Gen Z Thread (1997-2004) (Stay out Millennials)

What was your first game and what games are you currently playing?

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>first game
Resident Evil 4.
>what games are you currently playing?
Resident Evil 4.

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cod 2. my neighbor installed it for me
playing new vegas right now

dilation station 64

>first game
>what games are you currently playing

I think I'm trans

Some kind of Kellogs game thatt´came in a cereal box, and I am currently playing Planescape Torment

My first game was Luigi's Mansion.
I'm currently playing Dead Cells.

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>tfw ‘83
>tfw fuck you
Xenoblade Chronicles 2

>first game
Super Mario 3
>what games are you currently playing?
Elden Ring, albeit very slowly

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>first game
Pokemon Heart gold
Total Annihilation and Victoria 2

That one point and click Aladdin game on the computer. The one with the creepy fortune teller.
Now I'm my way through the Trails series.

>1996 birth
>Gen Y and Gen Z both claim I belong to the other

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nobody is "trans" that's not a real thing.

>first game
probably either some cabela's big hunt game or atx off-road fury, both on ps2

>current game
elden ring (haven't finished cuz it makes me mad a lot) & persona 4 golden

i love girl

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Super Mario Land 2

That's a proud man however.


Girls (male) > boys (female) > boys >>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>> girls > trannies

That's a boy who canonically hates trannies.

I love banging zoomer boys but you need to shut the fuck up and stop making threads here

>first game
metal gear solid on my dad's ps1
>currently playing
switch sports

>that’s a boy
>that hates trannies

>first game
The Sims 1
>what games are you currently playing?
Library of Ruina

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It's not an assumption. A fictional black man hates the KKK. A fictional femboy hates trannies. These are given, it's inherent in their identities. A femboy could never not hate a cult that wants to kill and mutilate him.

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Don’t care, didn’t ask.

>hihihihihihihihihihihi i am just like a beautiful girl, but i am actually a BOY!,despite being a male i am considered cute and attractive by virtually everyone!
does tranime really?

based and true

>1998 here
>first game
SoTN probably, only got a PS2 when PS3 was already coming out
>current game
Citizen Sleeper and Cruelty Squad

Really enjoying the gayer Disco Elysium cyberpunk edition

is this what "traps" enjoyers actually believe?, literally every single tranny goes to this stage when they are still not sure if they should cut it off

>Born 1996
Close enough

>First Game
Golden Axe for the Megadrive
>Currently Playing
Juggling Death Stranding, Tales of Arise and Kirby Forgotten Land

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The level of self hate in this pasta is absolutely hilarious.

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>First game
Mario W0rld
>Currently playing
Nioh 2

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>First game
Mario 64
>Currently playing
Japanese copy of Killer7

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That boy ain’t right

Woman (man) is same thing as tranny. You are just mixing up 2D fantasy and 3D reality.

I think my first game was the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga on the DS
RN I’m playing Disco Elysium

He's just strong. The odachi requires a powerful neck.

Tell that to my bf who is my bf not gf, and loves getting his dick sucked while wearing a skirt. It’s not his fault he gets called a girl even when wearing boy clothes in public.

i cant believe you seethed this hard from just 3 words

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femboys aren't trannies and you're a tranny if you're implying that. only groomers think femboys are trannies.

>first game
The Simpsons' Hit and Run
>currently playing
I've got Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel in the background in case I muster up the motivation to play Ranked.[/duel]

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Today I will remind them.

Transgender cultists and kosher boshers gaslight vulnerable people into thinking that hormones and surgery are the only way for them to be happy, that they were born in the "wrong body" and that the way to start living as their "true selves" is through experimental surgery. The gender identity lie makes it easy for them to convince anyone with even a single atypical interest that they were really "meant to be" the opposite sex. The guaranteed state mandated acceptance and constant positive reinforcement from the media and their fellow grooming victims helps sell the con, too. But in reality there's no genuine appeal. HRT is ugly serum that makes you fat and ruins your skin, it doesn't "feminize". The "bottom surgery" is simply genital mutilation. It can't give you a real vagina. They absolutely do not need surgery or hormones to start loving the way they were born. Boys don't need to cease being male to feel pretty. Girls don't need to cease being female to feel athletic. The gender identity construct is inherently limiting. It tells people they need to change themselves to express any feelings they have that don't fall in line with the socially accepted parodies that our media considers "masculine" and "feminine". It's sad that people get tricked into hating and destroying themselves like this just to appease sexist stereotypes, even moreso that a lot of them are kids. If we had positive femboy and tomboy rolemodels rather than these transgender groomers telling everyone that self esteem is achieved through hormones and surgery, I think you'd see a lot more happy people who accept that they don't fit into gender stereotypes and a lot less miserable mutilation victims who insist on being called something they're not. The world becomes a better place when we celebrate tough girls and sensitive boys who break the mold while invalidating this meaningless and dangerous fad.

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I know there’s a zoomer femboy lurking this thread. Post your dick, now.

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Why do you think bitch.

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now explain it in gamer terms, user.

too long didn't read lmao

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Remember when pasta was fun and not just copies from Reddit.

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>first game
Cars: Maternational on (my dad's) PC
>currently playing
Fire emblem three houses and minecraft

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trannies are death cultists who want to murder all femboys and tomboys on earth.

>first game
Halo: Reach
>currently playing
Lobotomy Corporation

kys you faggot
Dark Cloud 2
DMC HD collection, Disgaea 5, Battlefield 4

I don't really remember but the first game I really was fond of was probably spyro 3. I felt like playing cold war zombies right now

>What was your first game
>wha tgames are you currently playing?

>First game:
Rayman 2
Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island

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Man remember when faggots on Yea Forums were not absolutely annoying.

>First Game
Don't even remember so I'm defaulting to Sonic Adventure DX
>What games are you currently playing?
Just bought Hades and I've been getting dubs in Fortnite Squads

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Zoomer here. My first game was the undertale. I sucked my buddy's dick today because he was sad and needed some relief and because I someone on discord told me there are not two genders so you can suck dick and still remain superstraight

Why don't people use the term trap anymore?

gays have always been based and they're even more based now

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6 more years and people born in 2010 can post on this website, what games will they nostalgia for?

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