Why do Touhou fans barely discuss its gameplay?

Why do Touhou fans barely discuss its gameplay?

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because they don't play the games next question

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3 posts= :)

Touhou gameplay is just about the most pointless you ability you can learn

You could say that about any video game's gameplay.

What's objectively the best music track in any of the games?

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Why did they do it?

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based MamiSeija dabbing on some incel

Posting Mononobe Futo before thread gets pruned

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>two shotty threads on the catalog
guess that's enough Yea Forums for today

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never overused. never gets old.

The gameplay sucks

Guys, technically speaking here, and this is only just a hypothesis, but technically speaking couldn't Yukari use her gaps to fart in your face whenever she wanted? Like anytime and everytime she felt a gas bubble at her back door she could just let it rip in your face and there would be nothing you could do about it
You would basically be cropdusted by her at any time she pleased


Repost the Meira
Do it

There's a gameplay thread at least once a day you fucking tard

one just archived

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the other one where a tranny got btfo by a Seijaposter

>absolute kino
DDC, STB, soku, GFW, LLS
EoSD, SoEW, 17.5, VD
the others are past versions of more recent games so who gives a fuck

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Fine, I'll take the bait seriously. They're shumps, there's only so much to talk about in terms of actual game.

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Ahhhh sure?

because there are placed in a very specific position of the autism spectrum. you need to be autistic just enough to enjoy the gameplay, but not enough to transition

Which category does generals on Yea Forums fall under? Spamming or off topic?

>so butthurt from last thread that he had to get the last reply in with 3 different samefag devices

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if it was bannable, it would get its own category

who are you quoting, tranny?

Meira sex

I love Sanae!

chads dabbing on incels like you repeating memes from /jp/. look i'll do it again
*dabs on you*
get fucked shitty lel

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The ruffians

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Sanae fucks young village boys.

I can't understand Sumispeak but want to marry her regardless

Generals are fine since most of the board is made of them

Shut it roachina

i can't relate. I just wanna fuck the retard out of her but that's it

user, you gotta stop being so obsessed with me, I know that you secretly love me but it's time to move on with your laifu~

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damn, son. what do you have against the Turks?

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so you like dabbing on lolkincels? if so based

fav touhou ost?
for me its youtu.be/KyPRL4T6_is

Wrong. Esports and Souls games gets you pussy, playing Touhou turns you into a pussy.

Kill yourself
Jump off a bridge

shotty loves DDC though??? (and soku but he will never tell you that in person)

why does seija need an umbrella, can't they just make the rain go upwards so that it never hits her

toho is the JRPG is shmups. You hate jrpgs yet you revel in its shmup equivalent, curious.

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so you really are a tranny who lets a namefag live in your head... sad


She's not that powerful

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I would never brag about my video game prowess to a woman expecting it to get me laid.

Nope. I know you're disappointed seeing as you're one yourself, but you can stop coping now.

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You posted it. Second place goes to PCB though

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/bant/nigger won and is current namefag supreme. MaZe, shotty, okinafag... they are all old hat, washed-up types well past their prime

That's because you play Touhou

you will never get laid and that's a good thing (but not for you)

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how does orin fit bodies in her wheelbarrow when it's so tiny

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What about me?

this but unironically

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you're ok, anonymous.

hmmm maybe. it depends. do you hold cryptocurrency? i have an address you can send them to

Orin is actually a big girl so it appears small

she cuts off their legs and eats them

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Actually it is a good thing for him since he'd be so bad at it he'd have to carry the embarrassment for the rest of his life.

Though that probably wouldn't be long.

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Post chart