Why did Battlerite die?

Why did Battlerite die?

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It went flavor of the month.

No marketing at all. Only available on pc and a dead console. [Spoiler]It still hurts[/spoiler]
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Because the character you posted was the only good design.

shitty experimental "Battle Arena" game genre that tried to simplify MOBAs which were already a simplified version of RTSs

The devs wanted that sweet sweet BR cash and abandoned it.

Because of Hirez, we warned you about this.

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It made mobas actually good you faggot. Your RTS incel shit is just as dead, mobas being more popular than both is literally the worst outcome.

this is the correct answer

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Phone autocorrected it genius. Battlerite was never popular for 99% of its lifespan. Its initial popularity drop-off isn't the reason it died.

Just play Dota. Why boil it down to hyper simplistic arena shit? Terrible idea for bad players.

>our RTS incel shit
A genre is now involuntarily celibate? Good lord you have no idea why you're talking about what you're talking about. You're like a parrot who's interested in having a conversation.

No teammates to blame for a loss

Because it was actually fun by focusing on what people actually enjoy about mobas and doubling down on that with satisfying combat instead of including the tower autism.

phone autocorrected it genius!

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But is true, it was just another "moba" trying to get into an already saturated market, then it went battle royal with predictable results, the concept was OK when it came to controls but it also had a very limited selection of free characters at the beginning.

Seems I really pinched a nerve lol.

Not at all. I'm just wondering why someone with no foundation to stand on is arguing something they don't care about. What are you avoiding in life to do this pointless shit?

This, 2v2/3v3 matchmaking was very skill reliant and soloq was basically not an option
Also this, at some point they just dropped out support of game over BR game mode and later BR game
What a shame though. What a rotten way to die.

It didn't play anything like the other mobas though. The gameplay loop was entirely different and its what made the game good in the first place. Normies would rather suffer through tedious assfaggots garbage than play something similar with just pure gameplay.

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Battlerite was amazing and it's fucking criminal that it didn't get the popularity it should have had.
Didn't get enough content and got abandoned by the developer. They didn't need to be King of Videogames, if they managed to curate a small but loyal playerbase they could keep their studio running. That's what fucking SMITE does.
I finally uninstalled when they started asking for a phone number to play the game at all.
It's tragic that this exact game probably won't come back in any form, be it Battlerite or some other game that plays the same/similar.

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You're not hurting me with your foolishness. I hope you find whatever you're looking for and also happiness, user.


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It was a skill based game.
Turns out most people are actually shit at games and can't stand realizing that. Same thing happened with BLC. Though the skill discrepancy was much larger in BLC as that game was faster.
Of course the devs also killed both games with retarded decisions (BR for Battlerite, items etc. for BLC), but that was after the games were already completely fucked due to a dead playerbase.

Attention all Battlerite gamers
There's a Battlerite-style game (3v3 arena fighter) that has a beta test this weekend with guaranteed tester keys
It's called FANGS. No idea if it's good or shit

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Based. This game was way too good for SLS. I really believe that this kind of game could have brought back arena brawlers and would have went huge had it actually got advertised by a AAA studio. It's the only game where comp felt like you were completely in control of the games outcome.

they abandoned the game to make a shitty battle royale spinoff instead of actually working on the game. fuck stunlock.

Link? It doesn't show up on steam

Oh shit, it has Guinsoo as dev?

>it has Guinsoo as dev

In it's recent dev video it has Guinsoo webcam
Honestly, considering early days of LoL, i may give this game a try.
Fucking sick of nu-Riot

The problem was going with the usual moba business model.

moba focused on teamfights instead of laning which is the fun part of mobas

lol was garbage from its inception but he worked on dota allstars so I'll try it out I guess

>Because it was actually fun by focusing on what people actually enjoy about mobas
people enjoy laning and 1v1s lmao

the devs made the same mistakes they did with bloodline champions, their other game that failed. Compared to that game it also had a worse artstyle, less features, and was dumbed down. To top it off they said fuck battlerite and decided to release a shitty battle royale mode as a standalone game which was the final nail in the coffin.

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It was good until they cut development for BR shit and tanked all the momentum they had for a quick buck
I will never ever trust these devs with anything

shitty generic art style and character designs

just like BR

if it focused on what people actually enjoy about mobas then why did nobody play it

because people dont actually enjoy anything about "mobas"

I'm pretty sure the game was actually doing very well until they announced the battle royale

There is no point in analyzing anything else. it's 100% the split development that killed interest in a game that was in a growing phase

What do we think about their new project releasing in a few days? The vampire survival thing. Can they pull it off?

It seems like Valheim meets Fallout 76
Very high chance to fuck things up

>game that needs mods meets game from a franchise of games needing mods
Yeah, nah, hard fucking pass.

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You can't launch a game that the only objective is to kill the other players and have it succed, unless it is from an already stabilished franchise, like COD. That's why every arena shooter fails. People need objectives and another thing to do ingame that enables them to kill the other players to achieve that goal. Even in Battle Royales you get to a point where you need to strategize and use your brain.

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>3v3 arena fighter
Vainglory bros is this our time to shine again?

Ah so this wound up being a stealth marketing thread huh? Disgusting.

the game is fucking dead in the water, the devs are making a new multiplayer game and if anything I urge you not to give them a dime. Vampyr or something, some kinda vampire br

Ah yes, the long con, the marketers all samefagged and shat on the game and devs for an hour, just to shill something at the last second. Truly the master plan in action.

Why are people overanalyzing so much? The devs dropped support early into the game's lifecycle and that's what killed it. That's it. If you keep overanalyzing you'll just make sure nobody ever tries something like it again.

it's not over analyzing. name a succesful deathmatch game released recently

I love the theme but I don't trust them after they killed battlerite through their bumbling incompetence

nobody with a fucking brain is going to play that vampire slop after SLS ruined Battlerite
I posted the fangs post but I only found out it existed today


generic ass character designs and a dead horse game

>nobody with a fucking brain is going to play that vampire slop after SLS ruined Battlerite
I'll give it a fair pirate. I'm itching for a vampire game and it has a very very small chance of being decent.