Opinions about censorship in video games?

Opinions about censorship in video games?

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Good when nintendo does it, disgusting when literally anybody else does it.

censorship sucks.
Now tell me what game.

Does this really make any difference?

no, i haven't bought a console in almost 20 years

Eternal Destiny.

which one is the censored one, again?

One-piece swimsuit >>> Nude

The PC version is uncensored.

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Holy cow that UI SUCKS

If it doesnt change anything why change it?

Can you purchase it uncensored or is it a mod?

What opinion? Censorship and people defending it in every case can go fuck themselves with a rake.

Not an argument.

switch version is kinda hot desu

Because there is no discussion. Go drink a bottle of bleach.

Don't need to argue something objectively wrong.

Concession accepted.

Not an argument

im mostly against it when it deals with showing hot womens bodies but in other cases, like OP, i dont care and i think the left has more soul.

why would a cloud fairy thing wear a swim leotard? they must really like to swim and are on a team (which could be an odd thing for a harp playing cloud fairy) and that gives them a personality. the right is just your typical generic card monster.

not even once

You sound retarded.

It's just self censorship, which is fine. Nobody is obligated to withhold censoring their own artistic expression if they feel like it, just because you're a dimwit with 2 brain cells and a perpetual boner.

Ugly selfie

Swimsuit on flat chested creatures is pretty hot.

It's uncensored by default, you just need to choose uncensored version in the menu because the pub originally intended to censor the game.

>actually this is a good thing because i like swimsuits
>bring on the frilly dresses!

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It can't be defended in any way shape or form. If vidya is art like so many outlets and developers like to tell us all the time then there should be no censorship as art can not be censored. At the very least what should be done for all games in this situation is offer a free DLC or prefrably and option in-game so then the censorship is left to the discression of whoever downloads it/enables it.

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There is no way modern blue haired checkmark lgbtq++ ally blm steam would allow this
They even banned a game featuring college students because one wore a highschool uniform

im not making sounds though

Switch is for kids. So it should be kid friendly.
If you expect nudity, don't use a console.

Reminds me of that DS game. Adding swimsuit just makes my penis harder

>also on PS4

really makes you think

>[x} the censorship makes it better

Based reddit exposer


thats literally the most generic name for a video game in the universe

this aint it chief

>Yea Forums is pro-censorship now
/pol/fags have really killed this board.


I thought steam was trigger happy with lewd games. At least the big ones. I wish they purged all the lewd shit off steam so the devs focus on other platforms like DLsite or something. I'm tired of censored versions to please steam or consoles.

No, only sometimes. It's fucked. You literally spin a wheel to see who is working there that day if you get approved or not.
I don't even play coomer games and it's dumb.
Either don't allow any of them, or put a fucking policy in place. They won't though; because the current situation suits them just fine and offers plausible deniability.

Yea Forums is pro whatever they think makes the most anons angry. An unholy combination of contrarianism and desire to troll had caused Yea Forums to cannibalize itself, and now the majority of the board presents stances they don't actually believe in just to get a rise out of their perceived majority.

name 1 time Yea Forums is contrarian besides GOTHIC.ATMOSPHERE.KINO

I will wait

your post

the switch version looks better. The red leotard makes the white pop out more.

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I no longer care.
The games I like are rarely if ever 'censored' in the way Yea Forums likes to complain about. I can't be bothered to get caught up in user's rage about there being slightly less softcore porn in their grinding games.


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Hate it, but left looks pretty cute in a one piece swimsuit.

I wouldn't say better. But I think when you add swimsuits to what's basically a human shaped silhouette you actually make them more sexual


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>t. normalfag posting Redditjak

>Opinions about censorship in video games?
Don't see any there because that's nintendo and when nintendo does it it's not censorship, it's just artistic alteration.

>muh censor
Just stop being a coomer.

>muh censored version BETTER

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If it doesn't make a difference, why censor it?

>/pol/fags are pro-censorship
What kind of bumfucking retardshitfaggot thinking is this supposed to be?


censorship then
>have no idea about what was cut because no internet
>didn't matter because you didn't know about it in the first place

censorship now
>know about what was cut because internet
>doesn't matter because you can literally see what was cut

yeah, censorship fucking sucks

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>soul argument

They are the ones always posting about "muh thots" and "muh tranime", of course they're pro-censorship