RIP Fireflies

>we're going to add fireflies to minecraft!
>ah they're poisonous to IRL frogs? I guess we won't add them after all!
Why is Mojang so incompetent?

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they could've just, you know, kept the fireflies and removed the frogs eating them.

Just add fucking flies together with fireflies. Mojang baffles me, they do fucking nothing for months and still find reasons to continue doing nothing.

I think I read that people would ask for fireflies in a jar as a source of light but mojang didn't want that because fireflies asphyxiate inside jars.

The fletching table still does nothing and it's been way too long since they promised stuff. Small indie company, prease understand.

Why the fuck is a billion dollars corporation slower than Notch?

In the video they give the most non-answer possible. I still don't get it.

They make plenty of money doing no work, why would they do more work? The economy encourages maximum gain with minimum effort.

the adventure update was over 10 years ago, yet there is still basically no new game content, look at terraria it literally got 3x the content in the same time spann.

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I don't know what they said in the stream, but I work for a big corporation so I can guess what they said:
>muh development cycle
>muh impact on quality
>muh enterprise-level production

>we removed this feature because it wasn't realistic
fucking seriously? fucking better remove the entirety of the nether enchantment, most mobs, floating blocks, and the ability to just punch through most materials. its crazy how outright lazy these fucks are and how the community seems to just roll over and take it up the ass

Any good vanilla servers?

>>we removed this feature because it wasn't realistic
No, it's even stupider.
>we removed this feature because it might teach kids to hurt frogs!
That's why they won't add hostile animals either.

you fucking punch pigs to death

Pigs barely count as animals

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Wait a minute...that shape

Remember when they change it so you can't feed cookies to parrots? Mojang is stupid.

More like The Mild Update

>Minecraft updates are still /an/ autism
You think kids will ever notice and get tired of it?

>Butchering wild animals, battery farming livestock and enslaving villagers is fine
>Using fireflies as a fantasy light source is over the line

Because they were bought out by the most incompetent tech company in the world.

>poisonous to IRL frogs
but killing pigs that drop gold is fine

come place blocks with us user
Yea Forumscraft

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does mojang acknowledge that people make slavery machines in minecraft?

last post for mojang sucks balls

keep seeing anons complain about the moderation of this server


so what did they add instead of fireflies

they said frogs now eat mini slimes or some shit

Wait, Blizzard owns minecraft?

>remove fireflies because they're bad for frogs and muh kids would hurt real frogs
>now they eat fucking slime instead
I hat them so much.

1. Jeb is an incompetent autist.
2. They have to quality control for all the versions of the game: on all mobile devices, consoles, Java and Bedrock.
3. Diversity hires.

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They have no idea why people like Minecraft and they're terrified of accidently killing the golden goose by making too many changes

what's the point of adding all these animals that you can't even eat, thought this was a survival game

>Diversity hires

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Way more realistic


Notch knew what he wanted and what the people wanted
Mo'gay does not


people should start tweeting the devs that frogs would die if they ate that much slime irl and see what they do

These guys are extremely full of themselves. Its andhame it would take a lot for minecraft to fail because these assholes really need some humbling.

mojang is dumb
it really hit me when someone mentioned that modern mojang would absolutely never consider adding something like the creeper now with Jeb's retarded rules
their go to defense has been muh bedrock and java

at least people in the video comments are calling them out on their bullshit

Why don't they fucking do their own research before hand if you care so much about your game bleeding into irl?


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The frogs should shit out special slime after eating the normal slime. Don't know what properties they could give it.

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...does minecraft need to be realistic?

I never thought about that, you can fucking feed wolves bones. On top of that they're wolves, with their logic kids would try to play with wild wolves.

i will kill more frogs than them being forcefed fireflies could ever dream of. YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKIN DESERVE. MOJANG MADE ME DO IT

Riding on pigs is animal abuse and I demand Mojang removes it.

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Post your worst pics of jeb, I want to turn him into satan that he is

>minecraft players will go out, capture fireflies, and feed them to frogs, killing them
Is this satire?

It is unbelievable how much none content bloat has been added to Minecraft. Sad!

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No. This is also why you can't ride the dolphins.

what new stuff have they added to minecraft since the last time I played? I think I stopped playing around 1.3 or whenever they added villager trading

modders will do it for free
but they'll force you to join their discord to get it
obviously Notch hired devs as lazy as himself to staff mojang though


name one mod that improves the game while keeping the spirit of the game.

trick question, not even mojang updates do that

of the game under notch, then

>You DARE not think of the children?
>You DARE think of having fun?
>You are BANNED from playing ANY minecraft

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What are some good modpacks?

but torches will burn forever

Post very realistic elements of minecraft that the game encourages children to experience
>throwing and breeding chickens in a small cramped hole, all while slashing them with an axe and eating their turkey remains raw

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Anyone got a link to that MC porn thread that hit the bump limit with allays?

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>You WON'T feed the frogs any fireflies and you WON'T have fun!

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Yeah I bet he thinks of the children pretty often if you catch my drift.

>throw eggs because there's a chance that a chicken will spawn
>give bones to wild wolves

so what's the best version for moding?

I can't believe there's never been any controversies surrounding little kids solidifying molten lava using buckets of water to create portals to hell

maybe it really is as safe as minecraft makes it look


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>burn cows and pigs so their meat is cooked when they die

>breeding slaves for personal gain (villager loot)
>stealing from ancient structures
very progressive mojang

In a perfect world, the goyim would just give their money to corporations without expecting anything in return.

why are swedes so autistic

holy shit, you're fucking right

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1.7.10, 1.12.2, and 1.16.5
1.7.10 has the best exclusive mods

>best selling video game in history
>literally a billion dollar printing machine
>team that makes it struggles to add one new mechanic per decade and now removes shit due to realism despite the game being about a highly autistic man who genocides everything and plays lego with the entire world

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Post your face after you throw yourself off a cliff and drop a water bucket below your feet to break the fall.

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>eating rotten flesh will not kill you
>black spiders are not poisonous
>spiders are friendly during the day