Japan's Favorite Nintendo Game Series Ranking

34,149 votes

1.Pokémon - 6610
2.The Legend of Zelda - 5005
3.Kirby - 4561
4.Splatoon - 2784
5.Animal Crossing - 2535
6.Fire Emblem - 2529
7.Super Mario - 2282
8.Xenoblade Chronicles - 1563
9.Super Smash Bros - 1460
10.Earthbound - 1221
11.Pikmin - 560
12.Rhythm Heaven - 545
13.Metroid - 466
14.Daigasso! Band Brothers - 271
15.Star Fox - 263
16.The Legendary Starfy - 243
17.Donkey Kong - 238
18.Custom Robo - 175
19.F-ZERO - 162
20.Luigi's Mansion - 134
21.Advance Wars - 87
Others - 455

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>Starfy is liked better than Donkey Kong

>zelda number 2
well that's a fucking lie

Pleasantly surprised Metroid is that high. You've made me happy today, Japan.

Only really shocking result here is Super Mario that low

>12.Rhythm Heaven - 545
>14.Daigasso! Band Brothers - 271 (Isn't that Elite Beat Agents?)
The only interesting takeaways from this list.
>16.The Legendary Starfy - 243
>18.Custom Robo - 175

What could be in the others category if something like Custom Robo makes the cut.

>Luigi's Mansion below F-ZERO

>Wario isn’t even there
No wonder his series is dead

>13.Metroid - 466
Not top ten, but still respectable. I'll take it.

Right? Metroid has always been a very western series both in fanbase and style.

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I'm actually shocked.

It is probably because of BOTW, the game won that "best game of all time" poll with over 50k people.

>star fox above donkey kong and luigi's mansion

It's ok Star Fox bros, we're gonna make it

yeah I know nips love botw but it seems weird to have the entire series so high when they didn't give a shit about it for the longest time

Probably entirely off of Dread (and maybe a few ZSS coomers)

It's amazing how ZSS and Smash made the Nips care about Metroid.
Half of the fanbase is probably made of coomers at this point but, fuck man, when you realise that Dread sold over 3.9 millions copies in less than a year, i'd say it was worth it.

Just like how Star Fox is above Donkey Kong solely because of fury pandering, despite Star Fox not getting a single good game since Star Fox 64, while DK is one of the best 2D platformer of all time.

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Even Advance Wars is above it, a series that is beyond cursed with releases over there.

This list is awful

It's because it's a staple. You probably buy more apples than almost any other food, but would you call apples your favorite food?

>kirby 3
Ok. That's based.

all this tells me is that they better be making a new Rhythm Heaven

Wrong, that's what killed the series, Japs care about Metroid now because Dread was good and it has the least amount of Zero Suit in the post-Fusion/Prime 1 series.

>You probably buy more apples than almost any other food

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>Fire Emblem that high

>Custom Robo and F-Zero are on the list
I know that it's probably by default since nobody is gonna vote for things like Dillon, Chibi-Robo or Famicom Detective Club but that's still neat.

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>Kirby Third
All is well, bros.

>Donkey kong that low
Japan is racist

>Japs care about Metroid now because Dread was good
I doubt it.
Japs never cared about Metroid, even when ZSS didn't exited. The prime Trilogy, Super, Fusion and Zero mission all sold baddly there, despite being really good games.

Metroid is selling because sex sells. Just like how Xenoblade exist since 2010's on the wii, but it only recently made it in the top 10, because Xenoblade 2 is full of cooming material, while Xenoblade 1 had way less fan-service.

There is barely any Zero Suit in Dread so your argument falls apart.

>8.Xenoblade Chronicles - 1563
Winning. It's more impressive when you realize the people who got asked for this survey are total casuals. Thanks Rex, Pyra, and all you guys.

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>while Xenoblade 1 had way less fan-service.
Not true. It had way more. You just didn't notice it because you were a little kid back then and the resolution of the Wii game was 480p.

I'm American. I don't eat fruit.

It is actually. Good fiber, nice quick caloric boost, and perfectly portable. The first bite of a good apple is so good that the most popular book in history describes it as an unresistable sin.

>Metroid doesn't sell well in Japan
>Smash adds ZSS in its roster
>Suddenly Japan likes Metroid and Dread, aka, the first big 2D Metroid game to come out, sells more than any other entries in the series.

I think the fact that half of the fanarts of Metroid Dread you can find on Gelboruu/Danboruu are about ZSS despite the fact that it does not appears in this game is a good validation of my argument.

>(Isn't that Elite Beat Agents?)
No, that's Ouendan.

Congratulations; people like you voted for Super Mario.

Not that user but they would've bought Other M and Fed Force if they liked ZSS in Smash since she's been there since Brawl.

>The first bite of a good apple is so good that the most popular book in history describes it as an unresistable sin.
Actually it’s more likely that the forbidden fruit was supposed to be a fig since they pop up a lot in the bible and the clothing God made for Adam & Eve was made out of fig leaves. It’s that or grapes.

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How the fuck Metroid at the Top 15???
Holy shit, i wonder if nips are asking for Raven Beak for next Smash.

You have never played Xenoblade 1 if you think there wasn't any fan service
Even X had fanservice despite the butchering NoA did

I think a better comparison would be white bread lol.


Hottest blade in the game.


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First, give her a long shower.

>Advance Wars is higher than Wario

wut. Also goddamn, Japan must really love BotW.

>everyone wants to be in super smash bros
>nobody actually likes super smash bros
Really makes me think

>record sales after going 3D
>beating Splatoon and Animal Crossing in a Japanese popularity contest
He's unstoppable.

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They do, we wouldn't get a sequel otherwise.

>8.Xenoblade Chronicles - 1563

Nice. Looks like Japan is really feeling it.

>all that talk about Mario being supposedly low
>it's 7th
that's not low

Man I just want a new Star Fox game...
Star Fox has had good games since SF64, but f\go off I guess

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>8.Xenoblade Chronicles


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>no mole mania
>no kung fu

surprised Advance Wars was remembered

Honestly I'm really surprised that Zelda beat both Kirby and Splatoon.

Daigasso Band Brothers is the music creation game series they did for DS and 3DS, the second (I believe) was released in Europe as Jam with the Band, and Barbara from it was an assist trophy in Smash Bros Brawl.
Also the JANPU girl costume from Mario Maker is a character from the 3DS Band Brothers game.

Dread sold 2.9, not 3.9

>the top 10 are the shit ones
>11-21 are the actually good ones

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How would Miyamoto feel about Star Fox and F-Zero being so low?

>10.Earthbound - 1221

wtf that shit had 3 games like 30 years ago

>it seems weird to have the entire series so high when they didn't give a shit about it for the longest time
Trends, my dude.

And people wonder why F-Zero is dead - let's be honest, outside of Captain Falcon no one actually gives a fuck about the game or any of the other characters

13 is a terrible position for a series as wanked as Metroid.
You coomers unironically claim Super Metroid is a Top 10 game of all time.