Was Reggie right? Did this actually hurt the Donkey Kong brand?

Was Reggie right? Did this actually hurt the Donkey Kong brand?

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no, no, dk64 did that well enough on its own

considering that they had to go back and cash in on the donkey kong country name even though the games barely anything like the original country trilogy.
i'd say everything between wasn't very optimal in their eyes otherwise they wouldn't have gone back to name the games by the most popular titles after arcade one

This game and it's sequel were llackluster as fuck, the cheap menus, the lack of modes, the small and terrible american library. The gamecube was Nintendo last stand as a "harcore" competitor in the market and yet this game portrayed them as the multibillionare company that could not afford to have the original version of All Stars by Smash Mouth? And it's fucking bongos, you don't play "twinkle twinkle little star" on these

Jungle Beat was kino

Both are in smash so no.

No, having only three gimmicky DK games on Gamecube hurt it.

considering that Reggie admits it sold very well immediately after the small part you're quoting to make this shitty bait thread, no

So is Captain Falcon

but he's right that the konga games were pretty lame

jungle beat was fucking fantastic though

He meant the bongos you fuckhead. DK’s new final smash is based on Jungle Beat as well.

lol what the fuck is this? This is not even the Kidz Bops version

Even though the music sucked, the Donkey Konga games were really fun.

Microsoft buying Rare was the actual problem. They were the ones developing DK games (Donkey Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Pilot come to mind) and they didn't know what to do with him so they just had weird spinoffs made.

no, what's hurt the donkey kong brand is the last 8 years and counting of no games at all.

in the short term? yes
in the long term? no, nobody remembers it

Donkey Konga is Nintendo Taiko. Change my mind.


This is just sad

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These were worse

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it's only been 4 years, nobody owned a pii u

What went wrong with the Donkey Kong franchise?

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People loved DK64 when it came out, zoomie
they also loved banjo tooie and thought it was a vast improvement over the original (it is)

>counting port
Kill yourself zoomer

>zoomers and /pol/ hates me

Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. They ruined the donkey kong country series.

FACT: I own two Wii U's and that alone makes me automatically superior to a dumb virgin like you

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Fuck off. A zoomer made a jewtube video on the game and suddenly everyone wants to rewrite history. People loved dk64 when it came out. Ciritics universally praised it and it was the 7th highest selling n64 game.

>Donkey Konga
>sells 1.18 million
>gets a sequel

>F-Zero GX
>Sells 1.5 million
>kills the series


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Dobkey Konga got two sequels

The N64 only had 7 games, so that's not impressive.

It sold more than banjo kazzooie and tooie faggot

no, no, no, you don't understand
it's too hard to come up with new ideas for f-zero
donkey konga just has way too much potential for innovation

Brand recognition

Nintendo never cared about DK

>DKCR comes out
>it's good and well-received and sells well
>DKCTF gets announced
>it looks great but gets shouted down by WHERE'S METROID RETRO SHOULD ONLY BE MAKING METROID
>it releases and it's fantastic but almost nobody buys it cause it wasn't metroid and it was on the wii u
>still no third retro kong country to this day even though we've gotten three metroid primes and a fourth one is in the works


It did. The whole gamecube bongo era fucked DK over royally. He became shitty shovelware shit for a long time until Returns released. He's finally been able to shake off that bongo bullshit.

Donkey Kong Country killed the IP

>it releases and it's fantastic but almost nobody buys it cause it wasn't metroid and it was on the wii u
I bought three copies

It will never happen because Mario Kart exists. Same with other Nintendo racing/driving games like Wave Race. They don't see a point in putting effort there when they can shit out Mario Kart DLC and get twice as many sales from that compared to putting effort in a new game just to get a fraction of what Mario Kart gets. The best you will get is references to F-Zero in other games.

>Donkey Konga
>2 rhythm games, 1 platformer
>1 fucking racing game that got slapdash ported to the wii, finally ending the bongos

They had 4 fucking games using the bongos, 5 if you want to be cheeky and say DK King of Swing was also using L&R as GBA "bongos"

5 fucking games.

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I bought a copy and I recommended it to pretty much everyone I knew who was dumb enough to get a Wii U, but let's face it, it sold like shit initially. It did better on Switch at least, and people finally started recognizing how good it was, but I'm still salty.

Jungle Climber was fun

>We'll be singing
>When we're winning

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Metroid retards truly are insufferable. Prime peaked with 2 and 2D metroid hasn't been good since fusion
these retards think that DK64 wasn't praised across the board when it came out.
>Hur Dur too many collectibles
It is a collectathon platformer That's the point
This is what actually hurt DK; no brand recognition once they only released gimmick peripheral games

TF sold pretty good for a wiiu game tbqh

yeah they really got so much brand recognition for dk64 lmao
more people care about spongebob games than dk64

its literally the only good donkey kong game, so if the DK brand was all about shit games i guess it hurt that.

i saw these exact same posts on the last thread.

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People really liked DK64 at the time, and he was in the trailer for Smash 64 etc. It's only in the last 5 years or so people have started shitting on it for undeserved things (not Beaver Bother)

GX was never reported to sell over a million by Nintendo themselves no matter what Nagoshi tells you.

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It's a far shot but anyone knows which Donkey Kong has that well known song with the melody having long notes?

My friends made fun of me relentlessly when they found out I had Konga.

Nevermind, found it. It was Gang-plank galleon.

>Metroid retards truly are insufferable. Prime peaked with 2 and 2D metroid hasn't been good since fusion
It's funny how Metroid fans live rent free in your head as a DK fan. Yet all you said there is wrong. Prime peaked with the very first one which is far better than Prime 2. And Dread is high quality af and instantly became the only game to properly compete with Super for the title of best 2D Metroid. The absolute state of DK fans

AM2R is better than Dread.

>>F-Zero GX
>>Sells 1.5 million
Why lie? It didn't sell that, there's no official numbers for the game

Lmao even
Low quality bait mate, not even close to being true

That was Reginald's point. Nintendo wanted to spend an entire generation turning DK into a spin-off party game character after they had just spent all that time building him as his own IP to stand alongside Mario. The DKC Returns games have helped restore some balance but DK hasn't regained that fan perception that he had back in the SNES - N64 era.

silence zoomer

Why would /pol/ hate DK, is this some new attempt of leftypol to make us hate those fags more?
Also nobody hates TF, the game is one of the best platformers of the 10's if not outright the best one.

It's insane that this game didn't even let you use the bongos as an option

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"Selling well" and "hurting the brand" aren't opposites. He was talking more so about the franchise's reputation getting hurt, but conceded that the game at least found an audience of its own.

>It's funny how Metroid fans live rent free in your head as a DK fan
might be because they screamed so goddamn loud that they drowned out all the announcement for tropical freeze and actually got nintendo to put retro on prime 4 instead of something they actually want to make