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Requesting a sexy pin-up of Laevatein from Fire Emblem: Heroes in just these undies.

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Requesting Grimm smashed by the Deep Sea Knight's anchor looking cartoonishly flat stuck to the anchor like as if it's a cartoon.

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Requesting Rivet and user preparing to have sex for the first time with her using a breeding compatibility device testing their DNA to see if they have to worry about needing condoms but it gives her a 100% compatibility result to her displeasure hoping they wouldn't need protection so she lies to user saying they don't have to worry about needing a condom.

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Requesting the "Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio" meme but with tea-enthusiast Danjo / Matsunaga Hisahide from Nioh taking a sippy from a teacup.

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requesting Beastmaster Raha relaxing in a kiddie pool

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Requesting the right pic with Maya (Dragon Quest) getting her belly button licked by her sister Meena.

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Requesting the left image but with Notte

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user kun would you follow me over by this vent alone? I got something I want to show you!

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Rei was found in the recently leaked Duke Nukem Forever files. For that occasion, requesting Duke holding a Rei pillow, like on the pic on the left, replacing it with Misato

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Requesting madotsuki dressed as this funky whore

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do you ever wonder what went wrong in your life that you spent 7 months requesting that autistic trash?
380 times in 211 days, an average of 1.8 requests per day
nearly twice a day you think to yourself how much you need to impregnate a muppet reject looking C-list mascot game character
what is your actual fucking problem

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Anyone drawing underwater tifa?

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chill out autismo

>Requesting Rivet and user preparing to have sex for the first time with her using a breeding compatibility device testing their DNA to see if they have to worry about needing condoms but it gives her a 100% compatibility result to her displeasure hoping they wouldn't need protection so she lies to user saying they don't have to worry about needing a condom.

Holy autism you're that same faggot from last thread complaining about the bot aren't you? No one wants to do your faggy requests nigger

Someone sounds mad that their Pandora request keeps getting made fun of and is now trying to push the humiliation onto someone else.

Requesting Rock and Melody at the wedding and got married.

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Requesting Drasna checking herself out in a mirror while in Clair’s outfit and her mentally debating whether it makes her butt look big as the mirror gives a nice view of her massive gilf ass

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Requesting Jas and the Farmer dancing together at the Flower Dance festival.

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I have literally no idea what those are but point me to them if they deserve a callout

You should be targeting the MMO OCs. They're nothing, but pests. Not that innocent man trying to get rivet deliveries.

0/10, see me after class

Requesting Geiru Toneido from Ace Attorney at a computer
Optionally have the screen show what looks to be a WikiHow article titled "How to frame someone for murder"

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nothing wrong with liking pandabears

Requesting a legs-focused pin-up of Tron Bonne in her labcoat but wearing her usual pantyhose. Incidentally sexy, as if you caught her being engrossed in a paper while holding a mug of coffee perhaps. Either no shoes or wearing sexier heels.

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Requesting Kina from Skyward Sword taking a nap, looking cute

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Requesting the Architect from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with Pierce Brosnan's mustache and goatee, unveiling his greatest creation: Fat Mythra

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Final design after 4 things

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>posted exactly a minute apart
I thought people said "Gaph" was an actual person instead of a bot personality.

I wonder if Mr. Robot will teach how he does.

That Tron request is not mine, but if you actually want to know then here's the only 3 things I'm requesting atm

Requesting Pietra, the new SF6 character having some action with Blanka

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Requesting Ann Takamaki dressed like Pretty Pridot

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Requesting a PoV pic of Terra bent over and getting her tights torn open, the nylon being torn apart by the viewer while he's sporting a huge erection.

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Requesting an outfit swap between Daena and Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter.

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Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing an alternate version of her Long Maid Outfit, either a more cyber-like appearance with neon lights or circuits/headphones, a steampunk version with cogs as decoration or maybe a bodice, or an armored version of the maid outfit with metal plates/greaves/gauntlets, must keep the long dress and sleeves.

Non in-game reference:

Nothing lewd please.

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You already got this.

Wouldn't the easiest way to shut down the "bot" to simply deliver with a low quality/parody drawing?

Uh... Doing what?

holding her breath, struggling to reorient herself after falling in you know the basics.

He'll probably just re-request it or start spamming another one.
Best you can do is Ignore him or do his request, but that's on you.

You wann do this routine every thread?

Playing Blitzball, that underwater sport from FF10. That would be quite wholesome.

Drowning fetishists leave

Requesting Agnes pulling up her dress and revealing that she's wearing sexy or fancy lingerie underneath.

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Dude, I feel bad for you, it was such a good drawing until the artist monkey paw it very hard.

fat legs

Give me girls to draw with different hairstyles/cuts.

Monkey ball'd more like
Whatever I don't mind, only shit that's annoying is the nerd emoji anons doing the "uuuhm you already got'ch dthis" every thread

himecut etna

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i refuse

i want the csp upgrade... i want to make animations

How about Renamon with Mai Valentine's hairstyle? Both seem to wear the same type of gloves, it'd be a neat crossover.

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Afro patchy

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Have you even tried making a short one with the standard version of CSP.

wait for it to go on sale

Talim with a cute, short hairdo

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That has already happened to him multiple times, he always just rerequests anyway even when he gets a delivery that wasn't a shitpost because it wasn't good enough for him.

Requesting Nana from Akiba's trip in a black micro bikini. Keep her necklace on.

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Requesting a yandere Aht raping Stock having him tied up and gagged based on the bad ending from her sidequest.

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props to you for still pulling through with this, you absolute madman

New Twitter tos just dropped. Better not say thanks too much or you'll get the shadow ban.

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Requesting Estelle from Tales of Vesperia in harem clothes, maybe loosely based off her own dress in color theme and other details.

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funny how women and trannies will be by far the most affected by this

Requesting Mohg crying like the sobbing emoji

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Start charging rent user

I think it's more about those bots that spam the same message to get it trending, usually politics or consumer products
although possibly the gorilla warfare pasta would get someone pinged

How about Forte with a bobcut?

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Requesting Nanamo staring hungrily at a large chocolate cake or some other rather large baked good.

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Requesting rape and ryona.

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>say "こんにちは"
>gets banned

The "Hello" bot better look out now.


Requesting Death Stranding guy delivering a huge anchor.

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oh no, all that future grandia art will be lost

Losing their mind over amoungus writing sus all over the walls and surrounded by amoungus plushes.

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Requesting a Selkie from Crystal Chronicles in a Bikini at the beach; bonus points if the bikini top is ever-so-slightly undersized for her breasts (without just being a microbikini).

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Requesting Hikage and Tatsumaki grinding on someone's erection Butt Battle-style (Dead or Alive)
For reference-

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