It's interesting how some countries print their character into the games they produce...

It's interesting how some countries print their character into the games they produce. Sweden releases corporative soulless cashgrabs, France has a soft point for art direction and hot girls, Spain pops a timeless classic once in a blue moon, Germany as the epitome of autism, USA portraying their love for guns...
Even in a globalized industry like this, you can still notice from where a vidya came from

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>Brazil and Mexico
>Not USA
wow, that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen

gonna need an explanation for that one

>Mexico and Brazil
The Jews dropped the ball for this one. How can anyone believe this?

does this mean its ok to be racist now? i mean, you're not going to tell poc they're not allowed to write slurs are you?

Hey now, Sweden produces quality strategy autism simulators, don't get it twisted just because Dice sucks ass.

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>he doesn't know

Never had a geography class?

We don't talk about the square.

Mu master race reporting in.

>DICE Sweden and Paradox's offices aren't even 10min away from each other

the point is 70% of white supremacists are just shitposters larping for replies

You know too much now...

old pal cthulu and the fish people, don't worry about it user

Dice is handing over Battlefield to their US offices anyway, the Swedish branch is a fucking lost cause.

one look at your average /pol/ meetup is enough to confirm this study as being true

Apparently because of articles saying mexican americans hating nigs. But why is Mexico highlighted and not the USA?

Stop noticing things.

How? We’re too retarded to even make a proper sentence.

It's probably based on things like slur usage. Brazil+ India + Mexico = 1.6 billion people. China was likely not included because the researchers don't know how to handle their internet, and Africa is so poor they are barely connected. So any "science" done on this based on some algorithm counting something is retarded.

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Germany makes absolutely master race games like Gothic or Tibia

>No navegando por la güéb
Nunca Lo Conseguirás

You say america loves black people too much, now suddenly it's a nazi paradise?

Make up your mind.

Brazilian here and we do hate niggers, however niggers hate niggers too and even more than the normal people do.

Streetshitters are the original aryans, they have more white dna than everyone in Mexico combined

Can confirm, GF is Indian and she hates niggers.

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Holy shit. She REALLLY hates black people.

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both are correct
those indian clubs smell something fierce

Pretty sure most pol folks are self hating brown folks

More like

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Don’t ask about it or they will come.

I mean if they are retarded and they probably are they consider negro a slur, and that is a color on spanish and portuguese

Well, it's not bullshit, I DO hate most minorities and kikes. Although I feel it's more just pure hatred for degenerates rather than the idea of whites being superior.

If anything I'm surprised that something posted on Twitter is accurate, I guess this is the power of Daddy Elon.

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>tries to criticize racism
>engages in racism himself
Libs are retarded beyond words.

There's a perfectly square island in the atlantic?
And there's white supremacists there?

>Extensive analysis
>source: I saw it in a dream
Very professional.

Tenemos que asegurar la existencia de nuestra gente y un futuro para la niñez blanca


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But you’re a minority if you’re from any of those countries

Let me guess its about using slurs against niggers and maybe other races. I always love how everyone thinks its just whiteoids who hate niggers even though at this point they tolerate them the most and some even worship nigs lol.

It's well known that indians hate niggas. Gandhi started his entire free India thing because someone in london confused him with a nigga and told him to sit on the back of the bus. That's how deep their hatred runs. On the flip side they love white people so much loreal sells a special cream only to them so that they can lighten their skin.

Oh for fuck sake.

Yeah, the ones I hate the most are my own. You wouldn't understand, meeting a couple shitskins even somewhere infested by them like commiefornia is NOTHING compared to having to share an entire country with violent, legitimately braindead niggers.

lo que stockholm syndrome le hace a un cabron


let me guess the retard is taking american slurs and consireding those words without even tranlating them, thats why mexico and brazil are there because that's literally a color. Probably the same for india but they have a much bigger population out of anything that speaks english so the data is fucked from the start

>Gandhi started his entire free India thing because someone in london confused him with a nigga and told him to sit on the back of the bus. That's how deep their hatred runs
What's the logic here?

Is there anyone who even likes niggers. Even niggers hates other niggers.


Based India

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What is that country in south eastern asia?

japan idiot

>Eat a small amount of Indian food
>Go work out
>Suddenly I realize why places with loads of Indians smell the way they do
It gets into your sweat, anons

>What's the logic here?
It's india, there is none. They all have this weird superiority complex while exhibiting bizarre behaviors only seen from inferior beings, both at the same time.
>See: Street shitting

philipines, country with a shitload of people

आधारित और लाल गोली

Damn why are the japs nazis

Holy fucking shit, Yea Forums completely disproves this and 50% of Yea Forums are Americans. If the US was highlighted I'd put credance on it.

If anything, Atlantis would be Canary Islands. Read a proper book about the subject.


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oh no they got him