Is EA, dear I say... Is based now?

Is EA, dear I say... Is based now?

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go back.
kill yourself.

seethe niggertranny

Damn I just realized I never beat this game. I’ve got so many games in my catalogue but such little time

>Californian studio wanted a black and/or female protagonist

Was there a reason for it, or just "muh representayshun"?

I just want Ahsoka orange cunny juice, damn it

>let's piss off our actual customer base infinity
>hmmm let's not, at least this time.

>the one new white male protagonist in a western game in the last 5 years (other than I guess Arthur Morgan)
>the devs still wanted him to be a woman/minority

Fuck modernity.

I hope they were actually shot with guns.

I'm calling bullshit, these stories always come out years later about how some fag wanted a BIPOC female tranny as the main character but there is never any actual evidence for it.

nowhere does it say it was EA

>could have played as this cutie instead of Cal
god damn it

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Nah they're just not stupid. They can afford to inject woke shit into Battlefront because it's a multiplayer focused game, you don't need to play as a nigger if you don't want to, in Fallen Order you're forced to play one character through the whole game, they know that would have affected their sales.

>We TOTALLY wanted to make a black female protagonist! We TOTALLY were going to do that. But those MEAN suits didn't let us!!!!
honestly incredibly, unbearably fucking pathetic.

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never ever

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>"Shramek also shared an alleged experience of racist commentary at the studio, saying that someone once commented: "I think all the Black people need to have more glossy skin because Black people have more oily skin than other people." The comment was met with "dead shock on everyone's face", Shramek said."

How do you keep that minor indirect comment in your head rent free for years on end? Like so someone is racist now for saying a literal fact of black skin? Jesus christ.

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The developer is right.

Glossier skin blacks looks more realistic than white skin characters because the specular shading is easier to render realistically.

That's literally the only reason they have.

I'm starting to wonder now, I could see her design having been originally intended for the protagonist.

It's some literally who fem dev twisting facts and barely writing a sentence.

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How is that racist? A simple "Not all of them." would have been enough.

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Thosr people know there's other races out there, right?

It does feel like a lot more time went into her than Cal.

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I bet it was Debra Wilson

Probably because the concept of a race being different biologically does not compute to lefties who want everything equal.

>Devs wanted a black/female protagonist
>is replaced by a ginger white heterosexual male.
Is Fallen Order the reverse hollywood trope?

>>let's piss off our actual customer base infinity

Nick Furry?

No. Fuck EA.

Neat. Because I would not have played it. Would play as a girl but they'd want to cast an uggo so I wouldn't play that either.

Uh... I think they wanted this one to be the protagonist...

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Every fucking time, stop erasing my culture FUCKING NIGGERS REEEEEEEEE

Kinda a fucked up thing to say after the fact. Cals actor did a great job, seems kinda rude

Just a absolute wild thing to say in a meeting. I'd be stuck staring too.

EA just wanted the game to sell. You don't start with black woman protagonist, thats for sequel after you've brought in an audience with a white male protagonist. Just look at Last of Us and how it did it.

Dunno, Cere looks a bit too old to be the protagonist.

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I started the game with the Revan model and voice mod from the get go, because I think Cal looks like a giant faggot and the female mod is lazy and still uses male animations and voice even with the voice mod installed. I think Trilla looked cooler then Cal just because of the outfit, but if they wanted to have a Jedi lead, anyone else would've been a better choice as long as it wasn't fucking Debra Wilson.

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I am a white male, as is the majority of the western video game player base.
We want to play white males, not black women.
I guarantee you Chinese and other asian men don't want to play black women either.

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I never got "potential protagonist" vibes from Cere, but I suppose that might just be me.

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Why is it always black females? Are they really just trying to get twice the social points? Like good God. I bet she would've had a fucking afro too and a spunky but not too stereotypically spunky attitude lmfao. They'd try and give everything she said gravitas (that no one took seriously), but also have her say some sarcastic shit (that would just end up sounding mean spirited) so that everyone would know she was a quirky sense of humor behind that tough exterior!

I don't even want a Titanfall 3 from nu-Respawn at this point. The people who work there clearly hate giant robots, so its protag WILL be a black female that has a character quirk to where she hates robots and is constantly bitching about it or something so that we know she's self aware about the absurdity of giant robots in combat

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>guess what the demographic of the people making those decisions looked like?
Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

>mobile reddit screencap
You have to go back.

Which sucks because it has one of my favorite Disney villains in it, alongside Hades

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This is actually usually how it goes. I have hears stories from other games and movies where the devs/writers/directors wanted there to be no white males but the studio/publisher forced it on the creatives because it wouldn't market well. It genuinely seems to be the creatives who just want white men out.

I think in the context of the job and when it comes to modeling black characters, you have to understand alot of the type of people that work in that field are a little bit more into it then most. There's no context for the comment so there's no way to know why it was said, but you deal with a lot of people who tend to speak something from a logical standpoint without thinking if its offensive or not, AKA Aspergers. That's the only thing I can think of.

Except there literally was a black female protagonist

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Sometimes you have to be thankful that mega corporations despite being so greedy even they realize they can force brown people faggots, stronk wamyn and trannies as side characters and most people won't care that much, but make the playable character any of those and your game will sell poorly
You have exceptions like San Andreas where having a black protagonist makes perfect sense given the context of the game/plot, but on the other hand the biggest reason nobody cares or remembers games like prototype 2 is precisely because they made the protagonist black but there is nothing to the character beyond his skin color

the "creatives" are usually some blue haired trannies and soibois

it's funny when even they're forced to make less pozzed decisions you can still tell how pozzed the devs are

user, she's clearly Indian.

if you don't play as them they aren't the protagonist, they're a supporting character

lol no she isn't

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Go back.

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No, just looking for any model/face mods for her on Nexus, you'll see endless comments praising the mod for allowing them to hide/fix her hideous face. There are even a few that claim they uninstalled the game because of her model. She seems more like a one off NPC you help for a sidequest then a main character.

Imagine if this is how discussions went for things like medication for sickle cell anemia

>well this is a problem that is literally 99% related to black genetics so we should probably focu-
>omg stop the heckin racism!!

I only see three races: white, black and asian.
She cute.

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What's wrong with what he said?

What are you an Agist? It is a strong, black, independed woman targeting an older demographic. We need more representations of Gilfs.

Learn how to type proper english you filthy esl foreigner it hurts my fucking eyes

Its too late! This whole board has already been infected!
This Entire board must be purged...

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Is the OP logged in to reddit?

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>have a website centered around discussion
>delete half of it
>lock the conversation
Locking should never exist, jannies should just do their job

>you deal with a lot of people who tend to speak something from a logical standpoint without thinking if its offensive or not
And that's a bad thing because...?

Dev. Singular. And they got outvoted by their own coworkers.

I wish they were shot normally instead.

I could find 2 mods on the Nexus that either change her face or just hides it, combined with 12k downloads.
And I highly doubt anyone actually uninstalled the game because of her, unless you suffer from extreme, debilitating racism.
>We need more representations of Gilfs.
Actually kind of based.

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>black AND female

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It's not bad, but anyone else who sees that in the room will go *shock!* in reaction like the tweet claims. So now you have some random woman running around trying to paint the whole studio culture as racist because of one Aspie at a meeting.

I like China owning Riot because even when they make Wokeshit characters they at least have to make them cute unless its Senna

>lol no she isn't
You are a blind nigger if you think the pajeet Inquisitor was "black"

Centered around video games, not about a company being based for not having a black female as a MC, you can do that on /pol/

I can’t imagine working in one of these environments surrounded by diversity hires and leftist cultists. Thank God I’m a lawyer.

Sickle cell anemia is way more common in Africa because it makes you more resistant to malaria. I wouldn't really say it's related to black genetics per say, it's more that there's heavy evolutionary pressure on it because malaria is overall more lethal than SCA.

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that game was so fucking tedious
and the main character looks like he has a full diaper

every cutscene there is that fish eye nigress that makes you throw up

only american hands can play and finish such trash

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And I 100% do not believe them.

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They should have made an alien protagonist. Fucking cowards never do anything interesting.

china has no influence on their internal decisions
they just harvest the money

it is why we have niggers all over the place
especially in marketing and ads

That's fine but as I said they claim it, doesn't mean to be true. Still what is true is that her face is hideous and people hate it.

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Dunno, doesn't seem to be true given that the mods aren't exactly the most downloaded on there.

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The black chick is actually pretty decent comedian/actress from Mad TV's peak kino days, face-scanning/3D mapping is an absolute meme though and it just made her look far worse.

the day the word meme started getting used as a verb was a very bad day

Go back to 2005 then.

>token black female
I would have skipped the game

i wish i could