What was your first Star Wars video game and what is your favorite?

What was your first Star Wars video game and what is your favorite?

>Super The Empire Strikes Back: SNES
>Revenge of the Sith + Jedi Outcast

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>super star wars

don't remember
kotor 2

Complete saga on the DS was most likely my first, pic is my favorite

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>The game boy port of the ANH nes game
>Jedi Outcast
Also is the episode 3 game BC on xbox?

kotorniggers get the ROPE

cope I guess

>Also is the episode 3 game BC on xbox?
It is, got added with the final wave of BC games.

Star Wars Racer
Jedi Academy

Enjoy SWTOR instead. your copium fuels me.

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Dark Forces or Tie Fighter
I can't chose: KOTOR / JK II

Pirated TIE Fighter

Don't really have one

Dark Forces 1 is the only good piece of Star Wars media ever made

Not canon.

Kotor on the original Xbox. I would say super star wars on Gameboy but I can't remember if I really had that or not

>Drew K

Yoda Stories
Either Galactic Battlegrounds or original Battlefront 2, cant decide

The Phantom Menace on PS1
Galactic Battlegrounds

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My first would be Lego Star Wars II

My personal favourite is a split between Jedi Academy and Revenge of the Sith for XB

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TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter

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Forgot to say I have no favorite star wars game because I was more of a star trek kid in the 90s but if I had to pick it'd be kotor. It's the only one I revisit occasionally aside from battlefront on ps2 when I have friends over because my disc is scuffed and the sound effects play slow and long and it's hilarious

Drew K is a hack.

unironically a fun game even if it's just a re-skinned wow with bioware dialogue

Still canon

Return of the Jedi for gameboy.
Clone Wars for GC/PS2/Xbox

It was either Gameboy Star Wars or the PC version of Phantom Menace
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

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Nah, it's shit so it's non-canon.

Tried that recently. Is it meant to be tough as fuck or am I just terrible? I mean, it's pretty fun but it's also kicking my ass.

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Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
1º Battlefront 2 (2005)
2º Revenge of the Sith
3º Jedi Knight Academy

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Hard to recall, but probably Tie Fighter back in the 90s.
Kotor2 or Jedi Academy

>What was your first Star Wars video game
Pod Racer. It's alright.
>what is your favorite?
Dark Forces 2. Jedi Outcast sits in second place, probably.

Lego Star Wars 2
Lego Star Wars TCS

The Zoomer Unleashed.

I got an itch for some old repuic stuff and re-downloaded it. apparently a character can pick a story and then just choose whatever combat style they want now, shit isnt locked to the specific choice anymore.
I mean its still reskinned wow that hasnt changed.

>Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

First and my favorite

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Original Trilogy Lego one
You posted it

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29. I played pic related at a wealthy friend's house in 2001 and fell in love with it, he then gave it to me as a hand-me-down. It's still my favorite game of all time, I think. Either that or Jedi Outcast.

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Dark Forces is great. It's sort of a shame the series got distracted by the Jedi stuff (even though my favorite SW game is Dark Forces II). The JK games, as good as they can be, feel a little confused. Especially Outcast and Academy.

classic menu theme, I would leave it on there for a while

Lego star wars :)
Lego star wars :)

The only way this game could have been any more perfect would be if it had the soundtrack from the movie

Super Star Wars
Jedi Academy

Is there any way to play this KINO (revenge of the sith) on PC? I havent thought about since playing it as a kid but I now feel a desire to replay it again

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>Apprentice of the Force on the GBA
>Wii version
dueling against your friends was fun

>Is it meant to be tough as fuck or am I just terrible?
It's hard, I remember the boss fights mostly Dooku and Windu being very hard, it was also a lot of fun
the duel mode was fun with a friend, it also had a co-op mode, I liked it, too bad it had like four levels and lasted barely 30 mins, the only major con of the game

Super Star Wars
Republic Commando

>What was your first Star Wars video game and what is your favorite?
Tie Fighter and Tie Fighter.

what sucks it's not on the PS Store as a PS2 classic

Super Empire Strikes back is a timeless classic.
I still remember finally learning how to cheese darth vader by sliding under him.

>Dark Forces II
I played through this recently and it really doesn't hold up. At least not nearly as well as it's immediate predecessor or successors. It's another one of my early favorites as well, so it's not like I'm coming into it for the first time, practically know it inside and out. Graphic are terrible, they're from that intermediate period when games were going full 3D so everything looks rough and N64-like. Combat is bizarre and broken, you get a power halfway through that basically cheeses the rest of the game. It still has it's positives, though I can't tell if I'm only seeing them due to nostalgia.

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Battlefront 2 2005
Battlefront 2 2005

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>something on the Amiga, Empire Strikes Back maybe
>KOTOR 2, without mods it would be KOTOR though
That's a complement. Try reading his Baldur's Gate book.

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its better than kotor 2
so more canon

I've also played it recently, and disagree. In a lot of critical ways it blows Outcast and Academy the fuck out.

How so? I found it a chore to get through a couple weeks back. Cutscenes are unintentionally comedic and well done, there's nothing particularly *bad* about the game. In retrospect, it was one of the first proto-sandbox games I think I ever played, which now makes the untold hours I spent just using the 'fly' cheat and exploring every inch of the map make more sense. The maps were huge for the time.

First was Yoda Stories, and it was my first vidya ever. I will fistfight to death anyone who dares to talk shit about it. My favourite is probably KotOR 2, even though X-Wing Alliance has a soft spot in my heart too.

Kotor 2. No other game quite captures the eerie, foreboding, and lonely atmosphere quite like it does.

>What was your first Star Wars video game
Jedi Power Battles, I think.

Indeed it was, my friend launched a wii remote into my wall out of anger over this game

I felt bad so I'll give you a reply

What an amazing game

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