Critics hated it

>critics hated it
>normies loved it

Is there even a vidya like that?

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do americans really like pizza like that?

Any game with a cult following like EDF I guess

i like pizza like that but without the grease

No, they like worse than that

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Mamma Mia!

American Pizza is the most liked on the planet. Cope Mario.

*hand gestures*

Rain World

Not gonna lie, if all the grease was drained I'd absolutely destroy this pidza. I wouldn't be able to finish it alone though.

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What are you basing that schizo theory on? American pizza recipes are not used outside of USA, so it could not possibly be the most popular worldwide.

Is it wrong that I want a slice?

>millions of flies eat shit, they must be right!

Various Fifa and COD


>do Americans really
do euros not know how to put cheese on top of flour, some tomato paste and stuff it in the oven?

The owner of the place did

You're using that metaphor wrong you fucking retard

the dough was literally raw, those idiots couldn't even bake it properly


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They eat so much pizza that they are enough by themselves to make the necessary numbers.

Honestly, I would eat that. But I'll eat any kind of shitty pizza.

That's also their thin crust so no one would be happy getting even if it was baked right


They did a thing in the episode where they gave people a choice betweeen his pizza and like store bought and basically noone liked his.

Most people just want decent bread with sauce/cheese/meat.

didnt read europoor go get arrested for fishing without a license

also last i heard this place started selling the raw dough pizza shit again shortly after gordon left.
every dumbass on kitchen nightmares is always a narcist lol

I basically only like Thin Crust so shit like this is disgusting to me. Its like mushy bread 90% of the time.

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Critics unironically shill everything to get their names out there, so no this doesn't really happen. Sterling is right, they're fucking hacks.

For me it's Mellow Mushroom

Can you hold the pieces of this pizza in your hand to eat or you need a plate and utensils?

You can hold it if you're not a fucking pussy

>Europeens will seethe at this miracle

As long as the crust isn't biscuit hard.

Pepperoni pizza is actual garbage

literally this entire board is filled with critics that hate everything a / c / g / k / m / o / p / v / vg / vm / vmg / vr / vrpg / vst / w] [vip / qa] [cm / lgbt] [3 / adv / an / biz / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / his / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / news / out / po / pw / qst / sci / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / vt / wsg / wsr / x / xs that normies love.

welcome to Yea Forums.

America is aproaching Japan levels of celibacy
tick tock, incel mutts

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You know Jon Stewart once got on his faggoty New Yoakah rant about how Chicago pizza or deep-dish was basically a casserole, and not only was he 100% right, but I'm still gonna eat that casserole all the live-long day.

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why are americans so obsessed with melted cheese? no matter how horrendous a dish is as long as there is melted cheese being pulled apart the average american will coom

for me, it's:

deep dish
supreme (sausage, peperoni, onions, mushrooms, olive, green peppers)

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thin crust is good but if it's too hard that it actually snaps or crumbles then it's not good and most wafer-thin crusts char before a pizza is done cooking.

>>critics hated it
>>normies loved it
I can't really bring up an example.
Usually what happens is:
> critics hate it and weirdos love it.
Those are niche games.
> critics kinda like it but doesn't sell much, however there is a big devoted fanbase (usually not normies)
Those are cult hits like Prey or Stalker for example.

>green peppers
my man
but i'm biased towards bell peppers, i will core them and eat them like apples if they're around

That's a pie without a top crust. That is not pizza.

daily reminder that all pizza, including your local authentic whatever blah blah, is the same garbage

being a "pizza purist" or whatever is retarded shit. It's food and if it's tasty then it's tasty.

>pineapple on pizza
Automatically disregarded. You’re a niggerfaggot.

I know you americans like cheese but come the fuck on

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Ever had these? They're actually really good for take-and-bake, especially if you doll it up with more toppings.

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It's really hard to fuck up pizza, but in a lot of places in the midwest and the South the fuck it up HARD. The dough in the pizza Gordon's fucking around with is raw near the crust, it's lukewarm, there's pools of grease piling up, etc. And the owner said it was the best pizza in the city or some shit. The only time Gordon Ramsay went to a restaurant where the food didn't suck was Momma Cherri's and one or two others on KN UK

>You can't put pineapple on pizza because...
>You just can't OK.

sweet + savory is kino.
you have the pallet of a child. grow up.

American pizza is unironically better. It's has a lot more fat, but at least it tastes good, as opposed to italian pizza, which is just tasteless pretentious garbage that costs a lot.

>This scares the american

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No wonder you're all so fat

As someone who's eaten 'go 'za their whole life, if you want to eat with your hands it's less messy to wait for it to cool down and settle so the bread is more rigid and can support the weight of the cheese and toppings. Utensils are fine whether it's fresh out the oven or a day old. The taste of Lou Malnati's, Giordanos, or Gino's mogs the shit out of regular thin crust pizza for me but I still enjoy any pizza regardless.

Based ulillillia

How do you eat that without the cheese burning the insides of your mouth?

>t. lactose intolerant niggers

You're a contrarian amerimutt retard. No wonder your taste is shit.

god i love chicago deep dish.

Away, /int/ roleplayer

it's pretty good and like a couple anons said, you treat it more like a casserole or a lasagna on a crust.

You're joking right? I don't think there's a single country that doesn't "like" cheese.

*This bores the American

based. Deep dish is the fucking best

It's scientifically proven that melted cheese activates the pleasure centers in your brain.

>italian pizza
>lmao just put literal leaves on top of tomato paste
>that’ll be $30

No, you just can't make anything good so you stack absurd amounts of cheese and grease onto it

yes u can, what are u talking about?

>day-old deep dish
I prefer food in general lukewarm or cold because it's allowed the flavors to settle and intensify but good gourd almighty, day-old deep dish pizza is a thing of beauty.

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I'm usually all for shitting on Americans but the pizzas here look genuinely pretty decent, but I do have a thing for melted cheese.

looks pretty good. I'd be happy eating it for dinner. I just wish San-Marzano tomatoes were more available in the US

You definitely dont need a license to fish lmao
And European pizza is the best
You can seethe as much as you want but USA is the biggest shithole in the universe

Deep dish is fucking gross and excessive. Even most pan pizzas or hand tossed are too heavy and greasy. I love a nice neapolitan or thin crust

IDK about normies but
God Hand and Deadly Premonition are the famous examples of badly reviewed games that got cult status

You don't wait for your food to cool first? Do you have adhd?

I'm gonna order a pizza now, I hope you're proud of yourself.

says the child that said "EWWW PIANNAPLE "

30 bucks? I literally pay 8 for pizza. Is this some kind of mafia scam?

Don't knock on Italian pizzas, nigga. Tried one at the streets of Venice, and they manage to say more than most American pies with a light touch - crust is both thin and firm in a way that's almost magic.

learn when enough is enough you overindulgent piggies

nobody likes raw dough on their pizza. I hope.

Important thing to keep in mind is Italian-American food is, literally, what an Italian peasant would come up with if they weren't burdened by needing to farm olives and olive oil their entire life just to afford basic amenities.

This. I still can't believe there's people that see someone using spices and say "LMAO YOU NEED SPICES TO MAKE YOUR FOOD TASTE GOOD". They're silly.

>go get arrested for fishing without a license
DNR says sup.

go whine somewhere else, fag. We're enjoying American style pizza.

OP pizza is actually bad though. It was undercooked, greasy beyond fuck and advertised as a thin crust.

That just means it's addictive just like most drugs, not that it's good. You're not just a lab rat, are you?

>amerifat cant eat something without tasting something sweet
>calls someone else’s palate, childish
Lmao it writes itself. Enjoy your diabetes, tubby.

Italian pizza is so fucking good.
I went on a trip to Italy for a week or so, on the first night I tried the pizza just to see if the memes were right. The shit was so good it was the only diner I ate for the rest of the trip,.
I came back fucking fat.

I dislike Hawaiian pizza because I'm not that much of a fan of pineapple to begin with.
If people like it they can have it but I'd decline

>Whole milk mozzarella

If you haven't tried it you should reallly make your own pizza. Not all the time but it's fun and you have total freedom about the toppings you choose.
The first one I made was a chicken and mango pizza with a thin layer of homemade mayonaise on the bottom, I liked it and I would be hard-pressed to find something like that in the shops

Maybe, but they're one of the few places that are still open and going strong to this day after Gordon's visit. The vast majority of places on that show were fucked beyond help, and the retards running them went back to their old ways and just fucked their business into the ground again.

food in most of europe is very expensive compared to american prices of similar quantity, although I don't know about quality.


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you're obviously 15

What kind of braindead inbred subhuman retaded incel chink eunuch dicksmoker nigger clown homosexual tranny cuck doesn't like cheese?

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someone post his melted cheese sandwich

Just gonna enjoy my Dalmatian pizza

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Real mozzarella. Cheese and dairy companies have 2% and skim milk mozzarella. It is, obviously, nowhere near as good, and sometimes has a weird texture or flavor.

You’re obviously 1500 lbs

The restaurant was failing so clearly normies didn't like it either.

because i like the taste of pineapple? fucking dumbass.

>eating pounds of cheese is entertainment
Do americans really?

>boiled potato sandwich

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nta but It's more when people make cheese their personality. That's not really an American only thing though.


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>eats a piece of toast
why are non-Americans so seethingly obsessed with us?
fuck off you weird ugly dirt-dwelling dipshit

that looks delish, I wish more pizza had prosciutto as a topping in america, I'm tired of genoa salami/pepperoni since it's oftentimes too intense of a flavor.

Because you’re an American duh.

europeans apparently post pounds of shit onto Yea Forums all day going by your post, i don't see how this is any less dangerous a form of entertainment

Thats easy, Gothic 1. Game spawned really devout cult following. Its also great omce you learn to play around the jank.

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>Is there even a vidya like that?
Moes are this.
The answer is pic.

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>Jon Stewart

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how is that the conclusion you got from that question? retarded cunt

FWIW the CHEESE EVERYWHERE thing is the food equivalent of clickbait, and you can very obviously go too hard on it. That turkey with the two pound block of cheddar shoved into its ass that gets passed around /ck/ is very blatantly food clickbait for example.





Depends on the area. In mine I can have a nice meal in a good restaurant with my wife for 28 USD

ah yes the impossible: a skinny American
just like the equally impossible obese euro/asian/any other region

>Ruins perfectly good pizza

user that's blanching. They're fried potatoes.

Perfectly melted
>every one hate it
>you love it

My goodness me.

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Anyone here /ck/? What's your favourite recipe?

Cheese = Protein
I lift heavy and do shit loads of cardio, so protein, fat, and carbs are my best friends.
People who think that you can't be "eating healthy" by demolishing a pizza don't know the meaning of good exercise.

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Go be a lactose intolerant cockroach eating nigger somewhere else, nigger.

How did he manage to fuck that up? There's more bread than cheese

it barely looks different from average pizza in the US
like every shitty random town in the entire country has a shitty local italian restaurant that makes shitty looking pizza like that and everyone in that town swears its the best pizza ever despite being mediocre as shit
so congrats, your country's best pizza is my country's shitty yokel pizza

Diabetus americanesis

No one cares, Lardistani.

Look pal either you accept that cheese hurts my tummy or you get to suffer my fucking gassy wrath for the next FIVE HOURS. And I will make absolutely goddamned sure you're in the room whenever I release another thunderous cheese fart that reeks like boiled death and I will make sure you smell it.

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italian here, the only good pizza places i've been to in the U.S. have been owned by first/second gen italians.

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Fair, I'm more meaning people who act like eating cheese in general is a replacement for a personality like retards who make "heehee i eat cheese at 2am mmmmmm me love cheese" memes.

Ramsey style scrambled eggs are fantastic. You've never had them if you think they're shit.

He boiled them, then put them in the oven to mask his crime. No they are not fried, you moron.

Americans have literally every pizza available.

luv a chip butty me

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how much fucking butter did that man put in his eggs?
I'll put a bit of bacon grease in my eggs if I make some but even then I feel like a pig afterwards, what the fuck.

Alright fags name the Pizza topping and why it's Anchovy

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>if you don't want everything completely covered in layers of cheese then you don't like cheese
mutts inherited the niggers iq along with their skin tones

your opinions on pizza do not hold any extra weight because you're a greasy wop.

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There's still a huge amount of people who believe eating fatty food is bad for your weight and health despite the fact that it's been debunked for decades at this point. People still buy "low fat" synthetic trash foods like margarine, thinking it's actually healthier
user he literally says he blanched his potatoes.


>Anyone here /ck/
No, because I like food.

> What's your favourite recipe?
I'm a fan of simple dishes done right. A good homemade curry or egg-drop soup get me going any day.

It just takes to much work especially when I’m in a hurry in the morning. It’a really good on bread or even on top of rice.

That looks amazing

>It's food and if it's tasty then it's tasty.
yeah, im convinced threads like this are just to get shitposting going, or from people with some bizarre "food envy" or something.
Man's hearkening back to some good ol' colonial living.

Those eggs are so fucking raw I'm 100% sure if you keep them warm for long enough a baby chick will come out

I'm not even murrikan, you stupid retard. Keep proving yourself wrong.

i tried making it the way he say to. it is pretty good

you seem to care enough to come into a thread and bitch about how americans make pizza. How do they do it in your country, since you seem to want to contribute nothing at all to the conversation?


you first schizo mutt

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Man I really need to try eggs again. Really need to know for sure if I dislike them or not since I only had them when I was really young.

Mother of cholesterol

it's to get the /int/fags screeching about pizza puritanism because americans dare to put cheese on something and bake it.

Oink oink, fatty. Go eat your high fructose corn syrup pineapple pizza.

They've curdled. While I like solid eggs those are cooked.

Are you having mud cookies for luch again today, nigger?

They're so neutral on their own I dunno how anybody could hate 'em. Maybe it was a textural thing for you, or it could have been the quality of the eggs, supermarket eggs that you can get are really poor quality. My favorites are over-easy with salt and pepper, but I have access to eggs from a farmer up the road who has way too fucking many eggs to deal with and is fobbing them off to anyone he can.

it's creme friache, kind of like sour cream consistency but it's just heavy cream and buttermilk

looks like he added about a spoonful

TB did a whole video on this for that mad max game

>can go out and find traditional and novelty pizzas like
>have a pizza stone for baking at home for
Pizza is just good, what's with all the needless fighting

Farm raised eggs are so much better. All the good eggs have a bright orange yolk, sad shitty eggs have the lame yellow yolk. I swear the whites cook much faster on farm eggs as well, as soon as I heat the pan they get color.

you can cook eggs a million ways. I always had scrambled or softboiled eggs as a kid but then I had some eggs benedict when I went out with a friend for brunch and I really liked it. A lot of the food you "dislike" as a kid is really just a matter of how good your parents are at cooking it, aside from normal kid pickiness.

Big asses slices of NYC style with dough rolled out by an actual human being is OBJECTIVELY the only way. You get three toppings MAXIUM you fucking weirdo, or you toss off the whole balance.

You're actually a homosexual otherwise
>chain pizza
>frozen pizza
>pizza bagel
>pizza roll
you might as well be eating a dick you fucking faggot.

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I developed a fatty liver from drinking energy drinks for 15 years and am currently on a diet to heal so I don't get the beetus in 5 years. That pizza looks delish as FUCK!!
>mfw eating it

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exactly, what's wrong with them?

Let's get one thing straight

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It's a night and day difference, even in baked and deep-fried goods you can 100% tell the eggs were good. I almost came in my pants with some sour-cream cake donuts that had good eggs in them.

its literally inedible, it's like choking on stale cum

Naw, I like it crunchy but not like burnt.

Imagine not liking the most used topping in the world. Pepperoni and Bacon are the best toppings.

Only shit thin crusts crumble