I don’t know who is losing anymore

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“Content creators” are perpetual losers

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Addons did nothing wrong. DBM made WoW better.

"muh QoL mods"
Xeno was literally using cactbot to prog DSR. these streamers are so depsreate to change the narrative to make it all about the QoL mods is a desperate act to avoid bans and ridicule.

I don’t know who that is but he sounds like a faggot. And not in the good way

>xiv is unraveling in real time
thank you wowfugees, very cool

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2013 - 2015 was peak xiv
the story's better but man is everything else soulless now

t. scholar main

I didn't expect Baldy to go all weird on us. A lot of people willing to die on a hill when there's a very simple way to avoid all the bans. Wanna stream? Turn em off.
DBM did make WoW better, so did Power Auras Classic. Current day weakauras on the other hand, that can go fuck itself.

Why can't westerners follow a simple rule?

>Implying that getting rid of these faggots is somehow a loss.
Get real.

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There was no cheese outside the maze, and the rats, they were not happy.

I don’t get why Yea Forums hate this guys. His streams are entretaining and he likes the game

first ban was a jap idiot

>tabbed out of game
>click back in, accidentally selecting somebody's character in the process
>they get notified since they have PeepingTom installed
>now they think I'm interested in looking at their gay fucking character when it was just an honest tab-in mistake


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Where can i watch Pyro's meltie? Dude is copyright claiming everything.

>His streams are entretaining

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>actually watching streamers

gb2 reddit

I don't use plugins but seeing this one exists is creepy as fuck. What a bunch of fucking nerds.

Many got banned before.It's not japs doing a stinky over the rules

user you're such a flaming faggot holy shit

>tabbed out of game
enjoy your ban for cheating

he chimped out against his entire stream just because some guy had a take he didn't agree with

then attempted to save face with the mental illness card this morning after realizing how much he fucked up

You are a shit player if you rely on addons

Reply to this post if you had never used any kind of mods and you clear every savage with no problems at all

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Fuck streamers and "content" creators and fuck niggers like pic related.

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XIV doesn't need them
They need XIV

>His streams are entretaining
It's false.

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>Mental illness card


Only this little one.

I've never seen a community dickride as much as they do to Yoshi and Square. What causes this? You can't criticize without people losing their shit or playing the rule boy at school who tattles. Those kids got the shit kicked out of them in my school.

I would reply if it wasn't because I do Savage on PF and I find a lot of problems that need to unsubscribe from my game

>Chimping out when someone said the PS5 is more powerful than most PCs

>rages so hard at some simple math that he almost cancels himself from twitch

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This sadly. ShB and EW were awesome stories, but the classes being homogenized is slowly killing it, amongst other things (all .01% of the tranny base being listened to certainly isnt helping.)


Where do I find this mod

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Watching people say they don't give a fuck or care while their voice cracks with anxiety and sadness is always interesting. Trying to be tough guys.

disregard baby noise, he copystruck the other ones

I didnt know who this dude was till he came to FFXIV. He's a s0-1 boy faggot who over reacts to everything and reads in a stupid voice.

>with no problems at all
No mods here. Savage raider. Sometimes you may have it easy, but not every time. The struggle is part of the adventure.

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Just say onions

Meanwhile norf chad likes the game, built a good community and FC and is now playing other FF games, securing his numbers.

Anyone have the stream or clips about this?? I want to see the meltdown

>"Hopefully this guy better not come to fanfest!"
Do people really give a shit if someone they don't like attends a con? What are they going to do? Cry? Bitches


>Youpull Youtank
Why would people do this after the aggro changes unless it something like Aurum Vale 1st room or Mt Gulg?

I wish happy got banned.

>try watching his stream
>he runs ads everytime something big is happening in the story to try and farm subs

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In my country, we call them content defecators. Or just attention whores.


here's one

Most will end up homeless when the craze dies. Being a twitch streamer isn't work experience and will not excuse the huge employment gap.

>play 90% SAM since 4.0
>come back for 6.1
>class gutted

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eternally based construct 7

Hopefully it's reverted in 6.2

Is targeting someone considered bad? When I'm bored I like to walk around Limsa Lominsa in first-person view looking at people straight in the eyes. My character is very boring so I enjoy seeing all the cool characters people have come up with and now I'm worried I've been giving improper signals

I used maphack on Diablo 2 and got banned. I was 12. I didn't maphack again.

These niggas are brainlets and less mature than me at 12.

In this case its justified. For fucking years Yoshi and crew told everyone plugins were against ToS while winking and saying that if they cant see them they cant get you.

Then all these Wowfugee faggots rolled in and started openly streaming with plugins on stream, betraying the leinence Yoshi afforded us and then the streamers are acting like victims.

Fuck streamers and fuck anyone who couldnt fucking follow a simple "dont show dont tell" command

Fuck, how?

That's a temporary wowfugee who acted like he was doing blind savage, when he was in fact, looking up every fight, and kept lying to his viewers about it

Based Xenos, XIVtrannies seething like crazy. Mass report my cock inside your asshole cuck shitters. Also WoW: > FFXIV after this debacle, PEACE!

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The game has huge glaring flaws that the developers refuse to address and the homogenization has not helped whatsoever. PvP was the best update in ages because every class actually has a fucking fantasy to fulfill finally. MCH in PvP is the most fun Machinist has been since Heavensward, unless you're into APM, I guess.
The gear system is beyond boring, it's functionally irrelevant. The game would be better served by horizontal progression, instead of the massive amounts of linear progression you have to the point of being uninteresting.
Content in general is uninteresting and beyond simplistic; Stormblood was the peak of fight design, but Heavensward remains the peak of class design. Positionals are so pointless nowadays they should honestly be removed. Every class needs a massive rework to break free from the constraints of the previous system, but the dev team doesn't seem to have any ideas beyond 'QoL to dumb it down' to actually increase the depth in any way.
The 'play when you want' mentality has resulted in a game that keeps getting shallower, and is only really interesting in high end. If 7.0 isn't a massive shake-up there might be a revolt.

Just do whatever you want. Own it even. Who cares. I like /sulk'ing on Lalas since its basically kicking their ugly little midget bodies.

Its literally only reddit, hardcore plugin users (ones who use plugins that make the game easier like Cactibot), and twitch streamers and their orbiters who are chimping out. Best part is the game would be better off without any of them so sayonara


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Nah. They’ll change it so you need 75 kenki instead of 50 for midare etc.

It isn't unless you are actually stalking them.

Yes it's proper etiquette to not look at anyone, try staring at random people on the Subway trains irl and see if you make it through the day without an altercation.

Thing is people used plugins to bully. Like calling players out for not doing enough dps. It's a shitty thing to do in an mmo in casual content.

God I hope so

there is nothing wrong with clientside ff14 mods

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People like this often start getting cocky offline until somebody gives them the rudest awakening of their life.

Ive literally never seen it and i do all ex and savage in PF. Even if it happens who cares report the guy and he is gone cause they take that shit seriously.

It stops hurting after the second expac in a row.

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He's entertaining when he is just playing the game, but Pyro spends too much time arguing with his chat over petty shit that it becomes insufferable. "Agree to disagree" is literally not in his vocabulary for some reason that he takes everything as a personal attack on him

In 6.2 they'll remove kenki altogether

my friend playing a big male roe got jailed by a GM after spam laughing at some catgirl in limsa. He convinced the GM that since his emotes weren't appearing in chat he did nothing wrong and was actually let go, no warning or anything.

Why does this video leave out all of the mechanics they spent dozens of hours reviewing vods trying to figure out?

>wastes time taking notes and putting ads during big cutscenes
>claims that he takes the notes so that it will be useful later on when he needs to pinpoint exact sentences for lore debates
>at the end of EW, decides to auction his notes, proving that he wasted time just for money
Lmao fuck him

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I've pfed every tier since SB and I've never seen that happen. I've seen casuals acting more toxic than anyone else.

>when the craze dies
user celebs will always be a thing, and in the case of twitch/streaming in particular i don't see the format just dying unless sudden and brutal societal collapse actually happens which a part of me hopes it does

>he likes the game

Any streamer who dedicates actual time segments to banning people, while talking/bragging about it is a complete faggot. Streamers are bad enough, but shit like this is next level faggotry.

unironically remove all gauges and positionals

Any addons outside packet editing to fix bad ping for East Coasters/cosmetic things are not required and if you use them fuck off back to WoW where you can download an entire encyclopedia of addons to play the game for you

i hate viera players so much it's unreal

You don't plugins to see healbots or someone not playing their job properly like a lv 90 songless bard which I had as a party member in Syrcus in earlier

Because even if everyone else was blind, max was not

Sorry bro the job is called HEALER, not DPS and HEAL. I heal.

>see sub/follower count fall off a cliff after unhinged outburst
>blame it on RSD/ADHD for free victim points
he's made a habit of doing it


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Because you autist, trust is something that takes ages to build up but only a moment to break. The obvious fake blind prog has made it impossible to truly know what part of his prog was truly blind and what he was doing for viewer/donation bait.
No one would normally care that he was looking up guides for savage, but he went out of his way to advertise "BLIND BTW"

Nobody does this because they know they'll get banned if they're reported.

him trying to pull the "I have ADD please excuse me" card is so disgusting too, he's trying so hard to get good points after his massive meltdown

>e-celeb faggotry

just when I thought these threads couldn't possibly get any worse

This mod maker. But this is only the trial version with 2-3 skills. The full version is paid and locked behind his twitter so you'll have to wait for someone to post it. His work is so good I dont really complain much about the few paid ones.

America is collapsing, it has no foundation, it's just such a big tower it'll take years to fall. We already cant feed our babies anymore, and gas is hitting record high. Have patience.

>Enjoy all your new QoL
I will. Thanks based retarded streamers who can't read a decade old TOS.

>max was not
Why? Because he managed to understand a mechanic that's impossible to understand? Because he solved mechanics slower than actual FF blind racers? I'm not seeing the connection between any of this shit.

Stop reporting streamers reddit doesn't like it.

Why do streamers like pyromancer seem so unstable bros?

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I have ADHD and I couldn't imagine being a streamer for this reason.

Fuck off max

Based 2ch/5ch user

brew what the fuck are you talking about lmao

What happened? Did some people coerce some famous streamer to install cool QoL mods without informing them of ToS? Good on them because that'd make controversy about what's out here and the devs would actually implement it. What were the mods anyway; are the devs adding them all? I love modding and hearing about QoL shit being put into the games officially.

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thing is you can easily be one, but you have to learn when to take breaks.
Him trying to basically say "sorry guys, I have ADHD so I get angry" is just insulting, and not an excuse

I wish I could report healers which just do nothing when no one needs heal

Why did no one get banned for parsley park? That shit was much worse than anything people that got banned used.