Why are gamers so boring?

Why are gamers so boring?

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Is this game worth playing? Any good? Is it even finished?? Been playing most old games now..:(

looks like Yennefer

Dennyfer of bengeborg

What a chad

To own the libs.

He looks too old.

>Uh we made all these features like horns and tails and tattoos, why is nobody using them?!
Because the average person doesn't want to look like a fucking Homestuck character.

this whole "controversy" is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen on Yea Forums, it was literally just the devs being disappointed nobody utilized their character creator

it was more a response to the negress writing articles about muh toxic white males

>it was literally just the devs being disappointed nobody utilized their character creator
Kek but if nobody used it then the default character would be black

Hell yeah. I suggest pirating the latest EA, and if you like the game buy it whenever the full thing releases and goes on sale.

I ask again, did they ever reveal the most common waifu?

How come whenever anybody raises the completely valid point

>"If the average character turned out to be a black woman, the devs wouldn't have opened their mouths about how we were all boring"

You motte and bailey back to the cosmetic features like they would have still said that if the case above happened.

>Dude just pick fantasy race
>Human but with pointy ears
>Human but with pointy ears + dark
>Human but pointy ears mutt
>Human but manlet
>Human but super manlet
>Human but demon mutt

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Reminder: this is the default player character

This, it wasn't even the devs fault, they were just saying that they wanted more people to make use of all the cool extras like horns and whatever, it was the dogshit race baiting game "journalists" that made it a race thing

that's because it's not socially acceptable to do so, but that doesn't equate to "devs are anti white!!". I'm sure they would be disappointed if that was the result as well

No, the default player character is a black female.

Why are you such a nigger?

haven't been paying attention to BG3 but this is the next best thing to a loli race and I'm guessing they don't have one

no one wants to play as a trans black female
>what it means to me
this is why devs are to afraid to make games where the lead isn't a human

What went right?

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i generally makes mages in rpgs because no necromancers
but they are always a let down

No it's not

>I suggest pirating the latest EA, and if you like the game buy it whenever the full thing releases and goes on sale.
Well it's free i suppose, doesn't hurt to try the game to check if it's any good, will do buy it on release if it is, thanks alot user.

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No, it was the devs virtue-signaling when they fucking know 90% of their customer base are white males.

>Yea Forums chudcels are still seething over a joke

Halflings are as close as you can get to that and let's be honest we all know that isn't what you are after.

nooooooooooooooooo its not *interesting* unless the human is purple

how were they virtue signaling?

>well if x happened I'm sure y would've been true
Ok retard

Can you adjust height and weight?
Tell Larian to add it if not.

Whites are sensitive crybabies, what did you expect?

It's a female high elf.

How were they not?
>come on gamers, you're really going to pick the white male when we have such a racially diverse character creator?

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who the fuck are you quoting?

Yes, of course. Making white male is always joke material.

>you look similar to someone else? you are evil
>now excuse me while i dye my hair and tattoo my face and get ear gauges

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but they didn't say that
>racially diverse
you mean they were virtue signaling to elves and dwarves?

>I'm sure they would be disappointed if that was the result as well
yeah, specially larian

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You claimed the devs would have voiced the same disappointment if everyone chose a default black woman character. I'm saying they wouldn't. Where are you having trouble following along?

>Your choices are boring, consumer

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Go nuts

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I'm a minmaxxer so of course I'd pick the white european, it's the apex race of humanity

you're both just speculating about a hypothetical situation

i *literally* said they wouldn't dare voice it if it was a black woman because it's not socially acceptable. seriously, can't you read?

Why do you fags get mad when you're called out as racists when you clearly are?

No, because them crying about people choosing a white male character actually happened. Keep up.

Why change what's already good?
If it ain't broken, dont fix it.

>I'm sure they would be disappointed if that was the result as well
Last reply you're getting from me after this desperate back tracking

>mfw screeching idiots whined about the obvious placeholder being replaced, solely because the replacement was attractive
the placeholder didn't even have one horn, what the fuck did they expect would happen?

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wrong, retard
it was because the most popular character was a white male, instead of a black female which is the default human character

nta but there's literally nothing wrong with racism

>make default human black for everyone (even though the dev team and RPG players are almost exclusively white)
>people manually change every setting to make a normal white blue eyed dude
lmfao the only embarrassing thing here is that there are braindead fuckstains like you who try to defend corporations and their bullshit agenda
neck yourself

Sorry but I don't want to play as a non human or a female or a black person, I want to play as a white male knight like any other regular human being, if you play as anything else there's a good chance you're a hedonistic troon

just watched razorfst playing the new updates
man it is boring as fuck
and the roll the dice mechanic takes so much fucking time holy shit

This kills leftypol

If devs don't want people playing as a character that looks like themselves, then why is "representation" important?

>that's because it's not socially acceptable to do so
here is where I literally confirmed that they wouldn't VOICE their disappointment
holy fucking shit you're so incredibly retarded. they wouldn't dare say it and I said they wouldn't, but of course they'd still be disappointed that nobody was utilizing their expensive as fuck character creator that took a shitton of time to make

I unfortunately can't find the screenshot I took of the /pol/tards terrified that they were going to get doxxed IRL by antifa for making a white male character in the game, which is a shame because it still makes me laugh to this day.

>instead of fixing why people pick the race that is superior in every manner than the others, bitch about it online showing your poor balancing(and coping) abilities
owlcat put out a faggy lil update where they point out kitsunes are the rarest and humies the most common, written as though it was from the local sperg. no one gave a shit as the devs weren't reeeing over people seeing their poor designs and picking the OP races while ignoring the ones that're objectively worse, there was some discussion over the newest game then the thread autosaged

I will play as a gnome, dwarf, halfling or hobbit and be racist against biggers.

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Does the game let you create additional party members?

Except they wouldn't be disappointed because your whole shitty premise is false. That is literally what I'm calling you out on you stupid fucking retard.

Boot the game and start a new character and show us the defaults.

>I wish I could find screenshots of this thing that didn't happ-ACK

Nevermind, found it.

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oh so now you're backtracking on what you said because you realized you didn't read my post right, lol
and yeah I'm sure they wouldn't mind such a huge chunk of their budget and dev time going to waste, I'm sure you're 100% right because you say so

Forever BTFO

thats only in the context of being a virtue signaler urself. If you take the comment at face value of "we created fantastical parts like demon horns and tails, plz use them" its literally just what it means.

larian is batshit leftist too

You retards truely are brain fucked by trannies and niggers, I have never even seen a tranny yet you people see them literally everywhere. WHERE ARE THEY, THEY ARE IN YOUR HEAD

If you are such a fucking retard that you can't tell I was calling you out on the line "they would be disappointed", then I really don't give a fuck. I just can't believe you're actually that fucking retarded. My post literally said "y would be true". Learn reading comprehension.

That sounds more like some leftyfag concernposting than a real organic post. You can tell with the fact he mentioned changing his registration.

You have never played the game

Yes, and everyone at the January 6th Insurrection was an antifa communist in disguise.

this is totally not a joke post

>make poop person as default
>turns out nobody fucking want to play as a poop person
>get salty about it
Either way why the fuck is a clown in medieval europe?

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go dwarf
gnomes have been awful since 3.0, and halflings are worse than humans in nearly every way. dwarves lose the least and are able to use real weapons so

lmao, bitch is blind

my post:
>that's because it's not socially acceptable to do so
your post:
>You claimed the devs would have voiced the same disappointment
see how you're a braindead moron? you literally cannot read

What does this post even mean?

she has demon sense
That negros in european settings are as ridiculous as clown in european settings.

gamers are fucking immature assholes

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Here you go. Default human man and woman. Strange how the game had genders though. Hope they patched that out since then.

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>That negros in european settings are as ridiculous as clown in european settings.
But it's not set in Europe.

uh huh

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fantasy has to be grounded, and being a demon or angel walking freely around among humans is dumb.

Did they even publish stats, or just this image?
Like say 30% of people went white male human, and the other 70% went a mix of other stuff.
The white male will be the highest single choice, but it still wouldn't even be 1/3 of characters made.

that is not boring

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Yeah, its only heavily inspired medieval european aesthetic and mythos. Neither of which does a clown fit in.

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>Strange how the game had genders though.
It's only a matter of time before they patch those out and change it to 'body type A/B'.

third eye cunny

You sure do love false equivalencies user

Developing the new games.

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Don't make it a European setting, and I may choose a different skin color than European.

>Yeah, its only heavily inspired medieval european aesthetic and mythos. Neither of which does a clown fit in.
Have you ever considered the fantasy genre might not be for you in that case? Mount & Blade seems more like something you want.

>mental illness diagnosis
>used as punishment
schizos weren't lying holy fuck

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Do you really expect them to create their own unique setting, user?

is BG3 worth it yet or is it just shovelware

It was literally white genocide.

They had statistics for as little as it meant, at least for the different races. Which is as stupid as when Valve did research on when people claim they were born(jan 1st), except that was a joke.
No shit the race that has nearly double the bonuses of other races is going to be picked more.

>implying a jester isn't very different than a clown

No one gets mad about this lol we don’t mind being racist

Deep down everyone wants a game with a human male paladin main character, a grumpy knowledgeable dwarf fighter, a jolly halfling thief, a busty human female cleric, a sassy comedy race wizard, and an elf ranger with a bow.

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Fantasy has ALWAYS been heavily inspired and influenced by specific aesthetics, culture and symbolism. So simply ignoring the core of the original culture that spawned it completely ruin the entire notion of said fantasy. Fantasy is reality+. It branches off reality to create its namesake. So having a clown in my game about orcs and elves completely destroys the tone and feelings said fantasy would invoke.

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>character creation in a top down game
who gives a shit, ill just press random and go on about my business