Can we get a thread for the best souls game? What are your favorite weapons? Favorite part of the game...

Can we get a thread for the best souls game? What are your favorite weapons? Favorite part of the game? Me im running through old hunter right now trying out the kurkri and loving them

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If anyone needs help on playstation im more then happy to follow you around and back you up even if its just going throught he level

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>What are your favorite weapons?
Reiterpallasch and Bowblade
>Favorite part of the game?
Getting kidnapped and taken to Yahargul and then returning to the area later in the game and finding out what was going on

Man of style im working my way to it right now and want to see what its all about

For me it's the Stake Driver. Fast, good for staggers, and I've played through this game so much that I can reliable land charged R2s on most enemies and bosses. I simply cannot use any other weapon.

It's the only bow in the entire Soulsborne franchise I enjoy using, it's so fast and satisfying.

Iv been playing with it to the charge takes awhile but man its satisfying

TOH is the best souls dlc, but the rest of Bloodborne ranges from decent to pretty shite honestly. Its many major flaws get overlooked compared to the other games. If an area like bloodmoon Yahar'gul or a boss like Rom was in one of those, people would be screaming about it non-stop.

When is this Video Game coming out for the Personalized Computing Platform?

>Already Dead.
Since "Dead" was written with a capital letter here I have to assume it was referring to a name.
So who was Dead?

People have been saying blupoint forvever. I wouldnt doudt it. I still see plenty of ghosts running around so the game is pretty alive. Id drop 60 for a remake

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>Can we get a thread for the best souls game?
Sure, I'll love to discuss Elden Ring

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The gatekeeper asks you for a password but once i open it hes dead. Its a servant of willem as stated by the gravekeeper set

That’s because bows in elden ring are relegated to being side weapons

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Thats my favorite part of the area. This playthrough he landed right next to me and i heard the satisfying crunch. Hes a goood guy but man what a dick w that minigun

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I really like the game, but something I don't understand is how no one talks about the underwhelming latter half of the game. At least, I haven't seen anyone mention it. Once you do get to Yahargul the game sort of drops off and it doesn't feel like you're building to anything further, I didn't even realize I was in the endgame until I went back to the Hunter's Dream and the workshop was burning. What's up with that?

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I know the lockon in souls games imranges from meh to shit but my god the lockon in bloodborne gets me killed regularly. I strafe iinto the line of attack but its my fault for using lockon

The lore is rather cyptic even if you read the items. Out of all souls games the story takes a backseat imo for gameplay. The whole goal of the stpry is to get out of “the hunters dream” once you kill mergo (who holds the alien infant) your almost out of the dream that it conjures. Im sure im wrong but ehhhh

There are a few bosses like Ebrietas, The Bloodletting Beast, and some of Ludwig's that have extremely wonky camera/lock on mechanics

>fav weapons
luv me saw cleaver
luv me hoontah pistol
simple as
>fav area
fishin' village
luv me ankle-deep brine

Man, Bloodborne and DS3 look like badly lit brown shit if compared to DS2.

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Are you a sardine man as well? Luv me some fishien in garlic oil

Id say Ds2 graphics were microwaved and then blurred x10 bro

Bloodborne's story is more interesting for its thematic components I reckon, in addition to the backstory that the DLC does a ton of heavy lifting to expand upon to weave a captivating origin for the dreadful state of things. In general, the game captures a great eldritch gothic horror mood, so when the lore is good and well rounded, it really draws you in to the mystery typical to Fromsoft's lore.
I'm not gonna be one of those faggots who pretend they had any idea what was actually happening on their first playthrough though. Nor am I going to claim the lauded 'Lovecraftian twist' was as explosive and eye-opening as many exaggerate it as. After all, we're still traipsing through fantasy gothic horror by the last mandatory main-game area.

For a general storyline, all you have to go on is that you've come to Yharnam to seek its storied Blood Ministration, you wake up in the moody night streets of its Central district, you're pulled into the Hunter's Dream, Gehrman tells you to go hunt some beasts, you maybe catch a few notes here and there telling you to seek paleblood to transcend the hunt or stop the Mensis ritual, you kill Rom uncovering the Eldritch truth, head to Mensis, kill the host of the nightmare, and then kill the Wet Nurse, followed by the Endings. Anything involving the player is incredibly scarce, which isn't uncommon in From games outside of Sekiro and arguably now Elden Ring.

As far as I remember, when people were discussing it when it was initially released, the whole premise is that everyone is living in a meta-physical nightmare caused by tainted alien blood and the moon, which frankly makes sense as far as the whole werewolf/van helsing bit.

While certain people are predisposed to go insane and/or be transformed into a monster (whether or not they did is up for debate), you are protected by your 'pale blood,' which is something to do with our collective ancestors, idunno. In any case, the 'collective meta nightmare' is supported with the 'normal' ending where you simply 'wake up' from the nightmare next morning.

Frankly, I kinda like it that From allows us to draw our own conclusions. You don't need remember every twist and turn on a rollercoaster, as much as you're just there for the ride.

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God i love trick weapons. Instantly gain style points

>Playing Elden Ring
>For shits and giggles, power stance a halberd and do a charged attack
>Same general animation...
>But doesn't have the 'kick' the Hunter's Axe did

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Im a fan of the light story honestly as oppesed to elden rings multiple characters/faction. I know most people dont care about the story and play it for gameplay/fun but if you make a game with moderate story while still making it cryptic its a nice hook. Normal people can into the story while there still beimg things for lorehunters to delve into

>favourite weapon
beasthunter saif
>favourite part of the game

Really? I dont see a lot of saif mains. Why do you like it? Why choose saif over scythe?

super quick initial attack (transformed) that has a dash, also has lot of hits in its combos making it good for building beasthood
also untransformed has large swings making it great for dealing with multiple enemies.
also the dash is good at catching people on PVP

Respect i want to try it out because i like all the weapons but im running out of shards

Surprised nobody likes the saw. Sure lyrics theres some mad lad that lives his saw esque fantasy with this

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>fav weapon
Threaded cane
>fav area
Yahar'gul (aesthetic and especially music)
Yharnam into Cathedral Ward (level design)

I started with the cane but got interested in other weapons. Do you feel the damage when upgraded is still viable late game ?

>Favorite weapon
Simons Bowblade or the saw spear
>Favorite part
Upper cathedral ward nothing comes close in at atmosphere

>what are your favorite weapons?
Kirkhammer, Bowblade, Saw spear, moonlight GS, Axe, god I like a lot of weapons in this game and I haven't even tried them all.

>favourite part of the game?
The first time going through forbidden woods is my best memory. Strong RE4 vibes, amazing level design and its the start of the shift to cosmic horror.

>have BB installed
>apparently my ps4 isn't set as primary
>have to go online to set it as one
>i can't go online because i don't want to lose my firmware 9.00
Is there any other way other than jailbreaking and playing the pirated version?

Is nobody playing this currently? Was hoping i could help people and get some vermin from (you)s

>fighting Paarl and ending up in the old town
Felt really bizarre first time

Is that dark souls 2?

Everything is viable if you gem the fucker

I dont think so whats special about 9.0?

So why don't you jailbreak it right now? What's the point of holding on to 9.00 other than that?

Whos henriett?

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Idk but she's a cutie

My favorite oart about bloodborne is its pvp is dead and i can afk and make lumch while henriett waits in the corner

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Ludwig is bs i forgot how hard this shit was. I think im gonna need help

Post your best bloodborne screenshots

Yes, with gems like said, it also does serrated damage in whip form and has great crowd control. Plus you get to whip werewolves like a circus trainer.

Why are there people and red lamps in the forbidden woods if it’s forbidden and you need a password?

Probably circled around yharnam is pretty big

I wsih i didnt have to farm blood vials shit pisses me off. This imo is my biigest hat one the game

Tips for ludwig? Im starting to think noc summon arent worth the extra def buff it gives ludwig

Once you get going it shouldn’t be a problem

What’s fucking you his drop from the ceiling?


Na just his general attacks ill learn them i just need to get gud

What level should i stop at? I enjoy helping in co op but id like to keep leveling im at 87