Fantendo Thread

>go to
>post findings and other autistic or hillarious shit

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Reminder that Gooper is legal.

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I'm out

cool dude

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>making up beta content for game that doesn't even exist
What the fuck's_Wild_World:_New_Grounds_Sponsor_Bumpers
the fuck is this

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>set approximately three years after star allies
Do the kirby games even have continuity beyond some sort of vague tacit connection in the “dark matter trilogy.”

Based! Fuck those Island Jews

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I’m more partial to “died on the day he was born” Carl.

>oh, you want to try this medicine that is your last chance at surviving
>you greedy little toddler

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What did he do to them Piantas?

I didn't even read all the games, I just took one look at the large amounts of artwork and nope'd the fuck outta there. Over 90% of the images were photoshopped, that's pathetic.

Nothing officially confirmed, beyond Robobot clearly being set years after Triple Deluxe.
You could technically argue the series moves chronologically; the stories are just loose enough for it to work, and Kirby has never delved into time travel plots to contradict any. But I don't see why Kirby would ever need to specify the amount of time between its sequels.

>As we are going through unprecedented times, Fantendo would like to encourage you to:
>Get vaccinated and boosted if you are eligible for the vaccine. Follow general safety precautions: social distancing, wear a mask indoors, and wash your hands.
>Be active in fighting oppressive systems if it is safe to do so. Use antiracist resources to educate yourself, organize politically, and vote in all local and national elections if you can.
>Want to help Ukraine, but unsure how or who to trust? Click here for a list of good organizations to donate to. For more info go to Paypal, Venmo and Cashapp do not work in Ukraine.

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>The idea for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate actually came from the Not So Good but Hardly the Worse-Timeline or Trump-Timeline where America is governed by President Donald Trump.

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Jesus Christ it just keeps going on

That's not even the weirdest part
>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s creator and director, Masahiro Sakurai, was aided by three genetically-modified clones of himself called Sakurai 1, Sakurai 2, and Sakurai 3. Due to Super Smash Bros. being a global cultural heritage, over 10.5 billion dollars was allocated for its development with many countries invested in its development.

Which clone is pic related

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>12 games + spinoffs
jesus christ

>Diaper Duty 2: The Eggs
fucking kek
>Hat Sage
>White Bomber
>Some mlp shit
>Daft Punk
what the fuck is this

Plot twist
That's the real sakurai, his clones were defective and highly modified, they were 4 clones but one of them achieve a higher IQ and will power so he escaped to the Trump Timeline and to be sure the multiverse police won't catch him he traveled back to the early 90s of the trump timeline so he could make the super smash bros series which in the end inspired the best timeline to do Ultimate.

You guys hyped?

lol this shit reminds me of browsing Deviantart Sanic OCs back in the day

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they/them femboy demon

definitely would

the roster is actually pretty decent ngl
>She was made into a cyborg when she died in infancy by misscarry.

That emergency food looks tainted.

This is the type of quality posting you seldom see anymore on Yea Forums Thank you autistic video game fans. I missed the OC deviantart days

How can't you get hyped with a cover art like this?

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>Low resolution falcon and fox cant triforce
lets fucking go

I knew about Sonic OCs but I really did not know about Mario OCs.
I'm kinda upset.

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Fantano thread?

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lol at this fucking boxart
I completely forgot about Photo Dojo until now though, I unironically liked that game

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>All-Stars: Hot Pursuit (すべての星のホット追求 Subete no hoshi no hotto tsuikyū)
I remember first discovering Fantendo, initially thinking it was a wiki for documenting rom hacks, mods, and fangames. Imagine my disappointment upon realizing what it really was about.

>NSFW warning
>Shopped out the shoes and drew feet on her

Alright boys I found the best one

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oops didn't mean to reply to ya my b

Not a problem. I got a quads on Yea Forums anyway.


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>I remember first discovering Fantendo, initially thinking it was a wiki for documenting rom hacks, mods, and fangames. Imagine my disappointment upon realizing what it really was about.

Something similar happened to me but even more autistic
>wonder one day if a certain TV show was dubbed into my language
>google it, find a wiki
>pretty detailed article, details all the show's dub voice actors, dubbing studio, year of recording, and more stuff like that
>try to find the dub online, can't find shit
>go back to the wiki
>turns out it was all fanfiction and the guy just made the dub up

I can't even tell how this is related to Nintendo. Just a character bio, no reference even to an imaginary game.

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that's just a pokemon character?

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fucking hell lol

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Okay, this is incredible lol

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>すべての星のホット追求 Subete no hoshi no hotto tsuikyū
Lmao good old google translate

Already found something amazing

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I really don't understand what these are even a part of.

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>Have a sensible chuckle at the description
>Scroll down
>See the pokes
I'm fucking weeping

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Who's 2020?

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This one made me choke

It's a fucking sphere, whyyyyy? eh, boring

But in case people haven't seen this before:
Why do they always put in a fucking crazy amount of characters


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It gets better

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That Magma logo somehow looks more official than the Scarlet and Violet logos.


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Noooo way Death Stranding crossover? Yes, YES!

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>DeviantArt Smash rosters

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MGR crossover CONFIRMED.
"Monsoon makes a fursona"

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>Picking anything but Cacturat
Nobody here is that stupid, right?

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hmm I'm pretty sure the maths doesn't quite add up here

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>Fire pokemon
>Primary color is blue

thanks doc

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I love this one so much, you can tell this kid is a big fan of Guilty Gear, some of the character designs are great in a chuuni kind of way

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>blue is hotter than red fire
you aren't gonna make it, user

he was entirely self taught how to make guns so he decided to make guns as a result he became a gun designer this resulted in him making several guns, he doesn't speak English

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