Do you think you'll still be playing vidya in 10 years? 20? 50?

Do you think you'll still be playing vidya in 10 years? 20? 50?

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>playing vidya on a train
do europoors really?

That's an Arby's my dude

>on a train
Are you fucking blind?

I haven't played video games in over a year, fuck video games.

Why are you on Yea Forums - Video Games then?

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not him but porn

Till I'm six feet under

To complain about video games.

>played vidya since i was 2
>31 now and still play vidya
granted i dont spend as much time but i love vidya and would never abandon her

I'll be dead.

What fucking train has sauce dispensers?

Probably, don't have much else going on besides work, gym and videogames. Dont see that changing any time soon.

>going to Yea Forums - Video Games for porn instead of an actual porn site

>Arbys sauce dispensers


>Yea Forums
>Video Games

If I'm still alive? Hell yes, life is fucking boring outside video games the problem is that the faggots' making games now can't design a fun game to save their lives so I'll probably be playing the same games from the 90s and 00s for the next century unless we get a video game renaissance of creativity and design

If you play bideo gaem beyond age 10, you are a loser and a failure. kys

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With the state of the industry, I've been thinking about going outside recently. What should I do?

>5 years
>10 years
Probably not, unless it’s with kids
>20 years
See above
>50 years
Unless it’s with grandkids, no

Yes, yes and yes.
As long as good games keep coming out I WILL play them, even when I'm 80 and it hurts to move my fingers too hard.
Even if the industry goes to shit I can play the good ol' classics from the 2000's and the 2010's forever.

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>Still enjoy vidya but have other hobbies as well
>My other interests only help improve my appreciation for the art and technical skills that go into making my favorite games.

Might slow down on the action oriented stuff in the coming years. But I'll be playing comfy turn based strategy and sim games well into my oldman years.

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I watched this video. NPC's will automatically seethe at this image but if you actually listen to what he's saying, there's nothing really wrong with it. tl;dr, if you play games and aren't successful, it's very likely you're using it as a coping mechanism to escape "self improvement" and it provides you absolutely no value.
He misses on a lot of his points as well but the general idea is alright. Not that anyone should give a flying fuck what an influencer thinks that sells his services but most of my gaming buds is exactly what he's talking about. They achieved nothing in life and are dumping 10 hour play sessions into shit like Lost Ark and forgetting reality entirely.

go outside
you can always go back inside

Sometimes things come up that you don’t normally see. Saw a really nice lucy anal two nights ago that I couldn’t find on google

Yeah. My dad got me into video games in the 90s with Mech Warrior. We both still play games. He's in his 50s.

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The good ones

>go outside
>walk around the block
>only 30 minutes wasted
Now what do I do?

Bruh that's the first reply in every thread with this picture you fucking new fag

>try eating alone in a restaurant
>buying food going to some place with nice views and eat there
>go partying/drink if you aren't a girl unless you want to be raped
>go to the beach
>go to the forest/mountains
>go to the gym
pick one or all

yeah, in mothfucking hell fuck yeah metal!!!!!

So he's another filthy retard baitclick title "influencer" saying shit everyone already knows and using a misleading title?

Self improvement is a meme, you aren't a better or more valuable person because you learned how to play the cello instead of playing vidya.
>and it provides you absolutely no value.
Stupid argument since you can extend that to basically fucking everything that anybody ever does that isn't working for money.

That's an airplane, dumbass.

Half the comments are from fucking school children hailing his bullshit as a revelation lmao
Fuck off sandnigger shill

I hope I'm dead before 50 tbqhwyfamalamadingdongerinovich

um whos lucy ? you sound like a weirdo

Look how dark it is. It's clearly a submarine.

Yes, 100%. It's the same exact shit on repeat that they all say. It doesn't make it false but it also holds no weight whatsoever, considering everyone knows this.
He's mostly talking about extremes as far as I'm aware. People with nothing behind them other than they play games and are struggling to get anything that will actually aid them in life. Instead they choose to play 10 hrs a day on vidya and ignoring critical parts of their reality. I work, come home and play vidya for the next 8-10 hours, he's right that I could be studying to advance my career or picking up exercise and getting jacked, he's right that all of those things will make me feel better in the long run, I just don't care. Point is, he's generally not saying anything incorrect but that doesn't mean shit to people like me or you or anyone else that doesn't need somebody to tell them what to do like a little pussy boy.

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My 60 year old father plays Company of Heroes every day; I see the steam notification every time i turn on my computer

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>people falling for this exact same bait post in this exact same thread
are these threads bot-generated and replied to by bots? this exact sequence has happened before.

and I'm pretty sure almost all of those CoD hours are Nazi Zombies single player on Nacht der Untoten

I kneel

based boomer dad

>literally 1337 hours
based boomer gaymer

I use vidya for a boredom reliever and its cheaper then most hobbies
>Buy vidya (Can do anytime anywhere near home)
>60 dollars for at least a week of enjoyment if I choose right

Ok lets compare
>buying food going to some place with nice views and eat there (30+ dollars for an hour)
>go partying/drink if you aren't a girl unless you want to be raped (50+ dollars on the low side if you buy drinks)
>go to the beach (Weather and area dependent)
>go to the forest/mountains(Weather and area dependent, requires equipment)
>go to the gym (Doesnt help with boredom so you have to have music/games anyways)

Vidya is one of the best hobbies to have for entertainment per effort/cost. Half of the people I go to the gym with just play games on their phone while doing cardio anyways.

>I'll be dead.

Can’t really see anything replacing vidya as the activity that is both relaxing yet involving at the same time. I’m sure not gonna spend all my free time exercising or studying/practicing stuff, but passive entertainment doesn’t always cut it either.

God I hope I'm not still alive in 10 years

>He's mostly talking about extremes as far as I'm aware. People with nothing behind them other than they play games and are struggling to get anything that will actually aid them in life. Instead they choose to play 10 hrs a day on vidya and ignoring critical parts of their reality.
I've done this my entire life and now my perception is completely fucked. I've lost my identity, I'm indifferent about everything and fail to see things as actually real. At the same time can talk about them, they just don't click subconsciously the way they should, making me basically Dr Manhattan not emotionally reacting to getting cucked despite knowing it, until he was told.

tl;dr: don't do vidya addiction


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I find it both sad and utterly hilarious that Yea Forums gets more /e/ content posted on it than the actual /e/ itself

No, I haven't even turned on my PC since I upgraded it, haven't turned on my ps4 to play myself since 2019, and once I put my switch down I'll be done with gaming for good outside of the occasional mobile schlock I play like mahjong soul. Fucking gaming. Fucking gaming drama. I'm tired of it all

i legitimately do not understand the coomer mindset. they can google the word porn and be bombarded with endless lifetimes worth of porn in all shapes and sizes yet they still want to spread their shit around everywhere. just dont get it man

/s/ is only good for vintage threads
/h/ is good for picking up recs for your fetishes
/e/ would be perfect if it were a little faster but Yea Forums gets all the same content faster
/y/ is useful for seeing shit from twitter you'd never find on your own because you don't use the piece of shit
/d/ is only for futa
/aco/ is garbage outside of one or two threads per catalog
hardcore 3D porn is excrement

It's to help the train ketchup

>look guys im a retard and purposely confuse a restaurant with a train
ok b8, made me reply

Fair enough Hamjeet


Yup. Until I'm dead. I was purchased a regular NES as a kid and that's been my primary hobby ever since.

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I'll probably play video games the day I die, or the day before I die.
Not in a depressive "Oh I'll do nothing else with my life!" way but just a matter of fact, I enjoy them, they offer stories and experiences that other mediums don't, I'll share them with my family and future generations.

Vidja is the television of my generation, I'll be doing it even after technological advancement bring about a new medium and all the latest generation is using that

>call of duty world at war

until i physically cant. why the fuck would i care what anyone else thinks?

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*tips fedora*