Why can't I get into this even as a big Star Wars fan...

Why can't I get into this even as a big Star Wars fan? I've tried multiple times but can't bring myself to play far past the tutorial without getting bored.

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ADHD much, user?

Maybe I am just a zoom, but half my favourite games are older than KOTOR anyway and don't feel this ass to play

It's a decent game, but you play it for the sequel, which is the smartest game ever written and a masterpiece

Most likely due to a chronic case of shit taste.

>as a big Star Wars fan
those still exist?

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Yeah it has shit gameplay but you need to finish it so you can play the sequel, trust me bro

idk I only watch the Lucas movies, haven't seen any of the new shit since TFA

Is this the 'it gets good 200 episodes in' meme for vidya?

What is it you don't like? You don't have to like it anyway so I don't see what the issue is. Just drop it.

the retards telling you to power through to the sequel are like i said, retards. both games have the same gameplay and boring dialogue. if you dont like 1, dont even continue. read about the story on a website or youtube and just wait for the remake they are working on right now

I just started playing this again and it's fucking amazing.

Push through the tutorial (which isn't long at all) and get to the first planet, that's where the real RPG fun begins.

Also if you're not running a 18 Charisma, 2 Persuade build right off the bat, you're doing it wrong.

Maybe you just don't like older style RPGs. Not really a bad thing, it's just not for you. Watch a playthrough or something.

RPGs make brain hurty hurt, you dirty zoomer?

>d just wait for the remake they are working on right now
You're the bigger retard if you don't expect them to fuck that thing in to the dirt.

>tfw missed the switch sale
I'd pay $10 for this but NOT $15. Simple as.

It's gameplay was outdated at the time of it's release. If you can't get past that, you won't enjoy anything else about the game despite it being an amazing game. 2 is even better despite it's massive amount of cut content.
>t. have played both 20+ times since release

i hope you and your brown filth have fun tortancing and shazaming when the time comes around. the game is going to be fine and it will be much better than the shit optimized mess of a game that kotor 1 is now with its extremely EXTREMELY outdated gameplay

You re not used to old rpg gameplay dont worry it Will have a remake or you can cheat your stats to max and be done with it

i have adhd and kotor is one of my fav games

taris is garbage but the game gets better after it. if you have it on pc there's literally a mod to just skip taris because it sucks so much dick

the gameplay never gets less jank but 80% of taris is just braindead filler

>immediately resorting to calling me a nigger and shazam freak
You really are a fucking retard.

Yes, you are a zoomer. There is very little chance of you getting over your zoomer biases to enjoy the game.

The combat isn't for everyone.

>by Disney overlords
Yikes and oof
Say goodbye to slave dancer outfits and modding
Consumer freedom?!?! No way, fag, it's all about corporate brainwashing here yo

Yep, it's a genuine retard

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let's pretend, just for a moment, that the remake will be good.
What would you like to see in it?

>that thumbnail swap
>my name is not important
God hatred was so fucking fun. It was such a ridiculous shitpost and the shitshow it caused was great.

>the shit optimized mess of a game
What antique potato do you have that doesn't run Kotor 1 at 100000000fps?

Fair enough, I'll just keep playing Daggerfall instead I guess lol

Fact 1: KOTOR is a really good game and is true to the Star Wars franchise.
Fact 2: KOTOR2 is a broken piece of unfinished jank that is an insult to the Star Wars franchise as it's more interested in a pseudo-intellectual deconstruction of children's media, also known as shooting fish in a barrel and not interesting to anyone with an IQ above 80, than being a fun game.

It's not a failing of Stars Wars that's it's black and white. That was by design. George Lucas has said on many occasions he specifically made it black and white.

moot i swear to god

>star wars is bad and stupid on purpose and that's a good thing
kreia really did mindbreak an entire generation didn't she

Seriously if you love star wars put on a playthrough. I'm sure there's pure gameplay ones floating around. It's worth it for the story and characters. The gameplay is pretty janky and the real time turn based shit can feel pretty bad so nobody is really going to actually blame you.

>I want to watch the same story play out over and over and over and over and over and over again for 50 years
People like you are unironically the reason Star Wars is such shit now.

Aaaaand the shill reveals itself. Get a real job, subhuman refuse.

Star Wars was literally based on recurring mythological motifs that have been repeated in story's since the dawn of humanity though
postmodernist pseud wank doesn't improve it, it just cheapens it

>black and white morality = same story played out over and over and over again
You're an idiot.

No really, what do you want out of Star Wars? Muh Jedi defeats muh bad guy for the eleventy billionth time? Bro your shit is boring as fuck, the sequels should be your favorite movies by your logic.

>eleventy billionth time?
There are two Star Wars trilogies and only one of them involves good guys defeating bad guys lol

It's more entertaining than the eleventy billionth time a pseudo-intellectual fucktard thinks he impressing me when he does a basic bitch deconstruction of deliberately simplistic media.

The start is really shitty and the beginning is slow. Once you get a light saber that's when the game starts being good

>and only one of them involves good guys defeating bad guys
look at the text crawl retard. can't even watch the fucking movie you're talking about.


one star wars video game from like twenty years ago dares to try and do something even slightly different and it lives rent free in these retard's heads despite there being zero chance of anything like it ever being made again

it's a pretty common theme for star wars fans to cry incessantly about every installment that tries something new and lap up derivative trash

Cope and seethe.
Exactly. Mainstream Star Wars fans are what destroyed any chance the franchise had of being interesting.

Once you get off Taris the game gets good.

KOTOR was well received though? Normalfags loved it
The Prequels were infinitely more interesting but got shat on for being too different

>something new
Chris Avellone and KOTOR2 is basically Rian Johnson and Episode 8. Both wanted to subvert the stereotypes and cliches of the setting while also subverting view expectations.

And in the end, that just isn't interesting.

>shat on for being too different
You mean having shit dialogue, a fetishistic over-reliance on CGI and wanking off Vader for no good reason

KOTOR1 is kinda shittily written from a roleplaying standpoint, it's essentially just riffing off of the OT and the EU with some meme characters, where you play as either a saturday morning cartoon villain (a five year-olds interpretation of Vader) or an unthinking literally brainwashed pussy Jedi, or a "cool Jedi" that helps everyone regardless of what the mean authority figures back home say and gets mad pussy (i.e. a kiss).

garbage taste

>would rather play Daggerfall
Yup, the problem is you. Don't waste your time with Kotor; maybe skim through some YouTube vids for the story.

You gotta push through Taris and Peragus in the 2nd game.

>muh recurring myths
>muh jordan peterson
ironically that's likewise just modernist pseud wanking

>maybe skim through some YouTube vids for the story.
If the only value is in watching it I'd rather just watch the movies again desu

I think I might have tbis, but Adderall, Vyvanse, Strattera and Nuvigil do literally nothing. I haven't truly enjoyed anything in 20 years.

>muh cgi
The vast majority of effects in the PT were practical. In fact, they were a seamless blend of CGI and practical.

>trannoid seething over peterson when nobody brought him up

Wait for the remake, they are making that one for your kind.

Simple != shitty

Contrary to popular belief KOTOR2 is not particularly complex or anything either. It's a pretty simple story too. KOTOR2 doesn't ever really get into deep philosophical or ethical debates or anything. There's a pretense of doing so by kind of dancing around them but it never gets into the weeds of it. That would be longwinded or boring for your average KOTOR2 fan. Essentially all KOTOR2 does is undermine the foundations of the Star Wars franchise which is not clever. It's just novelty. It's no different from a "What if Superman was evil?" story basically.

>muh myths
>postmodernism bad (i also don't know what postmodernism is btw)
I swear he was gonna break out the Jungian archetypes any minute chief!
I've been around the star wars threads a time or two, I know all about the dogwhistles, I can see it in his eyes.

please define postmodernism in a way that makes it conflict with the themes of KOTOR

>muh subversion
oh fucking please. this series has been "subverting expectations" ever since the big black guy who breathes funny said he was the protagonist's father and threw palpatine off a cliff. rich that having any sense of nuance and interest in examining it's own worldbuilding counts as "subversion"

George Lucas subverts Star Wars in every movie because he actually understands it
nobody else can subvert Star Wars successfully because they don't get what they're even subverting

I didn't mention subversion once. I don't think Obsidian was attempting to "subvert expectations". I think Obsidian just had contempt for the property. I think they thought it was "stupid" and they wanted to make it "better" but Obsidian is nowhere near as smart as they think they are.

>>muh myths
What do you mean 'muh myths'? It's explicitly the intention of the creator of Star Wars, why act like it's an invalid interpretation?

yeah obsidian took a shit deal from lucasarts where they had to complete the game in a year for next to nothing because they just hate star wars and think you're stupid to enjoy it
fucking retard

I don't know why you think Obsidian was in a position to turn down jobs. They were not. They were hand to mouthing it their entire existence until the buyout.

That's not really a coherent question, postmodernism simply existing as a concept does not make it come into conflict with the themes of KOTOR (if you knew anything about the subject, you'd understand this already).

What you can do with theories written by "postmodern"/post-structuralist writers is critique the assumptions of others when they analyse things, or break down the contingent meanings of a text, and see how that changes over time and in different contexts, and what that tells the viewer (the core idea of poststructuralism is that all discourse is productive, it changes people/the world/everything by informing their ways of understanding). We're really talking about societal signifiers like Father. Nationalism. Man. Woman. and how the meanings associated with those change over time.

I can't define postmodernism in a way that conflicts with The Themes of KOTOR1 because a postmodernist critique would really question KOTOR1 having a singularly fixed meaning that I (and you) as a reader have "direct access" to, in addition to just looking at how it deals with those themes in comparison to other EU works.