So Marika and Radegon where like the same person all along

>so Marika and Radegon where like the same person all along

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>this faggot keeps changing the md5 so he cant be caught for the insane forced meme spam hes been doing
kill yourself OP.

Not OP but I constantly randomize my MD5s and filenames. You faggots are so obsessed with people posting an image more than once and owning them by posting an archive link. Fucking autist. Kill yourself.

yes if you constantly make shit threads with horrid le epic memes Im going to point it out and look at what a stupid fucking loser you are. neck yourself dumbass

Why are you faggots like this? I can't post stuff like pic rel because people keeping bringing up archives and insisting I'm the same person as the 400 other people that got this image of google images

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Why haven't we rounded up and killed short "people" yet?

I swear they keep shopping this guy to be shorter and shorter

>insisting I'm the same person as the 400 other people that got this image of google images
People don't give a shit about Aew or you trying to get this vastly inferior meme over.

The irony is that those two fuck all the time irl

they come from twitter, reddit, tumblr, gaia online, gamefaqs and etc where they're used to being able to stalk peoples post histories

Because they bring joy and laughter to us normal sized people. I mean look at that little guy in OPs pic, he’s so funny!

lanklet virgin cope

Good luck lanklet.

why do short men even bother trying to talk to women?

>haha no dude no turns out Miquella was a guy all along didn't you know lol

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Based. Archive pulling is literally r*ddit incarnate.

>6 months old twitter memes
fromdrones truly are the worst normalfags

No they don’t, short stuff.
Uh oh, the little dwarves are getting angry again! Someone get the camera!

you will never breed a woman

3 and boogie dies

>but the lore clearly states that Miquella has the power to make anyone do what he wants, so Mohg was really the victim all along!

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I'm a lanklet but seeing these sorta pictures makes me kazakhstan

Already have.

t. faggots that spam Yea Forums and get upset archives show how autistic they are. unironically kill yourselves.

you will never be a normie

>No they don't, short stuff.

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who are they?

Why does the tiny fellow where a shirt with his own face on it? Also this doesn’t prove they fuck. What’s the bitches name though?

>Im going to point it out
Peak redditor mentality

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lol no one has any reason to believe me but not too long ago I fucked some dudes girlfriend even though he was 6’5 and like 250 lbs, I cucked a man twice my size with my small manlet cock. I’m bald, too.

She's laughing. He could break her in half with his bare hands and she's laughing. Why? Why are women like this?

you're a sad little man. imagine taking pride in something you had no control over. embarassing. you're a literal woman.

Reminder that the manlet thing started on /fit/ and is entirely cope by tall anons that, despite their best efforts, are still too ugly and awkward to get women.

what idiot would WANT to bring kids into this fucked up nightmare world? nvm, lanklets are retarded and probably only having kids to "pass on tall genes hurrdurr"

If you do not do the same to short women short people wont stop existing so it's a moot venture.

This is just a staged and far shittier version of the pic with the guy in the stadium. Stop using this and use the good one.

john silver and anna jay

anna jay
>they don't fuck
okay bro

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3'2 sama...

is it possible to become a chad or do you have to be born one?

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Archive autists are a necessary evil because you have turboautists that have been making the same fucking bait threads for half a decade. Calling them out doesn't stop them, but it hopefully stops a decent amount of clueless newfags from replying seriously.

>This is just a staged and far shittier version of the pic with the guy in the stadium
Newfag zoomers don't have the mental capacity to remember anything that isn't trendy.

Born one but a manlet can overcome almost anything if they get the right personality/money. Height and looks a guarantor of getting laid but not being in a successful relationship or even passing on their tall man genes. If it were 86% of the world’s men would not be under 6’0. There’d be very few of them, but instead manlets are everywhere, so someone out there is fucking them.

It's possible if you're like fat or something and there's a Chad skeleton living inside you

that's really scummy but
>I’m bald, too.
alright, i kneel

Thanks. She’s fine as fuck.

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They don't fuck. Anna Jay is dating jungleboy who is another manlet but not as much of a manlet as Silver

Only one that’s little is you ;)

based hungee

good one, stretch

You're goddamn right.

>they're dating that means they don't fuck
okay bro

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>so here's the thing, turns out ocelot wasnt actually controlled by liquids arm, he was just brainwashed by himself to believe he was liquid in order to trick the patriots. now remember zanzibarland?

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why haven't you killed yourself then?

Sluts aren't women, faggot

Have you tried not being autistic? People will only search the archive because they can see you're autsitically spamming and shitposting the same thing constantly.

No it wasn’t, the guy was a fucking mondo loser who thought he had her in his grasp, so he treated her like unironic dogshit. I treated her like a person so she did me a solid and fucked me. Then she left him and restarted her life and now she’s doing much better. Some guys get a hot bitch and think because they’re big and mean they can do whatever the fuck they want and the girl will just live with it. Sometimes it’s true but women aren’t as simple minded and dim witted as people on her consider them, their feelings and desires are real and all I did was treat her like they were. Now he spends all day moping about it. I’m sure he’d fucking kill me if he could but oh well, he can seethe about it all day, he’s still a fucking loser.

>so basically there's no actual evidence that ranni had ANYTHING to do with the plot to kill Godwyn, don't let the lorelet Maleniafags tell you differently

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Sounds more like you're obsessed with it compared to anyone else.

I was the one who originally said they don’t fuck, but after seeing the gifs you posted, they do actually look like they might fuck. They both seem fun to be around.

why is this shit so funny?

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Sergey explaining why CCIP will stop the selling

Stream of consciousness greentext is consistently the highest quality garbage on the site. Its like taking a dmt microdose every time.

>MK2 shirt
what a chad

Some people on Yea Forums still don't believe that the FFXV autist has been at it for 10 years now.

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>be paranoid schizophrenic
>tell others they're obsessed

because it's relatable to autists
I had an entire hike with my friend yesterday and spent half the time explaining my dnd setting
sometimes I think people must just be putting up with me

>so someone out there is fucking them.
Short women exist, you know?

So fucking based, look at all of the redditors you upset

This. Bitches that like short men exist too. Guys, you gotta put yourself in every fucking social situation that you can, especially if there are females around. I see short men with women taller than them all the time. Just go outside.

without knowing anything about them, i can tell those people are terminally br*tish

Your friends probably genuinely like you lad. You seem like a fine user. I'd go hiking and talk about dnd with you.
We wouldn't even play pretend unless you're down.

Thanks user :)

>google jungleboy
>it’s real
>he rides a dinosaur
Somehow in my head I’m going to justify how wwe was better back in the day when it was just demon zombie brothers. I don’t know how, but what the fuck is this

based and true but OP is a faggot too

redditors malding

t. posted the same image and message 1286 times

god damn she's toight

what's your setting user

God there is no fate worse than baalding