Was it simply too sophisticated for a modern audience?

Was it simply too sophisticated for a modern audience?

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Cool game. Shame it tacked on half-assed tedious survival mechanics on the end to pad for time. Games really shouldn't do this shit unless it's project zomboid or smth where the survival is the main gameplay.

Literally never fun

If the only choices are yes or no - then yes. There was a lot it could have done better but it built on the true adventure formula in ways that we've not seen in a long time. I hope more games like it emerge or perhaps a sequel or spiritual successor.
There's very few games that scratch the same itch as Outward.

You grow weary and enfeebled by hunger.

You cannot post until you eat.

>survival mechanics
Just drink some fucking tea user. The game shoves so many resources in your face you should never have to worry about any "Survival" mechanics.

Retarded opinion.

Except for the desert where it suddenly becomes life and death, jej

>survival mechanics
I mean, yea it's a survival game in the sense that everything is out to kill you but beyond that there's no survival mechanics except weather

There's nothing sophisticated in grinding away 75% of your "RPG" gaming time in shitty mundane tasks.

not him, but my last playthrough i had like 200 tea in storage because i had to force myself not to become a walking tea store.
You have so much fucking tea and carrying desert clothes for the short stroll is not hard.

This, also desert cloth weight nothing so you can always carry it on you and swap as needed

The cope is real

Yes there is. It's called immersion and simulation. There's an audience for that but you've clearly been filtered.
I've had entire games where I didn't craft everything and just bought everything I needed from town by looting dungeons along the way.
Is beating a dungeon not content? What do you want, the game to boot up onto the end credits?

I'm a pack rat and I fucking hate changing clothes after putting so much effort into the armour I've gotten. I'd really appreciate a layers system similar to KCD in a sequel if they make one. Having heavier and lighter underclothes interacting with armour and over clothes would be the BEST way to both let the player choose the armour they want and have invested in, customise their appearance and immerse in roleplay AND respect the simulation weather aspects.
Give us cloaks and shawls and shirts and jackets/

>doesn't prepare for desert
>tells others they're coping
sour grapes.
I'mma fucking reinstall and do a new run right now. what skills should I get? If you say traps you didn't play the game

>I'm a pack rat and I fucking hate changing clothes
me too. but the desert clothes are like 3 weight. you generally carry way more in consumables than the entire desert set for the short run, if you need it.

>There's an audience for that but you've clearly been filtered.

I'm sure there is, they are called autists. Yes i was, it's called being a normal human being.

Keep strong fren.

I wanted to make a dick ass thief and chakram build one day, sounds like a pain for bosses though

>The combat is borderline unplayabl-

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played it but got bored. just walked around clearing a couple dungeons and little fort/town with bandit dudes in it. it's cool for having splitscreen tho

Do a rainbow curse build.

Amber, my friend.

the only thing i don't like is having to stack 20 consumables and buff skills to do any real damage

In coop enemies have bloated HP if that's what you mean

>Do a rainbow curse build.
do tell.
also, any cool mods this past year show up or are we still trudging through with almost no QoL?

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it's the same in solo against a lot of bosses and late game enemies

The definitive edition will add more to the game than any mod will so that's something at least.
I wonder how badly it'll break current mods too

>OK guys no levels, just gear and abilities

>Yeah, so gear is very important for progression since you have no character levels
>This is why we made all unique gear worthless and basically indistinguishable from generic gear you can get from normal RNG chest
>And we also made sure every dungeon and gathering spot refreshes so there's no need for you to actually do 99% of the content, just wait for the first dungeon in Chersonese to refresh and you're gold.

>Of course we also made sure to highlight the survival mechanics of the game
>This is why you can't actually die so none of them matters
>Oh right and we also added an actual permadeath mode that invalidates all the defeat scenarios we put in the game

>Naturally we also made vast maps for you to travel through
>And made very sure there's absolutely nothing in them for miles and miles

>But what would an RPG be without factions, right??? Well, you've got four of them in this game
>Which are all the exact same and lead to the same exact end quest too, which is just some MMO raid by generic mooks.
>Story? Who cares about that lol

>And cities, let's not forget about cities, every major region has a big city
>Where you can't do anything other than buying shit, rest at an inn and get skills from trainers?
>All those NPCs frozen in time in the background? They're there for immersion bro you don't get it

>Oh and lastly, the combat, what would a survival game be without combat, we made sure to get a leaf or two from Dark Souls when it comes to that.
>And we also made sure to give you as few hotkeys as possible so you won't ever use more than eight skills out of more than twenty purchasable skills

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>The game shoves so many resources in your face you should never have to worry about any "Survival" mechanics.
Then it shouldn't be a mechanic in the first place.

Maybe actually plan out your build better? You basically never need consumables unless you're running pure physical and don't have a elemental option stored away yet.

The one where you get a saber, enchant it with the gives every elemental hex enchantment. Obviously you need to go hexer after that but the rest is up to you. Speedster lets you get easy access to the two physical hexes for complete coverage and stagger potential as well as quick ability resets.

>The definitive edition
there's one coming out? does it change anything or is it just all the dlc bundled? cause the dlc kinda sucked, or i sucked when i played it.

>get a saber, enchant it with the gives every elemental hex enchantment
i gotta look into that then

This game has tiny maps. I really don't understand where the niggers complaining that the world is too big are coming from.
The only time I didn't feel like I was playing around in a kiddy pool was in that DLC dungeon.

>plan out your build
there aren't any builds

Perma death is based and one of the best things about the game. It's not as cruel as proper perma death ironman modes but instead lets you roll the dice on whether you get a scenario. Eat shit, nerd.

It's the DLC bundled but actually integrated in the game instead of being a shitty addon. Also quality of life stuff, new defeat scenario and more unique encounters in the dungeons

Depending on how you're playing it you might also want the iridescent shield for the elemental debuff as well.

controls were WAY too much jank, like just too much clunk

I'm replaying it now, but honestly this time I'm using a cheat engine to fast travel to locations I've already been in. It became tedious already on my playthrough and now I just want to try out a new built and get to the fun part without the tedium. I don't mind the survival mechanics, it's the backtracking I hate.

>bitching about food
They're very powerful ten minute buffs that you use before combat. You probably didn't make it out of the first bandit camp if food is what you're complaining about. I could understand bitching about the janky combat or lack of skill slots but not the fucking food system.

>Can't use debug mode super speed any more unless you name yourself retarded
Bless cheat engine

What's their next game? I doubt they'll swing right into something Outward-esque which will hurt but I hope they come back to the premise with time.
I trust them with creative decisions for now given how outward turned out and how retarded most of their feedback must have been.

the entire game is just about chugging consumables constantly. it has some cool things but the gameplay itself just isn't that engaging

I can't be the only one who genuinely loves the moments where you're just walking through endless expanses of nothing.

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Exploring a region for the first time is one of the most memorable thing of the game, it's absolutely fantastic. Same for the music.
It's a shame you can't hire NPC to carry your shit or fight with you to make the backtracking less tedious though

I hate NPC companions. They fuck balance and pacing. NPC users are sub-human.
That said, Outward is more or less designed for multiplayer given how often you get mobbed with squads that you can't aggro separately.

it's been over a year since i played user, i'm basically blind here.

so, maybe something else happens if you die, instead of just "woops you died lol" and some spicy dungeons now.
watching that and reading their dev post, i'm intrigued. I love the world but it just felt like a concept, more than a game.

Which faction should I join this time? I did the sand people last time because they seemed the least retarded, so i guess i gotta get indoctrinated this time.

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The only memorable thing about exploring those empty maps is the buyer's remorse.
They somewhat learned their lesson in Three Brothers but even there most of the map is completely empty, at least it's not as aggressively bad as the switch hunting section in the Soroborean DLC.

Soro has the best story line to be frank. If you've not played them before maybe try them. They're the only one of the 4 that doesn't revolve around the Blue Chamber V Sandnog conflict.

Maybe not a warrior then but a mule would be god tier even if you limit it by not being able to enter dungeons.

wow fucking epic its just dark souls, again, for the trillionth time

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>enemies react to attacks
>can be stunned
>can attack allies by mistake
>doesn't attack through walls
Dark souls wish it was this good

>buyer's remorse
But I pirated it.
And it was a great game, especially with these mods for better combat and UI.

Some seriously bad takes in this thread, but that it matters what casuals think.

Game is 10/10, all you need is to load up cheat engine and have a speedhack hotkey for travel time.

It's quite beautiful.

they're the dlc dudes, right? should I just go there asap and wreck shit over there or keep it base? Gonna have to re-explore on tuesday anyway

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It's worse, the entire equipment system is retarded, they give you weapon arts but somehow they're not baked in the weapon's moveset like they should and you've got only eight fucking hotkeys to work around with, which kill any sort of hybrid character because one school of magic alone needs at least four of those slots to work.
And when we get to the combat feel itself it's even more terrible, the animations are awful, the feedback is nonexistent, the impact mechanics are completely retarded and all the enemies are damage sponges, to make things worse the AI is ridiculously primitive and 90% of the enemies have only two attacks, to add insult to injury the "bosses" are bullet hell bosses, the trademark design for laziness and incompetence.

I'd be pretty down for that. It's be like the Daggerfall wagon. It would also expand the 'drop your bag' mechanic and trade off. They'd have to make the mule killable meaning you're either slowly trailing your way through danger or acting as a one man army to make sure your mule makes it from one place to the other.
>adding an eternal escort quest
I could imagine the sheer fury it would inspire in people.

To alleviate that make it as faster or faster than the player and have your player take its lead. Not sure whether it should bolt or if it should freeze? What would be more annoying, chasing after it after a battle or it dying and your shit being stranded? Ideally you'd either drag it out of danger or leave it further away before approaching something

Hey hey, Sseth.

Hexer and speedster are over there but the area is tougher just enemy-wise and hazardwise. Of course you also get access to practically any basic or intermediate item you'd desire so if you've got the money go, or go anyway if you're over eager for a challenge.

>Game is 10/10
They didn't even finish modelling armor sets, the whole thing is just the usual lazy unity asset store mix and match and everything that is wrong with open world games.


Hopefully if they ever add allied NPC they won't be braindead retarded and will actually avoid combat if they can't fight

Post tunes

turns out, my old run is saved to the cloud.
Greataxe, full wolf armor, decent skills.

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