Grow up watching cartoons that have cute goth girls in them

>grow up watching cartoons that have cute goth girls in them
>can never find them in real life

why aren't more girls dressing up like this? they do realize that men actually like this right?

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They all become trannies now. Sorry, roll again in your next life habibi.

Women are more likely to go along with whatever is socially popular than men. Meaning any chick doing anything that isn't mainstream is also a lot more likely to be fucked in the head. It's not worth it user, trust me.

modern woman have no taste

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goth came and went in the '80s, zoomer.
the goths in your childhood cartoons were themselves nostalgia fapbait by artists who were perving on real goths in their childhoods before you were born.

goth girls eat the clams of brown tomboys

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I know some that dress like that still but they're all pro LGBTQIABRAAPXXX+++, more than women usually are

You're not going to the right places. They're a lot scarcer now, but go to the weird stores like the horror novelty shops, and they're still around.

Meeting a real one will ruin your image of goths forever.

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>"Hello fellow millennials"
Zoomers need to stay in their lane

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Only bigdad makes Gaz look good. With Dib big dick up her ass

WTF is that thing?

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any attempt at being goth or alt today just comes off as disingenuous. it was a product of its time.

Most things nowadays come off as disingenuous

this, crazy when Yea Forums has an ear to the ground and most young ppl dont


Now post the video where she gets the shit beat out of her

So Yea Forums
what are some good Invader Zim games?

>N-no I didn't hit the wall you phuacking zoom zooms

>modern woman have no taste
This. Every time I see a picture of a cute girl in striped socks, goth attire, chokers, etc, I always know to expect it to be a trap. For some reason, men are way better at dressing up as cute girls than actual girls do - it's so fucked up. When it comes to looking like a hot girl, women can't even do that right.

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if you want egirls to fuck you just wear this user

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Please post this if it exists

It's because guys/femboys put extra effort in to look feminine while modern women are comfortable being frumpy not putting effort in if they're gonna get everything they want either way. Because of this the lines blur.

if she's 25, she was born in 1997 or even in 1996, she is quite literally a millenial

Only if 96

>tfw no autistic cosplay gf

because in real life the vast majority of goth girls are dressing and styling themselves in a way designed to get people to leave them alone. They are not trying to look cute, they are trying to look unapproachable.

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1995 is the cut-off for being a millenial.

holy BASED

> grow up watching cartoons where quicksand was a constant threat
> there’s no quicksand anywhere in real life

>act like attention whore
>n-no actually I don't want attention

What? All goth girls i've talked to have been nice and social.

>people who adopt a countercultural lifestyle are also disproportionately more concerned with minority issues
you don't say

considering we're not even halfway through 2022, if she's 25 it means there's higher chances she was born in 96 than in 97

the cutoff is literally 1996, with 1998 being considered the cut off for the past 10 or so years(before it was moved back to 96 about 2 years ago)

she's 27

Because women are basically animals and children. Animals in the sense they can only follow the commands of someone above them, such as a man (they are unable to think for themselves) and children in the sense they are simply inferior to men in all regards. "An outsider free-thinking woman" is an oxymoron. Only a man would even consider becoming an actual goth.

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I agree with the sentiment. Fuck it. Dress however you want, it's your life. Doesn't mean other people can't or won't make fun of you but if you don't give a shit then go for it. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

if true, then she's born in 95 or even 94, proving even more than she's a millennial

I was always more into the punk look. Any girl rocking the Emo look was just a massive red flag that she had emotional issues up the ass and that probably argued with her parents on a daily basis. No fucking way would I ever want to deal with that shit.

Emo was the early 2000's version of danger hair.

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"live and let live" is the deathrattle of a worthless individual

I have a super fuckin hot goth GF with perfect tiddies and a super kissable tummy and toes. She just fell out of the sky to me and i still cant believe it.

It may happen to you to one day user, just get outside!

most of the guys in here claiming goth chicks that can't dress that well anymore have obviously not been to a college campus in the last few years. They're mostly mentally ill tho

>dress the way your 13 yer old self wouldve wanted to dress
Thank God I couldn't wait to be old enough to wear a blazer and not look ridiculous. Now I live the dream every day.

I saw two middle eastern goth girls today. I've never seen non-whites in goth before. It was.. interesting

The amount of incel cope in this post is amazing, so im to assume youre very well groomed individual? Keep your space tidy, brush and shower daily?

Stop shipping the mighty Irken race with disgusting human worms

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>so im to assume youre very well groomed individual? Keep your space tidy, brush and shower daily?
The fact that a woman or infirm man (whichever you are) thinks this isn't the norm, let alone difficult, speaks of your inherent nature as a retard.

>women can't even be bothered to pick up after themselves or shower every day anymore, let alone actually look nice
jesus christ

Yea Forums really needs to start shitting on normalfags like you again. "Incel" is just "virgin" for the next generation and it's only employed by hopeless offsite diaspora.

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No its quite literally the bottom line, a line which most indian basket weavers dont meet. Im proud of you user, maybe if you keep it up you wont die a kissless permavirgin!

Do you guys only leave the house to get groceries and work? If you go to bars/clubs/concerts and other social events you will see women dressed up like this.

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actually I don't have to leave the house for either anymore

human semen tastes sweet to Irkens

I don't drink or do drugs, so no

God I wish I had confidence

kek women are pointless wastes of space

i only leave the house to speak to my therapist, and pick up my hormones.

Yes I do, thanks for asking. Did the "frumpy" part hit too close to home?

if 95 is the cutoff, we'd have 30 year old zoomers in 4 years
thats retarded, 97/98 still makes the most sense
Then again, generation gaps with arbitrary cut off dates NEVER make sense

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I don't necessarily disagree with this for adults, but my 12 year old self probably would have wanted to dress like he'd tell other kids not to come to school the next day

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the vast majority of goth girls don't, that's the point.

I never said they weren't capable of being social, retard.

>Dated goth girl in high school
>Taught me how to play bass and how to get all the characters in Suikoden II
>Would sneak me her older brother's pot and we'd spend all day getting high, jamming out, and 69'ing on her rotten-ass dilapidated sofa
>Then at night we'd hit the street and chill out in front of the local brewery and pay a mutual friend to sneak us beer
God, I miss those days

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dated a goth girl once, was alright
very crazy tho
ive dressed up the current girl in my old concert tshirts and black clothes and she looks good in it

Goth girls are a fucking nightmare and will make you hate women more than you already do (it's always possible to hate them more). They have no ability to regulate their emotions and will do everything they can to sabotage the relationship, and the harder you try to make it work the more they fight against it. Find a nice normal girl who is willing to dress up like that for you instead.

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ye this was my experience
problem is then i moved to girls with other mental disorders and it gets worse somehow
why the fuck is everyone insane these days

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>why are cartoons aimed at kids and made by people 20 years older than them, filled with self inserts and fantasies they have?