10 million is a large budget for a game?

>when people say games are unplayable on keyboard
That depends entirely on the character's imputs, the game's buffering system and the type of keyboard.

I want to get a good stick though, seems like more fun to slap those buttons

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I got a stick for ergonomic reasons but it is more fun to play on it in my opinion.

Is there anyway to improve that dpad through mods or something?