OMG...she is so attractive

OMG...she is so attractive...

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Her mom is better

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lusafag don't seethe about lillie for 5 minutes challenge


"She" is a drawing you worthless autistic fuck. Your parents are ashamed of you. You need to get a fucking life and stop jacking off to drawings of girls and start fucking some real women- oh, that's right, you can't because you're an ugly fedora-wearing autist

>Posts off model that looks nothing like her

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She's a child you fucking pedophile, kys

Dilate trannoid

Which one Yea Forums?

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The things I'd do to Lusamine while Lillie watches...

Marnie can't compete in any way, if we're being honest here

>mary sue
plot device

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>toe cleavage
I wish literally any fan artists drew her like this

I'd like to insert my penis into this plot device

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FYI Lillie is too young for bras

i just want her card

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That's not what a Mary Sue is

How old is she?

Why are blonde girls so cute??

Already been 6 years since sun/moon

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Id expect no less of a healthy grade schooler

I wanna replay them but holy fuck the cutscenes take ages

is this textbox on every card? if it's a general rule why have it printed on every card and ruin the art?

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Yuri is garbage

That is a very cute bra. Makes me want to touch her more than if it was bare breasted.


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why does she make pokechuds so angry

Cute and canon

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Is that Lumine and Mona

Lillie and Selene are lesbians deal with it.

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based yuri hater

Yuri is cute
Keep seething at cute girls' love

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Homosexuality is wrong


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You just know

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delete this

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based fag hater
cringe autogynephiliacs

t. pathetic self-inserter

t. actual cuck

Made to get raped and impregnated by pokemon

it's some of the most boring porn imaginable. not even the multiple women can save it.

This video is the most soulful shit Pokemon has done in fucking years

t. mentally ill self-inserter who lives vicariously through fictional characters

not even in the top 50


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Lillie is ugly

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This, Lillie's modest budding breasts are for training bras only.

Chads who like yuri are people who enjoy secs for more than the physical aspect of it.

it isnt if one of the girls grow a cock, then it turns out to be the best

this series jumped the shark so hard after emerald arc

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What’s the matter? Need to see a big hard cock in order to get a boner?

No but I need to see the woman get dominated.

DPPT BW and XY are all still good

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Her mom needs some...corrections.

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With yuri, there’s double the chance of that happening


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No there isn't