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I love my wife Ranni!

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I hate that whore Ranni! She killed millions for nothing!

I love my wife Fia!

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what's the deep lore on fia's feet?

They smell like shit.

Malenia says she has never known da feet

Already a tranny shit thread, no thanks. Make a better one.

ITT we talk about why the moon(s), stars, and other celestial bodies are blameless, innocent, and have done nothing wrong

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>[224032060] I ought to retire as war counsellor for such a gross oversight!
>[224032070] Let me explain. The fate of the Carian royal family is guided by the stars.
>[224032080] As is the fate of Lady Ranni, first heir in the Carian royal line.

>[224050000] Now the festival is over, and General Radahn is defeated...
>[224050010] Jerren's duties are finally fulfilled.
>[224050020] Though we served different masters, I could see he was truly adept in his role.
>[224050030] Now the time has come to remind him of an old promise made.
>[224050040] With the stars of fate set into motion, a certain sorceress is dispossessed of her immortality...
>[224050050] Finally, we can be rid of a longstanding Carian weed...

Sellen is literally immortal and body hops because the stars are arrested.

>Carian weed
>Sellen has black hair and blue eyes
Sellen is related to the Carians.

Someone post the Miquella x Godwyn image compilation

Why are you so obsessed with us?

>the three sisters are Ranni, Renna and Sellen
i believe it

>*gets btfo*
>H-heh I guess them stars have suddenly stopped controlling fate. Weird.....

This but unironically. Name a thing the moon did wrong, you can't.

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>The fate of the Carian royal family is guided by the stars.
>Sellen is immortal due to the stars of fate being arrested
It all fits.

>Ranni says kill yourself to all trannies
She keeps getting more based

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>That lore over there bro?
>It just isn't real
>My schizo theory with no evidence?
>Heh, that's basically an objective fact at this point.

but she's still a woman? ranni is more of a transhumanist icon than she is a transexual one, and even then thats a stretch.

It's stated by multiple in-game items that the stars do not control or show or guide fate. Any mention of it like in dialogue here is literally just their religion and superstition

She’s not an icon of either, trannies are just fucking crazy and insist everything is meant to represent them. See Nia from XC2.

Ranni is actually a cunnystacy, she could have chosen any body but chose the body of her master that looks 14.

Please don't associate my wife with tranny shit

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Oh man.. there are at least two of tthem.

>It's stated by multiple in-game items that the stars do not control or show or guide fate.
Surely, you can provide a source?
Are you going to point to these?

Astrologer clothes:
>Worn by those who look to the cosmos above.
>They read fate in the stars, and are said to be heirs of the glintstone sorcerers.
>But alas, the night sky no longer cradles fate.
"night sky NO LONGER cradles"
Seluvis clothes:
>A long, bright blue gown with the movements of the stars drawn upon it. Worn by the magic preceptors who served the Carian royals.
>Glintstone sorcerers are the descendants of astrologers, a fact that the Carians remain aware of. Even if their fate has been long severed from the stars.
"their fate has been LONG SEVERED from the stars"
Which then ties in perfectly with this item:
>Astrology tool used by members of the Carian royal family. A stolen part of a larger instrument.
>During the age of the Erdtree, Carian astrology withered on the vine. The fate once writ in the night skies had been fettered by the Golden Order.
Indicating the GO take over literally weakened this connection.

You can walk two lines, you can say that the stars control fate and they were disposed, or that all the mythos in Elden Ring is one big meme and the GO has just made up shit like a standard religion and there is a history outside of our reach, which while very cool, is indeed a schizo theory.
>inb4 "t-that means le free w-will!
brainlet interpretation

Out of all the non-Ranni/Frenzy endings, Goldmask is the one that changes the GO the most from its current state though.

The roundtable has the Crucible sigil in it.

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I love Queen Marika
I love Queen Marika
I love Queen Marika
I love Queen Marika
I love Queen Marika
I love Queen Marika

Any questions?

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Yeah and you totally missed my main point by hyperfocusing on one sentence

>Any mention of it like in dialogue here is literally just their religion and superstition

Don't you see? All the items you linked says the stars don't do these things, yet here these superstitious people are claiming it still does those things. Which means they will claim it regardless of if it's true or not. And it's not true. And never was. The only people who ever believed it are superstitious

Shut up, Godfrey

Damn good find! My suspicion is that it is inside the erdtree somewhere considering it catches fire at the same time as the erdtree

I have a question
I also love Queen Marika so what are we going to do about this situation

>Malenia: "I have never known defeat"
I would assume so? What a dumb fucking statement when you say it in a world where anything and everything will kill you. She says it like you just white out to the nearest Pokemon center or some shit.

I know, which gets back to our previous point
>The lore just isn't real bro
I won't and can't argue against that point because it's simply refuge in plausible-deniability, which is peak sophistry.
You have a setting with magic, undeath, chaos outer gods and magic space demons yet this specifically is just some real-world silly pagan myth to you.
Your fixation on proving me wrong is more rooted in the fact that if I am right then your own headcanon is wrong.


Go to bed Radahn, you fucking lost.

Trannies are too self absorbed to understand transhumanism.

>real reason Sellen doesn't harm, and just moves Rennala to the corner is because no matter how much she hates the pussy shit sorcery the Carians espoused, she doesn't believe in kinslaying
What a twist

> Malenia: "I have never known defeat"

What she means is that she literally doesn't know what defeat is. People keep telling her she was defeated and she just looks at them puzzled cuz rot is eating away at the language part of her brain

Scarlet rot is said to just effect memory.

What? I'm not claiming that none of the lore is real. I'm not claiming there isn't magic and shit. I'm saying there are clear contradictions within the lore around a certain religious view that is very similar to horoscope stuff IRL which can only lead me to a single resolution for the contradictions

He doesn't know how to love a woman.

We can both worship our Queen. I recognize that I'll never be good enough for her but I will always support her and hope others do too.

She's the most beautiful and emotional woman in the entire game. She feels like a real person among the hordes of zombies and mindless soldiers. I can relate to her making hard decisions that may not be the best for everyone. Radagon is a slave to order and he can't recognize that order and nature don't mix

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I like her too yeah

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>I'm saying there are clear contradictions within the lore around a certain religious view that is very similar to horoscope stuff IRL which can only lead me to a single resolution for the contradictions
Yeah, and I am saying that's headcanon. It would be one thing if all the GO fundamentalist spells and Leyndell armor said confusing bullshit, but it's another when factions outside of them also confirm what they say is true, and nothing is every contradicted.
Point out to me at least two contradictions, directly disproven in-game.

Marika!!!!!! Stop smashing Eldebeast on the ground noooooooooooo

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Uhhh I don't know what you're talking about but I think you want me to link you to the contradiction I was talking about? If so it is here


If you think Marika had a hand in the Night of Black Knives
no exceptions

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Yeah, her close ties to the black knives is merely a coincidence goy

unironically yes
>then whyd they bother to state it if it was irrelevant?!
to drum up discussion by muddying the waters and increase the games longevity

This, Melina fighting exactly like a black knife doesn't mean anything either. Marika unironically didn't do anything wrong.

bot thread

lmfao so the lore is wrong because it's interesting? That's a new one.

I'm reality Marika has multiple gambits at play in order to have someone overthrow her. She literally sends Godfrey away and tells him to come back and conquer everything someday. Putting Ranni into a position outside of the fingers control achieves a similar thing

>you will never be dommed by Marika, Melina, and Ranni while all three wear black knife body suits
It’s not fair….


deepest lore

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This looks like something made by a redditor

Lol that's brertty good

These threads have become nothing more than an ao3 dumping ground for faggots to spam their gay shipping fanfictions as well as ranni orbiters

Well the lore of this game is dogshit, what did you expect

Let's talk about death in a constructive way, starting with non-tarnished and non-demigods:

Here is a list of cases with "normals" dying:
>Corpses in battlefields
>Special erdtree burials where you're bured on the roots to expedite the process
>Soldiers burying their men and mourning them
>Mausoleum soldier ghosts chopping of their own heads and using deathbirds/eclipse stuff to ward off destined death
>Ashes summons, "from ash unreturned to the Erdtree."
There are others I am sure, but they allude me at the moment

There's also amusingly undead outside of TWLID:
>Nobles, and those in Limgrave lake refered to as undead
>Putrid corpses, in Caelid, Haligtree, Raya Lucaria, etc.
>Ghosts/Ashes summons
>Those lost in death
>Every humanoid in-game looks like a zombie?

To die a true death:
>A proper death means returning to the Erdtree.
>Have patience. Until the time comes...and the roots call to you.

So, you have some people (nobles, putrid corpses, every human in-game?) that have a hard time of it dying. There are also people who have died, and have no become ghosts (ashes, eclipse ghosts, TLID?)
Then, amusingly, you have TWLID, the zombies the GO hunts.
I think really, undeath is not uncommon in TLB, but TWLID are a especially hated group. Because they in particular can NEVER return to the erdtree, and for that reason alone they are hated by the GO:

>There's no mistake, is there?
>Death has left its mark once again.
>I'm sorry, I cannot give you your proper rites...
>But at least you did not join Those Who Live in Death.
>Your soul will return to the Erdtree, in time.
>Honeyed rays of gold, deliver this spirit.

Explicity, because Godwyn can never die a true death, as his soul is divorced permanently from his body, and is giving rise to TWLID.

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idk what ao3 is but it sounds like age of empires which is definitely not what happens here so please leave you're shitting up our nice thread