Kneel before the supreme champion.

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>I'm not racist when I'm horny.

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Godspeed based Queenslayer

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SHARTris is weaker than Leon the Undefeated.

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hey that's pretty based

Is that Bonnie?

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You got that right


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Well how else am i gonna see her cute brown feets if i don't kneel to lookunder her skirt?

I want to kneel before her and lick her delicious brown feet

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>I'm not racist when I'm horny.
It's not my fault little brown girls are so sexy.

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How can she recover?

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Why does Yea Forums love brown girls so much?

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I sleep. I can't believe Pokemon, the coomer franchise by default, the ones that put all the effort into girl design instead of good games and good Pokemon, managed to fuck up this bad with what was supposed to be a cute brown girl.

Hilda really should've taken her place in the anime.

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>kneeling would be at a better angle to look up her skirt

>ESL poorfag that can get any sex containment thread

sage. Simple as

presumably by winning

I'm just happy her Axew finally fucking evolved
God bless him for escaping the cute mascot prison

Thanks for the bump tranny retard.

I'm only racist towards men and hags

And what? Lick her cunny? There's no way I'd do that!

No rape. Lolis are for consensual sex only.

I haven't watched the anime since like 2007, can someone explain to me why Ash's team for Gen 7 is 66% KANTOOOOOOO?

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It's the big finale where he's battling champions from other regions, and Ash is the Kanto rep (with Lance being the Johto rep)

Why are little girls so evil?

>he actually has one of those retarded mixed up fossil pokemon

fucking Christ.

>It's the big finale
In your dreams. One Piece will end before Pokemon.
>and Ash is the Kanto rep
Uh huh, and no Charizard. Sure.
The other guys got two memezards already. Might as fucking well. I hate TPC so much it's unreal.

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They prey on helpless adult men... They torture our crotch areas... Then they force us to buy them sweets and ice cream...

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Bonnie is superior cunny

Damn fucking brat... needs correction!

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I know Charizard has mindbroken zoomers for some reason, but there are actually only two Charizards at the tournament (who both have a different form) while there are three Dragonites in it (Iris', Lance's and Ash's)

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Did you say?

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last nonshitty pokemon generation
all the games from xn y and newer have been irredemable garbage

Niggatoro (Forma de Peluche)


That's a sex doll, is it?

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Show pantsu

She is going to get her shit pushed, presumably by Lance.

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Sadly true, but at least we'll get more cute champion Iris.

Lance is being sacrificed to Ash for the first fight, pretty funny that his Ace is now Gyrados as well. I think she will lose either to Steven or Cynthia (who will then lose to either Alain or Leon) with Diantha losing to either Leon or Alain in round 1. If I had to guess it would go

>Ash vs Lance
(Ash wins)
>Iris vs Cynthia
(Cynthia wins)
>Diantha vs Leon
(Leon wins)
>Alain vs Steven
(Alain wins) - so he can rematch Ash and because he has history with Steven

>Ash vs Alain
(Ash wins?)
>Leon vs Cynthia
(Leon wins)

>Ash vs Leon
(Leon wins ;))

hot as fuck


I hate Pokemon but I want to see Steven rape some motherfuckers.
>who will then lose to either Alain or Leon
Who and (((Who)))?

luv Hoenn, 'ate anything past gen 6, simple as

>She is going to get her shit pushed
sound hot

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too big

user don't do this to me I am not in a position to jack off right now

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Steven and Cynthia are both Masuda OCs and Leon is created by Ohmori, Masuda's apprentice so they're part of the same set. The only character created by the OG himself Tajiri is Lance but he's going to get BTFO early on. Alain is the guy who beat Ash in the Gen VI anime with his Mega Charizard X. Leon is the Champion from the new game. I don't think they will let Cynthia lose her first match since her fans are incredibly mentally ill and Sinnoh shilling is still in full effect (even though she previously lost to Caitlin of the Unova E4 so Iris should be stronger but whatever) and Iris has already lost to Ash this season. Lance is out, Leon can't lose yet because he's the Final Boss for Ash this season and there's no point in brining Alain in if he's not going to battle Ash. So that leaves Iris, Steven and Diantha as the sacrifical lambs - all of whom will lose in the first round. Totally predictable result.

That's the full pic sadly

>Leon is the Champion from the new game
>Leon can't lose yet because he's the Final Boss for Ash this season
>Completely shit all over many good characters from the past just so you can shill [current gen]
I want everyone working for The Pokémon Company to greatly suffer both physically and mentally.

Well shit


They've been doing it since Gen IV, when the idea of Pokemon as sort of powerful creatures with folklore attached to them turned into "what if they were le gods and STRONGER-ER than the last set!?". That's why you have shit like Arceus entirely destroying the setting or Regigigas ruining the Regio trio, etc. That being said, except Raihan being stronger than some champions (they must mean just Alder because all the other champions ranked above him in his home turf lol) only Leon from Galar actually is above other the strong characters.

Why did you blue ball me?

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Is that actually from the anime? They are hilariously inconsistent with tiddies.

THIS is the champion?

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Nah, It's an edit. Iris is flat as a plank in all her versions.

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Nice video games mods.

I hope you die violently, fucking kike.

Funny how I never see you faggots posting this in threads like

She's 10

pokemons doesn't really have mods, do romhacks count?

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out 10

out of 10

minutes late to sucking my dick

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This meme is so forced and unfunny lol

If you weren't there, you just don't get it.

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Her butt is too cute, adults can't help but go hard on her.

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