Enforcers are awake

That means we can infringe on all of the copyrights we want.
Post Gooper.

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>he does it for hypnocoin


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Gawr Gooper

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So any plans for Y2K?


This is unironically less pathetic than real life because the enforcers get something out of the deal.

Die Gooperfags

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witw are barney and franklin bwl

Its that time again.
Post your finds.

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I'm going for a walk outside at midnight. I heard rumors that the Hypnospace headbands aren't Y2K complaint and mass deaths are bound to happen, but I really don't know bwl


>actually found the TempleOS website using this.
fucking wild

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Autist talks about USPS postage in exhaustive detail. I've actually always loved shit like this. It's fun to see all the detail and history in things I don't generally think about too much. Like, even though I don't particularly care about it, someone's time and effort and thought went into it, and I do care about that.

I got told how PGP works. Bretty lame desu

>Got sent to some jap website that has nothing but 2400+ images of cats

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>Website of nothing but Tomb Raider and Lara Croft pictures.
So this is what it was like to be a Coomer back in 1990-2000

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got an article about Vsync in duke nukem 3d by some website called "deadfish shitware"
the admin is still posting on there and hes just calling windows and code language devs retards

>nuclear weapon archive
well was nice knowin you fellas

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fucking RAD man thanks for bringing it up, we need more guys like this in the wild
>mfw if enough of the modern day game modders were half as based as this guy we would be in a renaissance

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what a guy

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*makes negative donation*

Its weird how you haven't shared the site with us yet

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Not at all what I expected but cool to see old style internet still exists

Enjoy user, here's one of the cat pics too. All the cats you see are dead now.

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Forgot the link:

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Uhh this ones kinda schizo

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>Clicks on the website
>Suggests Space Funeral and Goblet Grotto
Ah, so its a tumblr shithole.

yeah when i see these old forums i always wonder who is reading them and about the guy thats making them
its a peek into the very interesting secluded era of the internet
where you would just find some shit

think my gooper might be autistic

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I wonder if a certain other website was on there while it was still up.

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What is this thread about, sounds interesting.

Gooperschizos thinking they're saving the white race by reposting their favorite childhood cartoon

what has bonzai buddy got to do with the white race?

I want the Jesus doll

>1 Schwabbuck has been deposited into your account
Gumshoe Gooper is irreplaceable shill

Nice try Gooperchud. I only take CappaCash

Instead this site is intended to cover less well known, but no less worthy, creations. In particular it aims to showcase some of the international diversity that exists in the superhero world. There are large sections devoted to heroes from Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Japan and many other countries, which continue to expand as I learn more about the heroes of each of those countries.

Who’s ready for some cape shit cringe

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Rode Riddler

History: Johan was a Flemish knight who adventured across Europe, and even travelled to places such as Lyonesse and Atlantis, battling a huge variety of foes and mythical beasts (including the Hydra and Loch Ness Monster). He joined King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, took a faerie lover, and even gained one of the Seven Rulers of Hell as a long standing enemy.

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>saving the white race

Supa Jainato

Powers/Abilities: Starman is composed of steel, and thus highly resistant to injury. His wristband grants him the capacity of interstellar flight, to track radioactive sources, and to understand any language. He was also a skilled martial artist.

History: Supah Jaianto was an alien who came to Earth to defend it against threats both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

Comments: Created by Ken Utsui, and played by him too.

Supah Jaianto is generally considered the first tokusatsu superhero. It was also one of the earliest Japanese serials to be shown in the United States, under the name Starman.

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I agreed, but you're a namefag, so now i'm not doing it

Mai the Psychic Girl

Powers/Abilities: Mai has telekinesis that is powerful enough that she can fly or hurl powerful telekinetic blasts.

History: Mai Kuju was a fourteen year old Japanese school girl with a secret; she had inherited psychic powers, passed down through generations of her family, that allowed her to move things with her mind. Though traditionally her family had used the powers to protect their country, to Mai the powers were simply a source of amusement...at least until the evil Wisdom Alliance took notice of her. The Alliance were an organisation who manipulated the world from behind the scenes, and they saw Mai as a potential resource, or a threat if not controlled. Targetted by this malevolent agency, Mai and her father were forced to go on the run.

Comments: Created by Kazuya Kudo and Ryoichi Ikegami.

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What in the goddamm?

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oh god
oh fuck


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Here we Fucking go. Some vidya cringe!

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Looks like there’s not much fan fiction

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Fun historical note: apparently you never had to play the game to be a fan even in the past. Or in this case, know anything about the characters

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It's literally the dev's website.

some things never change

End of the prologue page. That ending just made me diamonds.

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Lol. I wonder how “desperate” this girl friend really was

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The inevitable Sonic fan art. What is it with autists and sonic it’s like Sonic is an evil spirit or something

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Original link?

How do I post a geocities link without Yea Forums thinking it’s spam. I tried deleting letters