I am sure to win because my speed is superio-

>I am sure to win because my speed is superio-

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>pic is literally sourced from a video where Scout beats Heavy to death for his sandvich

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I hope they're having penetrative sex

>Scout can only be overhealed to 185
>mfw he runs up to me to try doing circles/jump around and I get a crit punch and he goes flying backwards and ricochets off a wall

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tf2 is dead

scout very easily overpowers heavy

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Not big soup rice

But scout is literally the second coming of Jesus


>there is absolutely nothing worth buying for its multiplayer in the last 10 years in the game industry
>Battle Royale is just luck and having to walk across the map for minutes at a time just to shoot people and continue walking
>other shooters are about which weapon you unlock that’s better than every single weapon and you’re a retard if you don’t use it making entire matches be filled with the exact same weapon
I don’t know how to cope with this feel

>beats you to death and steals your sandwich
>is the literal canon second coming of jesus
>defies laws of space and gravity to jump twice
>has an impossible double barreled shotgun with a drum of 38 shells that does more damage than a rocket launcher
>is the most skill based class in the game
>can drink several times his own body weight worth of radioactive sugar, it only enhances him
>has the most humiliating and rage-inducing schadenfreude
>steals your medkit
>counters every class in a 1v1
>can easily win over any number disadvantage by throwing a jar of cum at them
>mvm is impossible without him
>pushes the cart twice as hard as every other sissy character because hes just that strong
>captures any point twice as fast because hes just that imposing
>shittalks you until you cry

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>Battle Royale is just luck
maybe you just suck?
Back when I played fortnut each game resulted in 15+ kills. Once you learn how to navigate the circle and how to loot efficiently, luck only comes down to if you spot 15 or 25 players

>It's not luck just loot with more skill
lol ok
Closest you're right with is the fact loot drops are rigged depending on if you're a streamer/big spender.

>counters every class in a 1v1
not true, scout gets raped by engi and competent sniper

Unless the speedster has decent strength to match, pure strength will always win.

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well sniper fucks everyone because of the sheer ammount of indirect buffs he has over everyone
idk if it would count as a 1v1 if engi had his sentry though

I ended Apex matches with 20+ kills and that shit didn’t matter if the first 5 mins of my next match was collecting glitter glue and confetti cannons and I run into John McLuckSuckFuck that had a better 5 mins than I did and turns my bubble wrap armor into shreds instantly

yes, looting takes skill because you need to know what and for how long you should be looting before you start going for the kills
The way you play first couple minutes of a match can decide if you will be pushing 10 20 or 30 kills at the end

Why the fuck you even argue? it's obvious you a guy who's at the receiving end in shooter games

>randomly generated loot
>takes skill

so 1v1 only counts if scout has the advantage?

truth is scout doesn't counter anyone, it just his speed and small hitbox that allows him to flank and rape unexpected enemies

false, scout objectively fucks demoman if both palyers are around the same skill

scout gets raped by a competent engi and a good sniper.
Noob engis are easy pickings, and being competent isn't enough for a sniper to kill scout mains.

How can you manage to kill 20 people and not get jacked to the tits in the process?
Sure it does happen but it's so rare. Yes there is certain amount of luck involved, but if anyone claims that battle royale is just luck then obviousy they suck nigger dick at the game, you just have to look at eceleb streamers who manage 30%+ win ratio

also lets not act as if other games don't include some degree of luck, you can for example as ct get fucked at dust2 within 5 seconds of round starting

Scout did win though

Crit melee is probably the best crit you can get
>uppercut scunt as he’s jumping and he does a double 360 somersault and bounces off a rail

Fun fact; strfags vs dexfags is an argument so old it literally predates Christ. During Gladiatorial battles in Rome, having unique situations and matchups was one of the best ways to draw a crowd, and one of the absolute favorite matchups was pairing a smaller but lithe fighter against a giant muscly fighter, with people endlessly taking bets on which was the superior trait.

2000 years later, literally nothing has changed.

Which one usually won?

>Noob engis are easy pickings, and being competent isn't enough for a sniper to kill scout mains.
Yea lets compare people that are on much lower skill level than a scout to determinate if other classes are a good counter.
Good engi will never overextend to the point where sentry or his team doesn't protect him from flanker
Good sniper will know how to position himself so that you can't even get to him and all your jumping means jack shit if he can just body shot you with a full charge
nigger gets dominated by a white man, based

scout is based

>Yea lets compare people that are on much lower skill level than a scout to determinate if other classes are a good counter.
Noob Pyro always dominates your average Scout.
Mostly true for Heavy as well.

As far as I remember from the textbooks that may be outdated by this point, the few records we do have point to it being a pretty even 50/50 split with no decisive verdict on which was better. Thus the 2000 year old argument still ongoing.

only is the US
in my country it's legal to fuck 16 year olds, as it should be

>get 15 kills
>doesn't matter because you werent the last man standing
What's the point?

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Sounds like bullshit to me.
There are weight classes in fighting leagues for a reason.
And it's not to help the bigger guy


16 is literally legal in the majority of US states as well, the 18-meme is pushed because of the like 14-15 states that have it as their law, one of them is California, through which most of America's media flows. Meaning if you are making a movie, TV show or any kind of nationwide broadcast, you have to go by Californian law, and they refuse to air anything in which 18 is not the age of consent regardless of which state said show is supposed to be set in.

America is fucking weird.

A good pyro the odds are 50/50 with flares but that relies on both classes being close up. But yeah engie beats scout, and a direct hit soldier with good aim(rare) wins.

>has to be successful multiple times to succeed
>has to be successful once
Even when the odds are against power, it's still multiple checks that need to be made for speed to succed. It's a numbers game, and every additional check is an additional opportunity for power to succeed and win.
That is why I always play the biggest, hardest-hitting charaters in games.

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scout can rape pyro with a pistol without even getting into toast range, if yo uthink about it, pyro is raped by almost every class

Heavy requires insane tracking skill to defeat scout consitantly, something which noob heavy lacks. Sure if scout is retarded and is going to only run circles around heavy, but good scout will utilize all degrees of movement

Not that dude, but considering theres the added difference of being a gladitorial battle to the death where almost anything goes isn't the same as modern day boxing.

>is the most skill based class in the game
turn down mouse sensitivity all the way
double jump all the time
meatshot everything
how is this hard

>watch a dexfag roll in the dirt of the coliseum for like 5 hours while strfag tries to hit him
sounds awful

Weapons tend to negate strength advantages. That being said muscles doesn't really slow people down either.
Captch: PVPPW

Average scout doesn't know either of those things.
Point is you need a higher skill level to beat a heavy/pyro as scout, than to beat a scout as pyro/heavy.

>comparing wrestling where you only have your bare hands to something like "Lets put a chonky negro fighter into a ring with a giant 2-handed mace vs a smaller roman with a gladius and shield"
What weapons you're allowed to use also plays a huge role in your fighting, and weapons in general would vastly change the playing field. A small guy managing to dodge your grapple in wrestling only to hit you with a weak punch to the gut doesn't really matter. A small guy dodging your wide swing only to hit you with two quick stabs of a knife in the gut is a bit different. This ain't yer dad's MMA.

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>people don't remember that time Heavy punched out all Scout's blood

>to the death
This is a meme, many gladiators actually had careers as gladiators and even retired. Not all romans liked to see death in the ring but everyone wanted to see some enjoyable battle, so not all battles were to death. Some were for sure though.

Theres a billion vids out there with jui jitsu guys choking out bigger guys, striking is where the muscle difference really hits.
All of this is irrelevant though since gladiatoral combat is faked like WWE.

*milks you*
what now big boy

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I fucking hate valve's design philosophy on random crits, i don't know how the fuck any player can get behind this.
One funny thing about it though, is how noobs thinks it levels out the playing field for them, where in reality more skilled players benefit from it more since crit chance correlates to how well you do in a match

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Because I kept getting 15-20 kills a match and also dying right away in the beginning of a match. It stopped being fun and started to feel like a coin flip between a rolling start and having my skull crushed underneath all my mediocre items. I don’t think Battle Royale is fun to play, it’s fun to watch (I assume, it’s probably tense to watch but I’ve never used twitch besides to support my friends incredibly small channels) but I genuinely just don’t want to walk all over the fucking map to find people that’ll either be a pushover or a actual fight because they also had a coin flip

t. somebody i slapped with a fish and instakilled


>he's never felt the sheer pleasure of arguing that random crits benefit better players and are worse for new players, to have people call you bad for that, then pub stomp as soldier, top score and on the last point kill 4 people as they try to leave spawn with a crocket
They deserve pain.

This can be explained very easily. The scout just happen to take full advantage of heavy who foolishly made a taunt with the sandwich.

It’s fun

I love how 2 medics can beat an infinite amount of heavies

I can't get enough of critting maldiers with my frying pan

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Or opportunists wait to the end.

Or you know, the luck of who sees who first depending on when you MUST move.

God, in pubg alone, just not being able to find a vehicle often resulted in death, I never fought anyone, I was just running as hard as I could to keep up with the zone. Granted I only played a few matches, not enough to learn spawns. But just less combat than a running and looting simulator.

Nothing beats that feeling of pub stomping, getting 4 kills in quick succession, then being caught over extended and using your last rocket/pill/shot and blowing that last sucker into next week.
Feels SO good.
Too bad a majority of the time my killstreaks are ended due to random crits.

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Random crits have given me moments that made the game worth playing.

I once got a revenge on a scout that was dominating our team. I went Medic to support our team, and it was a rare time I wasn't frustrated with my team's gameplay. Still the scout was dominating me and nobody I healed could kill him.

I blindly shot a crit crusader bolt and he JUMPED in front of it and I got my revenge. It was a sweet moment to savor. It felt like fate, like some higher force in the universe had made this happen. Don't take those from me.

>Too bad a majority of the time my killstreaks are ended due to random crits.

Ah, but what about those times you launch a crit pill that puts +4 on your killstreak in one glorious simultaneous instant.

kek to add on top of this, as a medic main cuck, i will specifically only kritz the top fragger and watch as the server depopulates.

I will support random crits.
I will target friendlies.
I will not leave spawn without a pocket medic.

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