Linuxbros... I kneel!

Linuxbros... I kneel!

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Thank god nvidia is finally doing something like this.

this sounds fake

>Buy AMD
>Nvidia open source their drivers a week later
What the fuck God

Seems like everyone is jumping to linux these days. Valve is offering more promotional coverage on steam if you make your games linux compatible.

It's on their official website and everything.

>it's real
>NVIDIA is now publishing Linux GPU kernel modules as open source with dual GPL/MIT license, starting with the R515 driver release. You can find the source code for these kernel modules in the NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Modules repo on GitHub.

>This release is a significant step toward improving the experience of using NVIDIA GPUs in Linux, for tighter integration with the OS and for developers to debug, integrate, and contribute back

It's not. They already posted their github.

The code:


Between this and XIVLauncher getting WINE integration, today has been big for linux gaming


>njudea going open source
Am I dreaming?

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It's not the whole stack. AMD is still the better choice, but this is really good news.

Is it because of that one hack?

Nah, everyone is getting tired of Microshits monopoly on gaymang. Even the upcoming Intel Iris Xe Graphics card is looking for Linux compatibility. Nvidia never cared about the leak.

Sounds good, I wonder which cards are going to get this treatment though.

The leak was fake, they didn't have much of anything.

You still made the right choice. NVIDIA only opened up a small part, and it's alpha-quality software. AMD is still far better on Linux in every way.

Where do I go to learn abiut linux? want to switch.

just a prank bro


This is the easiest distro to get into.

Just fuck about in a VM until you find the right distro for you.

Thanks user. I'll try to install it in a few min.

Is meant for
My bad. Anything I should research before I install this to my PC?

You can Live Boot a Linux distro from a thumb drive and play around with it without having to install it. Ubuntu, Mint, Pop OS, etc are all pretty beginner friendly.

Install a baby distro like ubuntu and mint, then read The Linux Command Line (it's free get it on the offical website). If you want to go farther then read How Linux Works and, if you are really dedicated, Linux From Scratch.
Don't be a distrohopper, only change if you really don't like some features of a distro and it would be too much hassle to change them.

>Where do I go to learn abiut linux? want to switch.
Start up an Ubuntu VM and use it like you would normally use a PC. When you find something you can't do, google "Ubuntu how to do "issue""
You'll eventually learn everything you need to know

PopOS is a terrible fucking recommendation and I hope with Nvida going full opensource their Distro dies.

What's bad about it? As a casual user of it and Ubuntu I don't have any gripes with it.

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Nothing is wrong with it. There are many better distros that's all. I personally use it on my secondary laptop because I was lazy to get Arch running on it.

>let me use a distro based on a distro based on a distro maintained by developers that beg for help on reddit because none of them can program
Nope. Mike Murphy and his team of wannabe devs just sold you on some shitty theme and script that downloads a driver. PopOS breaks a lot because their devs keep trying to fork stupid shit to break compatibility with functional code.

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Maybe I'll actually get a 4090 when it comes out if they are better on Linux. I like that raytracing actually works with the proprietary drivers unlike AMD cards where raytracing still doesn't work with Mesa.

>PopOS breaks a lot because their devs keep trying to fork stupid shit to break compatibility with functional code.
Is that why my install keeps fucking breaking when there's a kernal update? I outta go back to OpenSuse.

This actually means
>you do our drivers for us for free faggots

Yes. I've talked to Pop's devs many fucking times to realized they have no fucking idea what they're doing and are pretty much just riding on the coat tails of Ubuntu. Now that Nvidia is going Open Source, their distro should be decimated.

So realistically, how long will it take for nerds to polish it up to the AMD driver levels?

Probably like 4 hours.

>Debian released kernel security patch
>Ubuntu applies patch
>Mint applies patch
>Popfags have no idea how to apply the patch but are using an unpatched version of Ubuntu
>Ubuntu updates kernel
>Popfags still asking for help on Stack Overflow and Reddit
>Copy and Paste shit incorrectly
>Software starts to break
>Can't use Libre Office
>Can't hear sound
>LibAdwaita breaks theme
Fuck PoopOS.

The only thing I care about the drivers is that they fucking work ABSOLUTELY no issues, no caveats, no "UHM ackshully you sneed to make this dumb retarded thing to make it work on ur machine because of some random shit :)" faggotry whatsoever.
I hate freetrannies so good damn much it's unreal.

your fault dumbass, AMD has been getting MOGGED softwareside for years
blender completely invalidating 99% of people's amd gpus by dropping opencl completely was the nail in the coffin for me. i bought a fucking rx 580 almost 2 years ago and now thinking ill go RTX when i can afford it.

Better than
>Thanks for buying our hardware, now install windows or fuck off

It's already done.

What distro do you anons use? And also will this mean that the NVIDIA drivers will eventually get baked into the kernal like AMD? Can I finally use Wayland and Plasma?

Wait fuck, what? I have nvidia now but was considering going back to AMD next generation. Would I really not be able to run fucking blender anymore? And are dx9 games still fucked on AMD cards? I know opengl on windows will forever suck but even pcsx2 is on vulkan now so I don't see that as much a problem.

/g/ has a good wiki

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you can run blender, you cant render with AMD anymore or it fucks up. you have to stick with an opencl build or just run with your cpu, which even then theres still a part of the render engine running on gpu..? i notice high usage sometimes

What advantage can this bring to the players?

And if you don't feel like reading and just want someone to tell you what to install, I would go with the latest version of Kubuntu, which now is 22.04.

More people contributing to the code means better chance for optimization.

He bought?

well, your cpu still needs to do certain calculations, after all why can cpu be such a bottleneck?

they aren't going open source. only the kernel level driver is open sourced, all the actual useful firmware is still closed source.
read the red hat engineer blogpost on it.

you gotta look into where blender's been going the past 4 years or so, like 99% of calculations are done on gpu nowadays because everything is predominantly optimized for it. CPU is slower in every possible way and doesnt get any love anymore because of the significant mogging going on with gpus. Hell i'd probably get even significantly faster speeds on a gtx 1050 right now if i chose to swap to that, and im running a ryzen 5 5600x. its bad.

Increased general stability and features since Nvidia's current drivers are kind of crap compared to AMD and Intel's,

You don't

>And are dx9 games still fucked on AMD cards
You can use DXVK. I think DX9 is kinda fucked on newer NVIDIA cards too.

By the way, this released today for AMD:

You just can't use HIP in Blender to render which only RDNA/RDNA2 cards can use. People with Polaris(RX 400/500) and non-RDNA are pissed because AMD hasn't put HIP support with us yet compare to Nvidia where their old cards still can render Blender cause Nvidia pretty much hooked all their cards with CUDA and Optix.
I really want to try CyclesX and the new performance features but but my RX580 doesn't support HIP so I'm stuck with 2.9. Sucks doesn't it?

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>DX9 is fucked up
like what? I just played Warband and never seen any issue

>Ctrl+F SteamOS
>0 results
So that thing is not ever retard-friendly enough to be up there?

so HIP is a feature that "could" be added? I thought OPENCL/HIP was full blown render backends and opencl was just too dated and shit so that gave the blender foundation justification to drop it, which was their words.
Either way fuck amd, not buying another one of their cards.

>nvidia transitioning
ohnononono nvidiasisters they are making fun of us

ubuntu good for first?

In terms of performance. You're better off using a Vulkan translation layer.

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Yes. But I would recommend Xubuntu or Kubuntu because Gnome 4 is a pile shit.

At cost of what? Compatibility? I can use dxvk on Windows, but that pic is non issue for 60hz monitor users.

At cost of nothing. No one is forcing you to use DXVK but it will give you more performance in old DX9 games.

with everyone saying win11 is shit beyond shit and would rather shove a cactus up their ass. Along with valve pushing linux. It was inevitable.

Why do so many people use PopOS?

Probably because it was featured in LTT

Blender foundation wanted to drop OpenCL because it was shit for their code and they can't improve the application or the renderer itself unless OpenCL was gone so it was that or stagnate. HIP just AMD solution to it, c++ runtime api that somewhat translates CUDA code to something readable for the gpu. People are hoping they add HIP/ROCm support for the older cards.
You can use their own renderer, AMD ProRender, I just prefer the Cycles renderer.

They market themselves to Reddit Gamers and shill the fuck out of their Distro to people that think linux is hard. They're not even a popular distro, they're just shill to the low IQ.

Oh right the guy who deleted his system trying to install steam. So it's a case of it seeming like tons of people use it because there are so many questions online from the tards who use it