How many evil versions should a main protagonist have?

How many evil versions should a main protagonist have?

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at least 3
the dark version in a mirror world
the childhood friends who has different ideals
the super/robot version on steroids

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>Dark Samus

So Slyux will be Samus's brother then?

can I get a quick rundown on what happened in the comic since the zombot arc ended? that's where I dropped off

Birdbrain professor duck decided to create a hero duo to replace Sonic and Tails, this way he can rule the world and play both sides by controlling both the heroes and the villains. So he kidnapped two random hapless citizens, turned them into cyborgs, one with electric powers and the other with Chaos water powers, and brainwashed them into being fake Sonic and fake Tails. They then set off to go destroy Eggman robots, and Eggman sent Metal Sonic to face them. He kicked their asses until they combo'd their powers and fried him. They're way in out of their league.

>that time shadow got an evil version of himself

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Wasn't the last time either.

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lmao no wonder this shit is dead. wtf is wrong with just being a chill stereotypically 90s 'cool' hedgehog why did they have to take it so far


Eclipse is another Black Arms creation. If Shadow is 95% hedgehog and 5% Black Arms, then Eclipse is 95% Black Arms and 5% hedgehog.

Where do I read the comics for free

>Dark Samus
>Raven Beak
Samus has it rough.

As far as we know, Sylux is more a rival type rather than an evil version.

>implying male

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>lmao no wonder this shit is dead.
He says as 90% of the board is Sonic threads

She won't be evil for long, she'll be a shitty anti-hero like Shadow only with a gurlpower tint

The great thing about Metal Sonic is that he'll be an evil version of Sonic forever.


No more no less



>Dark Samus
>Raven Beak
>Mother Brain
She's gaining Batman levels of rogues gallery

half of batman's rouge gallery seems to be different variations of 'him but evil'. I'd say its less about how many there are and how they're handled. metal is cold and calculating since he's literally a fucking robot so he's already a stand-out, and shadow is either much more grim/solemn or playing into the edge factor. every other rival sonic has seems to be fairly interchangable, what makes surge different from shit like jet?

Well, that's something.

Why does she keep claiming she’s the sonic replacement if she doesn’t look or act anything like him. Someone explain her character.

movie is still somewhat fresh and it's basically a handful of dedicated autists spamming threads 24/7

Cybernetically enhanced against her will for the purpose of beating Sonic, think Androids from DBZ.

Seriously, Metroid villains are often pretty memorable despite most of them being growly monsters and only showing up once.

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Another Dogshit coldsteel level OC but because it's a girl retards here think she's based and shill her

I've written a superhero who has dealt with so many evil twins that evil twins really piss him off now.

Why does it feel like I'm looking at an Impmon variant?

People here want to see Sonic smack the smug grin off her face

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In reality she's less of a Sonic replacement and more of a Scourge replacement.

Omega is a treasure.

She got nothing on the Master Chief
>343 Guilty Spark
>Prophet of Regret
>Prophet of Mercy
>Prophet of Truth
>Warden Eternal
>Offensive Bias

Omegachads, we'll never not be winning.

...Someone jerked off to this.

So they turned blue tails into a simp for spark rat?

Well she does look fairly cute prior to the kidnapping/brain-washing. Bit of a shame really.

Yep. That guy thinks that making a duo that relies on each other might produce results like Sonic and Tails.

I'm in the process of doing so right now

We are supposed to take this lass as a serious threat after Metal Sonic curb stomped her.

not videogames
fucl off Yea Forumstranny

How can one robot be so fucking based?

You're not.

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>what makes surge different from shit like jet?
Surge is indoctrinated to want to physically destroy Sonic, Jet antagonizes Sonic via his competitiveness.

I do like how this cover falsely frames her as the hero

>Surge + Kit

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Metalbros.... we JOBBED again.

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No, and it's great. She's been bailed out of every fight she's been in and acts smug when she's got the upper hand. It's gonna be funny watching her tardrage against the real deal.

Is this imposter syndrome 4 or issue 50?

I love you, Omega.

Reminder that he spent his first comics appearance styling on Shadow.

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look at Optimus Prime, he can have many evil alternate versions
>an evil dude that vaguely looks like him
>a clone created by a mad scientist
>a clone created by Satan
>all the negative emotions manifested into a single entity
>a clone created by a bunch of tentacle capitalists that is also a clone of his worst enemy
>an alternate universe version of him that got tortured by Satan until he got off to it
>an alternate universe version of him that's just evil
>the same alternate universe version of him but with a different reason for being evil
>a bunch of drones that despite looking like evil versions aren't evil
>Starscream cosplaying him

holy shit, what a based robot

Optimus Prime (Shattered Glass)

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sounds like they both just need a good blue dicking

WTF is this? Twink prime?

They are both green and lack dicks so you may be onto something

Verse where Autos are evil and Decepticons are the good guys.

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And most of them have the same name.

>rival working for the main bad
>rival working for themselves
>latter can play either side or be a third party depending on the situation
why have more?

Because it's fun.

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People may give Heroes shit, but it introduced Omega and it’s automatically a good game just for that.

Is the bird thing a guy or a girl? I can’t tell. Please don’t be a xir…

Male, but he's a platypus so maybe he lays eggs or something idk

>he lays eggs or something