Comfy steam deck thread

Comfy steam deck thread

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As a retard, I need a complete tutorial for installing pirated games and a switch emulator. Thanks please

>at his desktop
>using a steam deck
you are one giga retard

>fat hand

Recommend some games where I can have romantic relations with little girls.

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>Q2 2022
>still no e-mail
Where's my fucking Steam Deck, Gabe?

Why is it so ugly and huge?


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>SteamDeck owner is a pedo
why am I not surprised?

GNU/Freetard here
Just download the games like usual. Either use a 3rd party launcher (Lutris, Heroic) to configure shit for you or add the .exe as a non-steam game to your library
There should be one on the discover store or whatever valve uses to install shit. Download it, download and install bios files (look up a video tutorial) and it should werk

I'm in the same bloody spot. Goddamnit Gayben you fat fuck, where's my Deck

>tfw ordered late and now have to wait

Just kill me, kupo

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I wonder who posted this?

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Might as well just wait for the deck 2

And what happens if he misses the preorder time by 30 minutes and has to wait a year and a half for that too?

God I hope we get out of this electronics shortage soon

do u still get watchlisted for downloading that shit

>still waiting for the email
Anytime now ...

You can't even hold that monstrosity up with one hand you fat fuck.

>steam deck has no ga-

It's on, dumbass. And if you have to ask that on 4channel of all places, you're ngmi.

>moved from post-q2 to post-q3

So what games have you anons been playing on your steam deck?

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Let me guess. You need more?

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I set up FFIX with the Moguri mod, planning on starting that up tonight after work (and probably after a nap, because shit has been nonstop today).

Yes. I need a daughterwife to play with

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Go away, thanks.

Thanks, big nigga.

is that the chinese made stand for deck?

A little bit of pussy would be nice

So what's everyone been doing to increase battery life? Currently playing through Hitman 3 and I've lowered ingame settings a bit, set refresh rate of the screen and capped fps to 40hz/fps, and also limited my TDP to 10 watts. Anyone found any other useful shit?
The difference between 30fps and 40fps is way more noticeable than the difference between 40fps and 60fps to my boomer eyes. The refresh rate update is so fucking good.

Finally getting around to part 2 of The Great Ace Attorney

Pretty based combo, user.

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Yes. It was 10 bucks on Ali. Has a metal base


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Mikotoba is the bad guy

My nig. If you need a carrying case for your 351v most 2DS XL cases fits it perfectly

Iris is Baron van Zieks niece

Hey that's my thread on the monitor...wait a second.

But am I a cat?

I use that thing in the top right of the picture, it's a case for a portable HDD but it works great for the 351V.

i bought one but its all plastic for $5

Ah shit neat. May I ask what you playing on your Anbernic? Currently trying to find obscure GBA games

ok but do you have someone like belly poster posting in this thread? if I don't see a dick beside a deck then I'm not interested.

Find the Anbernic woman

Yeah I would say this one is average in everything but functionality.

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Right now I'm just playing Friday the 13th NES because I need something comfy, I've been dealing with tech issues with two customer servers for three days and it's starting to get to me. First day of Friday the 13th is pretty comfy, after the first day it sucks cock so I stop at that point.

Same but I doubt I’m gonna keep it. Don’t want to cancel unless I change my mind. Still not sold on it even though they adjusted the fan via firmware. Only a different type of fan will make it more bearable under load though. If they fix that before mine ships I might change ny mind. But it is a lot bigger in person than i was expecting it to be. I think the Switch is already too big… and this thing is almost twice the size

When I booted mine up for the first time it rebooted like 10 times in a row and never seemed to get through the setup process.
It was plugged in while doing it. Anyone else have this experience?

yeah this is the one i get, for now its my phone stand while waiting for the deck

The size is pretty jarring. I honestly don't think it looks or feels stupid in hand and is pretty comfortable, but as soon as you set it down you see how fucking massive it is. It looks goofy as hell.

The size doesn't matter to me. My parents fly me up to see them every weekend at their vacation house from early spring to early winter and all that travel, plus them going to bed at like 8 gives me a lot of free time and its easier than bringing my entire desktop, buying a "gaming laptop" or even bringing my Switch.

It seems fine so far. Though the only thing I've played is quake.

how do i get rpgmaker games to work (hgames)

Look what I'm packing.

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and you call the other guys pedos, hmm?

No we call them Bing Bing Wahos

Paypig waitfag reporting in. Anyone have pics of the etched glass version?

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DOOM 2016 is a perfect game to show the deck off in.
>better than console settings (unless you want less for battery life)
>with a constant 60 fps (or 40 if you want more battery)
>steam input options that make the game so much more fluid
Tried running Black Souls on my desktop using wine, worked like a charm. Don't have a deck yet, so I don't know how the controls setup works

add really fat zoomer hands to that

Mostly just Expendabros so far, got lots of good recommendations in another thread for other casual games, but still looking fore more.

>Anyone have [...] the etched glass version?
>Anyone have pics of the etched glass version?

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Rude slut.