Should publishers listen to the devs?

Should publishers listen to the devs?

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The game already sold like shit with a white protagonist just fucking image the absolute lost with a nigger protagonist

No one wanted a shitty dark souls version of star wars jedi knight.
LITTERALLY NOBODY would want to play it if you played as a niggress

I would love to play as hot niggress with big tits and ass + nice tight outfit (like Bastilla from kotor) but we know they would make an ugly sheboon with afro or shit like that.

>dark souls
It's fucking inspired on Sekiro, dumbass. And it was an excellent idea because the parry and mikiri counter system were perfect for lightsaber combat


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EA didn't want anything to do with the game, their hand was forced by Disney ripping them a new asshole cause of how shit the previous star wars multiplayer games were received.

>game developers aren't leftist, it's the corporations that are! WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING CORPORATIONS, THEY'RE EVIL!
>game devs turn out to actually be leftist, the corporations rein them in to be a little bit less leftist
>oh... well actually giant corporations are based
Why is Yea Forums so predictable?


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Wtf are you on about? Souls fags include sekiro as one of their own games.

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bet half the comments were reasonable or at least specified why they prefer the current protag but reddit is so fucking SJW theyre terrified of being called racist/sexist. they lock anything thats even close to the subject

>pozed dev want cancerous diversity
>jewish corpo says no
what the fuck you guys told me jews were behind tannies you lied to me again

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black women are approximately 6% of the population in the states. how many of those women play video games and how many of them actually care about there being a black woman on the cover?



she were shot down?
order 66 or Baltimore?

Jews still want to make money, the goyim are simply too brainwashed to understand.


This article literally made me order a copy of the game.

I hadn't played Sekiro yet, but overall I have no clue where dark souls aspect comes from. For me a vast majority of the levels felt like some metroidvania, in a good way.

Ah, shame. I probably would've bought the game if the black girl was cute or hot. You couldn't pay me to play as a ginger anglo.

Who are you quoting

Ok tranny.

I already know that instead of an interesting character she would have been sassy afro negress #56778855

I can pay my rent if you want.

Who cares about any of that? We're trying to tear down walls and shake up established patriarchal heteronormative values. This is social progress, not some corporate funded piece of entertainment meant for mass appeal.

i know. i feel sorry for any minority who happens to get their dream job only for them to realize it wasn't on their own merits

It's not like a faggot ginger is much better. God those devs are faggots.

Kek, merit based hiring and promotions is an innocent dream for kids.

>staff originally wanted the protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to be Black, or a woman
Yeah, either one, they don't care which. Pisses me off. If you want to make a black or female protag, do it because that's how you envisioned the game, not because its a transparently interchangeable source of good boy points.

yeah. i just hope that they don't take it personally and do the best they can at their job instead of being made bitter by it

wtf. are you some old person? people dont give a shit about that. they just want to get a paycheck to pay for rent

They literally get paid by jews to do it. They don't give a fuck about quality.

Their primitive brain wouldnt notice.

>still made a lightbulb-headed bug-eyed niggress humble darth vader
this game would have been an absolute dumpster fire if they had full control

this is white person cope. minorities dont give a shit and will gladly take a higher paying job just because of diversity hiring. real life isnt some show made by NBC, minorities will gladly fuck over white people for money

that mindset only takes hold once the optimistic, naive one is burned out

those 80s movies really did a number on you. top fucking kek. keep living in a false reality thinking minorities think that way at all. because they dont.

in this case

Kill yourself nigger lover

i am grad student who teaches a few classes. i am aware of how the youth thinks

good joke.

If she was hot I would accept it.

You don't belong here.

i know. i regret going for it but the money is already spent


You belong in the jungle.

I can't wait for hitler 2. It's going to be a great game.

there is something you might have forgetten after all these years and the degradation of your human brain, but young people bs and lie to authority figures to look more likable to get more ahead in the game, but in the end when they dont have to bs all they want is to get ahead at any means for a paycheck

Western whites are going to do this even when they are 5% of the population (and still the creators of everything)

niggers are gross and nigger women could never be written anything other than hyper active spergy wyamen that need no man.
i hope they do put one out just so we can watch it bomb while they have to pump even more money into it saying it "did okay" only to find out years later it was a huge failure while everyone is now out of a job.

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zoomers these days don't have the ambition to be like that. at least the ones in my field. most of them are there because their parents told them that college is the norm

the only ones with drive are athletes

Sekiro came out eight months earlier, they did not make an entire game in that time, dumbass.

Schizo faggot

But the director said otherwise?

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It's very obvious they revamped the combat system to be more like Sekiro.

>Non-human Hero
A nigger

racist losers will always be a vocal minority

>racist losers will always be a vocal minority
I thought minorities were vocal minorities?

Just add a character creator and shut up. No fable devs either.