Microsoft Is Reportedly Launching an Xbox Streaming Stick

>As GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb reports, Microsoft is thought to be working on an Xbox streaming device, which would allow access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service and hundreds of console games. As it's purely a streaming device, either a stick or puck-like device is expected carrying the Xbox branding. However, if you own a Samsung smart TV, the functionality will be offered in an app which removes the need to purchase a separate device.

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This really shouldn't be a surprised to anyone that's actually been paying attention.
Microsofts Endgame with GayPass is and always has been streaming.


enjoy your input lag kek

most people have shit internet

I wouldn't even want to stream games to my living room on wired connection. Trying Steam remote play with my friends was not a great experience either. I'm sure even plebs without standards won't enjoy this. So many streaming services have come and gone. Whatakes ms think they'll succeed?

My Internet sucks too bad to enjoy this.

this nigga is right

Does this count towards Xbox console sales? lol
Also, I have very fast internet, and game streaming is god awful still.

Because it'll have the Xbox name on it

>Xbox streaming stick

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everybody already has smart tv's or phones that can just run an app
how many people are actually gonna buy an hdmi stick solely for streaming xbox games?

A lot of smart TVs have really shitty built-in software. A Roku is better than dealing with Samsung's bullshit, but who knows what the Xbox app will be like?

and thats a GOOD thing

Tried it.
Too laggy.

you will own nothing and be happy

post ur internet speed test

>Whatakes ms think they'll succeed?
they own the biggest cloud provider out there (maybe AWS is bigger but azure is top 2)

I have 500 up and down, with like 4 ping, and it still runs like shit. It wasn't even worth the dollar I paid.

I have a friend in IT and he told me AWS is #1 by far in terms of overall market share but obviously Microsoft/Azure is big enough and makes tons of money. They're #2

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I hope Microsoft tries to compete harder with Amazon.

I'm guessing "other" is either chink shit or counting every software that has a cloud feature but isnt hosted on those other 3 providers

Am I a jaded old man for not liking this shit? Not right now but even further down the line in a world where internet speeds and streaming technology have reached a respectable quality for video games. I didn't have an issue with buying digital licenses to download games to my hardware but I never want to stream video games exclusively.

>Am I a jaded old man for not liking this shit?

Only a matter of time before an Xbox/xCloud app appears on PS5 and Switch.

you're delusional

sony/nintendo will never let it happen

You're retarded if you think Microsoft care about hardware anymore.

Will you pretend to be shocked when they announce another Xbox

he will kwab

It's fucking crazy how their Azure shit is basically helping them corner the market on game streaming at almost no cost. Even Sony hosts their content on Azure.

They showed up way too early for the party again and this time it paid off I guess.

And with this, the "war" is over. It was clear where it was heading for a while, but MS isn't even looking at Sony as competition at this point. They are eyeing Amazon, Apple, and Google. So with the "console war" finally dead, can people start just buying whatever console they want now without the quibbling? The only ones left "console warring" are the dumbass fanboys at this rate that still think there's a fight to begin with.

Amazon will inevitably stir shit up. If I remember correctly they already have Amazon Luna. No idea how well its doing

I hear no one talk about Luna. If it's something you get in any capacity with Prime though, it's likely not making much money. Unless that's why your Prime membership price keeps going up.

It'd be a hard-ass fight against Microsoft though, they established the Xbox branding over 20 years ago now and the platform is already built.

I told you it will happen

We are in the End Game

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Smart move by Microsoft

the question is will people actually buy it

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I stream my xbox to my pc, and it looks like ass

why would anybody do this?

Wanted Sony to make a streaming service first, there are literally no games on the Xbox.

give me that streaming stick, daddy

go back


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I can't wait

>making money off people who want to own nothing
sounds based to me

xbox came back pretty easily this gen

yea right

post ur mom

is this good bros?

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I tried streaming Bloodborne years ago with a buddy's playstation account and the miniscule amount of input lag made it unplayable, never mind the random instances of actual lag, the infrastructure just isn't where it needs to be for this to work
I guess it's fine for casuals

nah they won't put it on ps5 because they're a direct market rival and it defeats the purpose of the competition if you're making the rivals product more attractive with your exclusive games. switch maybe, because nintendo aren't directly competing with sony and MS for the same demographic.

amazon doesn't have the games though. microsoft already had a massive advantage over amazon even without the studio and publisher acquisitions just because of their history in gaming and IP they own, and with the acquisitions of bethesda and activision it's basically impossible for amazon to catch up unless they go out and buy EA, ubisoft, take2 and embracer group.

>get fortnite on cloud streaming
>release a game streaming stick
they won

As game pass subscriber I might buy one

>Trying Steam remote play with my friends was not a great experience either.
This is what everyone with a shitty LAN and internet says.

Their endgame with Xbox One was streaming. They had the cloud streaming ideas in house ever since.


Streaming will never work. No amount of buzzwords like "Negative Latency" will make it viable. It will always be a secondary thing.

It will eventually become the one true option but that's years from now and internet plans will become more expensive

for me its shadow

As a zoomie who likes actually controlling his software, this concerns me too. I like the idea of streaming as a secondary option, but not as the only option. It's a disgusting corporation's wet dream.