He was right

>He was right

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Yes he is on the right

LttP is better than Ocarina but not for any of the reasons he listed. He's just genuinely fucking retarded

In what regards?
Cause uh, no shit? Ocarina of Bocarina has the same issues as Mario 64, where it's just alright but you've got turboautists that have been obsessed with ever since they got their grubby little doodoo baby hands on it and don't their 24 years of confirmation bias challenged.
Even though both being mediocre doesn't remove the fun they had with it.

Can't wait to see Harley beat this little faggots ass on Saturday.

I honestly found ALTTP much more confusing than OOT.

>cartoon avatar
I don't know what this is all about but that guy is a certified faggot.

Nah mate, alttp is clear as water


About nothing
Reminder that he can't get off of Outset Island in Wind Waker without consulting a guide

Kinda had a point about the game can waste your time in fights, but he then posted a full playthrough of him playing the game and it all went out the window.


His wife was fucking Pro Jared when he was making this video I hear

All his complaints about the combat are fixed in Skyward Sword, yet he goes on a complete rant against that game anyway.

If Game Grumps didn't have Jontron from the start, we would not even know who Egoraptor is

What a fucking mess

Wasnt it Ross that got cucked? Still doesnt vhange the fact that Arin is such a loser simp that sent letters to his gf when they broke up while she rode the cock carousel

Poor Dan.

He did both

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Lmao they're views are in the dumpster after John left and after they deleted all of their projared videos

>he wasn't around for The Tester


The Awesome Series was super popular before grumps.

Arin does not read tutorials and has the memory of a goldfish, his opinion means less than dirt.

watching Arin play OOT and then watching Running Shine's video on OOT really shows how much of a fucking toddler Arin is at video games. He's LITERALLY just another DSP.

The only one literally anyone cares about is the MGS one.

What are you talking about? JonTron was a nobody before Game Grumps

>we would not even know who Egoraptor is
Yeah, if you didn't have a Newgrounds account.

They all have millions of views. They were unavoidable if you watched videogame videos on youtube in the 2010s.

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>'people' actually used Newgrounds for anything other than Pico's Quest/Ganguro GIrl/Frank's Adventure

>no Zone or MnF
actual faggot secondary

sort by most views and you'll see that only a couple of the jon era episodes are up there

They're from the early 2000s, though.

>theres all these baby puzzles and tutorials that insult the intelligence of the player!
>proceeds to get lost, stuck, and confused on every single puzzle and in every dungeon
really makes you think

NintenDoh was a collaborative effort headed by Chris Niosi though, it's not part of the Awesome series

On newgrounds maybe, but the ones on youtube are from ~2009.

I know, but it's also one of those videos everyone saw in their recommendations.

this is pretty quality bait

>Frank's Adventure

Mein nagger

can we have a comfy newgrounds nostalgia thread instead?


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Why are you so focused on Newgrounds, retard? The series existed independent of it.

Arin is so dumb that he dropped out of high school. Dan is not really a gamer but he seems smarter than Arin and is always interested in a game even if it's shit. Arin just skips everything and complains why he doesn't know what to do.

I remember when Jonathan Blow complained about the same thing. Then he did a stream of BotW and he embarrassed himself by playing like an absolute retard.

jonathan blow not understand how the cooking works in botw is still one of the most baffling things I've ever seen

Were they not posted on newgrounds originally? I thought they were but I don't know for sure.
All I'm saying is they were popular on youtube until the early 2010s. (And earlier because other people posted them before Arin did. But the official uploads still have millions of views.)

Holy fuck I completely forgot about this. You also made me remember this Sonic Flash that had With You playing in the background, it was about something stupid like Amy dying or something.

"Until the early 2010s" is a completely different thing than "in the 2010s." I was basically just correcting you, since that shit started in 2006, I believe.

>makes Yea Forums seethe 20 years later
Yes, he was right.

>Arin is so dumb that he dropped out of high school
That's the most based aspect of him to be honest.

I should have been more specific, you're right. With context I assumed people knew I meant 10 years ago, not 3.

It started in fucking 2005, you disingenuous faggot. That's 17 years ago.

He's gonna get his skull rearranged by a 6'6" 290lb aschizo Jew being trained by the Ghost of Kyiv.

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I'm still talking about youtube. It was still being pushed to everyone in 2012.

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It was being pushed seven years earlier than that, you fucking retard.

All the Zelda games are just..."Alright". They get by heavily on music and nostalgia. Sure they set some trends but it's probably the most overrated Japanese franchise of all time. They really just feel like baby games, like Lego starwars or something. Everything holds your hand and the combat is barebones.

tThere's not ansingle shitendo game better than "alright"

How anyone can play a boring, nothing-happens kind of game like Ocarina of Time today and still wax poetic about its supposed strengths is testament to normalfags' baseless obsession with nostalgia. In the span of a casual playthrough of any Zelda game, 90% of the time is spent on wandering around muddy looking environments convincing yourself you're on an adventure, because obviously JRPGs are too constraining and WRPGs are too complicated. Nintendo's entire modus operandi with Zelda has always been to dumb down what Hydlide and Ys got initially correct, and if you look at how Hydlide died and what Ys turned into, you can see how inauthentic Zelda would end up by comparison.

Zelda would have been most successful if it had embraced its roots as an attempt to recontextualize adventure games into player-driven experiences. It should have stopped fumbling with shitty combat and made esoteric puzzles and strange worlds its focus. Zelda did neither of these and quite literally became Ubisoft abandonware with a gloosy, faux-cel-shaded aesthetic used to accentuate its female lead's latex-clad asshole. Hyrule Warriors is more of a game than Breath of the Wild. When Koei Tecmo can make your game more engaging than you, that's how you know you've got a problem. Looking at Soulstards here.

Of course, time is a flat circle, and nothing changes. Just like how Resident Evil fans refuse to play Alone in the Dark, Zelda fans will never actually branch out into experiences that actually challenge them.

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Alone in the Dark is a shitty Sierra adventure game in 3D. It wishes it was anything like RE outside of superficial elements.

>WRPGs are too complicated
Troon confirmed.

>Actually unironically talking shit about Sierra
Hoo boy be glad we're not on /vr/

Sorry I like playing games and not shitty text adventure crap.

Sucks for you. Quest for Glory and Riven are some of the greatest games ever made. Grim Fandango is ludokino you are genuinely too stupid to understand. Have fun with your speak 'n spell

Guarantee you're a Wario Landfag.

this posts reeks of midwittery from a mile away, very likely a moderator on sam harris subreddit

Sierra's adventure games became incoherent and unfun after KQ4.

>Have fun with your speak 'n spell
Strong words coming from the guy who enjoys games with zero gameplay depth.