Have you ever cried at a video game?

Have you ever cried at a video game?

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I've never even cried at a movie. Its just a strange concept to me, shedding tears over something that isn't real

everything with martin in this game was unfortunately ruined by him not being his real father
shame because the scene where he returns to bury them was really great

Martin IS his real father

Matter of perspective. Is your real father the man you were squirted out of, or the man who raised you?

i can guarantee this guy is an incel

i shed a tear every morning when i remember the plight of the working class

never at a game itself. closest was at Dead Island's teaser trailer

Rarely, but I have.

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Only as a small child. I lost the ability to cry as I got older.

Yes, but not this one.

It was better by him being a foster


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Outer Wild's ending still gets to me.

This here, especially with the music

Yeah i cried about how bad this game was because i wasted money on it LMAO fucking pussy imagine crying over video games

Of all the things, a fucking mod for Skyrim made me cry like a little bitch.
That fucking quest in Enderal where you have to take the Black Stone from the little boy.

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Yes, at the end of Blaster Master Zero 3
You don’t get good stories like that very often


no, the only games that got me close to crying were Outer Wilds DLC ending (the part where the prisoner kills himself, not the main game ending), and Death Stranding when Give Up plays but even that was mainly just the song that made me feel like that not the game

May I... stand unshaken

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Actually more inclined to believe hes a leftist.

The movie game that broke gamers

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Either way, he's the only dad that Henry knew. It would be fucked up if Henry just went "lmao fuck that guy." after figuring out he's blue blood

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This, I feel genuine emotions but can't bring myself to cry at anything. How do I start it again?

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Seriously though, I didn't cry, but no game has had as profound an impact on my as KH1 did. The scene where Kairi looks at all the stars returning to the sky is a masterpiece
It's tragic that Normura became INCAPABLE of getting people emptionally invested in these characters since KH2.

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I mean this only applies if you got some weird attachment to blood relation. Henry (Jesus christ be praised) just managed to luck out and end up with two dads; the man who raised him and spent a quarter of his life with him, and the man who gave birth to him and became his foster-father when the former was sadly killed. The meme of "OH NO IM ADOPTED MY LIFE ISNT REAL" is unironically just a western/american meme by people who can't wrap their head around the idea that family isn't who shares your genome, but the people who actually matter to you in life and miss you when you're gone.

Once, but there was some pretty sad shit going on but it had more to do with my life being in shambles at the moment.

this scene hit me fucking HARD
I still tear up every time I watch it

>"i gotta try"
>"i know"

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Dutch.. I don't know... we might rob people... we might kill people... but at least we ain't racist
>kills 10000 people

holy fuclkk... gotty

>I don't know what to do.
>Yes you do.

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If you know, you know.

it's both

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This and Zack are the only times I got sad from game deaths

i understand "this isn't all of me" I don't understand "This is a lie now".

I felt sad when the black dude gets beat up in Shenmue, but that's it.

I don't even understand the former. We've flat out proven that most of the development of our brains, personality, is influenced by those we surround ourselves with in the first 9-14 years of life, and the rest of the time is building off those foundations. If you were donated as a sperm, and realized at age 30 you were adopted, why is your life suddenly missing something now? What could locating the meatsack who gave protein to a womb possibly contribute to your understanding of who you are, outside of potential future genetic problems/defects you might encounter or hereditary health concerns? I'm not mocking, just genuinely do not understand the attachment, my response to my own parents phoning me up tomorrow and telling me 'you're adopted' would be the most apathetic 'so what?' I can imagine that I actually can't comprehend people who would be shaken by the realization as if it had some impact on their life.

Ending of this game hit harder than I imagined.

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This made me smile.

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Final ending.
When the music got louder and all the messages came trickling in. Fuck.

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nobody cares about your autistic coomer game disguised as 2deep4u retardation

On my 200th attempt at sword saint ishin

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Interesting as I don't care about you either, user, yet here we are.

Hes definitely a leftist
True Aryan National Socialists shed tears when they watch something sad, we romantics after all

After seeing their 100th comet, a sudden thought popped into the girl's head: "I wonder if my home planet is still as blue as it was." That's when she remembered her father's telescope.

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lol user what are you talking about? that hasn't been proven. studies with separated identical twins show they still have a lot more in common than two random people, in both personality and interests. it's both nature and nurture. genetics matter, and upbringing matters. stop derailing and post sad things

Gigachad detected, that whole quest hits a lot harder if you are an older sibling I think
absolutely criminally underrated game, Skyrim threads on Yea Forums are full of normietrash redditors who download 500gb of mods to change the bottom texture of a chair but have never heard of this and its a shame

cared enough to reply
go cry at your shitty anime game again lmao

Peeking into the telescope, a tiny blue dot floated into sight. It was smaller than a Star Bit. "How strange... It's so far away, but it feels so close."

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>you knew?

Okami every time during the final battle.

She twisted the knob of the telescope, and the blue dot grew until she could make out a grassy hill dotted with flowers. It seemed very familiar to her. Zooming even closer, a terrace on the hill came into view. "I used to go stargazing there when I lived on my home planet."

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that's cool dude, you can do other, non human things

I'll ask you ONE MORE TIME, Yea Forums.


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You didn't win any arguements here user.

She remembered rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she followed her father up that hill to look at the stars...

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She remembered how she and her brother would sled down that hill...

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>carbon copies of genetics have a lot of similarities between them
Granted. Not sure what that has to do with seeking out a biological parent, but okey dokey.

Only game that's made me sad that I can recall was binging the entire Metal Gear series over the course of two weeks. Getting to the graveyard scene in 4 hit especially hard, especially right at the "This is good, isn't it...?" If we're talking movies, I'll admit to getting a bit teary at the end of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

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She remembered having picnics with her mother on that hill on bright and windy days...


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>Crying over pixels
Are you some kind of tranny or something

"I want to go home! I want to go home right now!" The girl burst into tears, and the Lumas didn't know what to do. "I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to see my mother!" The girl was shouting now, her face wet with tears.

"But I know she's not there! I knew all along that she wasn't out there in the sky!


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"She's sleeping under the tree on the hill!"

The girl's cries echoed through the stars, and a hush fell over the area...

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Did she died?

Plenty of times throughout the story, I'm a sucker for big brothers protecting their little sisters

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I didn't cry, but I finished Opus Echo of Starsong the other day and I felt pretty bad for rest of the day. Still feel kind bad if I stop to think about it.