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I expect to be immersed in detailed environments with excellent sound quality all round. I expect less Ashley, and thats good, because unless she’s a character more like Moria, what’s the point?
I hope they can make the plot make more sense. The original bad guys plan is contrived.

Adas black

I want it to be actually scary/nerve-racking

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Considering the last good RE was 6, I have no doubt REmake 4 will be shit.

Do you faggots hate fun that much ?

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If we’re really, really lucky it’ll be a 7/10 like re2 remake. More likely it’ll be a 3/10 like re3 remake and Resi8.

I just want a recreation of the Fog version, which was the true RE4. Why? It was the followup to CV where we'd see the actual downfall of Umbrella, Leon vs Wesker, Sherry returns, Leon's infection actually meant something and have him a Krauser tier arm mutation, actual atmosphere, interesting BOWs, etc.

I love release RE4, but it failed to deliver the atmosphere and story we were promised. This soul vs soulless thing is silly, as release RE4 did have much of the intended soul sucked out. It still had soul, but it was the fourth time the game was remade internally, with all technically demanding aspects removed.

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>Significantly shorter than the original
>The game will have a frontloaded village section and mediocre castle/island (honestly I could see the island being cut)
>Minigames cut and repackaged as DLC
>Weapon system with decreased complexity and inventory system ala RE8 (no use for it since you never run out of space)
>Ashley, instead of being an AI partner will become a section of the game ala Sherry in RE2R. The rest will have her hiding or unavailable.
>Ada mode will be DLC

REmake 2 was an easy 9 out of 10 game. I don't get how you guys are so fucking butthurt over it. It's the best nu-RE hands down.

>REmake 2 was an easy 9 out of 10 game.
You clearly don't play a lot of games

still too white

I've played more than you. It's hands down one of the best entries in the series. You're just butthurt. Tell us what's better in the same genre.

Remake 2 was one of the most refreshing games released in 10 years by its release.

It was fun and completely forgettable. I got all the achievements and will never play it again. No butthurt here. Seems like you’re the one who’s slightly booty blasted that not everyone agrees with your overly generous assessment.

There will be a invincible roaming stalker enemy ala Jack and Mr X cause every horror game needs one and it needs to be run in to the ground from overuse sooner than later.

>Leon vs Wesker

They literally have never spoken to each other in the entire series, why would they even fight? Chris or Jill narratively should've taken down Wesker.

Tell us the better games in the same genre.

whats that pic related from? never seen that 3.5 pic before

Pfff even the vanilla STALKER games with all their jank are superior experiences than anything Capcom has released for the series. Again, it's clear you haven't really played more than 10 games in your life.

Resident evil has never been scary or nerve racking. You're just mentally retarded
Anyways I expect it to be a cheap reskin of Rev 2 just higher fidelity graphics. Half Leon half krauser

>truncated version of 2
>completely by the numbers, third person mish mash of horror and action resi
>doesn’t particularly excel at either

fuck purists that just want a shiny coat of graphics

change the entire game up, give me fresh gameplay experiences, ive played R4 12+ times i dont need it to be literally the same.

Have the big cheese chase you through the village, completely change the layout.

Why, so you can instantly dismiss whatever I say and pretend that somehow makes you correct about a completely different game? Get fucked, bud. Deal with it.

It's related to this. It would all be built up. Leon had been in kahoots with Claire, Chris and Jill and everything was building up to a raid on the remaining Umbrella HQs.

There were ripped from the Japanese only trial edition. Check it out here:

In terms of story, the cut stuff was annoying - but truncated in terms of gameplay? Other than aspects of the A/B scenario, it's a much longer game than OG 2.

Stalker is by a 6/10 game that requires mods to make fun. You're just a PC fat that doesn't like games from different genres.

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Tell us the better games. I'm waiting.

Remake 2 is just as action oriented as the original. The number of enemies you kill in both games are very comparable.

>give me fresh gameplay experiences
>Have the big cheese chase you through the village
You idea of a fresh experience is doing exactly what the previous 4 Resident Evil games have been doing?

Another rip from the trial edition. In the Fog version, there was a girl who'd help you in the castle. She was accompanied by a dog. She, her dog and the script for this castle version were recycled into Haunting Grounds, and her remaining RE4 counterpart was merged with Sherry's turned into Ashley.

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Dumbed down gameplay, worse enemy design (expect bullet sponges), worse upgrade system, no cheesy dialogue, shorter village and castle and longer island.

bro I no cap love when streamer get chased by big mommy milkers no cap fr fr those video are fire

It shouldn't be. RE4 is perfect as it is.

The tanky zombies in Remake 2 are the best enemy type in the entire series.

Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 4, Haunting Grounds, Clock Tower the one with the magical girl, Rule of Rose, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, Alan Wake, The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Deadly Premonition, Deadly Premonition 2, Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame 2, Siren, Siren 2, Siren Blood Curse, Alone in the dark until the reboot. I can go on and on. Also I'm not the guy that you're replying to and RE is my favourite franchise.

Dumbed down gameplay? Re4 is bare bones, move shoot, and some environment interactions. There’s barely even puzzels. Its impossible to dumbdown. It almost can’t help but be more complex than the original.

goddamn what a downgrade than 10/10 ashley and fiona

expectations are pretty high. if this game is anything less than amazing capcom is in for some shit.

The game will be ruined by literally one thing. Bullet sponge enemies. Just give up and wait six more years and see if we get another actually good resident evil.

If STALKER is a 6/10 then REmake 2 is easily a 4/10

Yeah, so you're a shitposter. Imagine actually thinking Deadspace, Alan Wake or Evil Within are better than Remake 2. For classic survival horror you have an argument, but that's all

I just want Jill

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>Re4 is bare bones, move shoot, and some environment interactions
It's simple but not barebones. Enemies have good reactions to being shot, you have invincible melee moves that need to be set up fist, different type of granades, weapons that all feel distinct from one another, the knife for general use and conserving ammo. The inventory management is great and the upgrade system simple but effective. It's also elevated by great enemy and encounter design in general. REVIII tried to copy it and fell flat because it misses some of the things that made 4 great and didn't do anything to replace them. 4Remake will do the same unfortunately. You can't recreate Mikami's peak.

Except you're ignoring how Stalker has completely dogshit gameplay, and it just exists for PC fats to relate for how contrarian they are for liking a jank survival game.

Don't you have some dung to eat ?

>tank control schizo and the movie jill coomer

RE threads are in shambles.

Nah, I enjoy survival horror actually. Remake 2 was the first good survival horror game since 6th gen.

It'll be streamlined. Take that as you will.

Gunplay turned to shit ever since the started using the re engine. Insane how a game from 18 years ago still has better gunplay than any of the new re games.

If STALKER has dogshit gameplay then REmake 2 easily has superubershit gameplay.

Walking and shooting
Enemies that walk around furniture forever if it’s between you and them
Removal of all memorable content
No merchant
Only one handgun
No giant Salazar mecha
No fish or eggs (too unrealistic!)
All female outfits replaced with a pair of jeans and a featureless t shirt with military surplus boots
All female hairstyles replaced with a short pony tail
Only one shotgun
Knife no longer used in conjunction with insane melee moves (ugh, it’s so unrealistic looking!)
No more luchador mask wearing bad guys to suplex
Leon’s hair is a normal cut and not a Japanese boy band style
Leon won’t have the jacket for chapter 1 (can’t make that many different outfits for just 1 chapter, it’s a lot of work!)
Wolf buddy cut completely
TMP does no damage and enemies don’t react to it at all
Laser pointer replaced with generic reticle
You won’t chase a little midget in colonial outfits around who leads you into spiked ceiling steam roller booby traps
Ada doesn’t wear a floor length red dress with 6 inch heels anymore
Krauser knife fight is cut
No rocket launcher
No mine dart launcher
No combining herbs
No boat section

I was just stating my preference, user.
I want more Jill.

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>how Stalker has completely dogshit gameplay
The combat is ten thousand times better lmao.

>another demake
shit like all of them

Nope, Remake 2 refined and focused. Survival sims are all over the place, and Stalker is barely a finished product.

Alan Wake and Dead Space shit on every REmake except 1, RE 5, 6, 7, 8.

>survival horror
Good lord you’re retarded.

you get the i need no man Jill

No, REmake 2 is pretty barebones when it comes to gameplay. STALKER is easily better even with its jank.

Good thing I like them all!

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Nope. Imagine actually thinking RE5/6/7/8 are good games. Remake 2 not only mogs them, but the games you're promoting.

Nah, I'm not a schizo shitposter.

bro alen wake was dogshit ahaha. boring ass game.
dead space and remake 2 mog the fuck out of alan wake.

I don't need REm4ke, for the HD fan version exists.

complete garbage that demonstrates how Capcom doesn't understand what made the original great
no story changes, make the same game but force tank controls and fixed cameras

Considering how long the original RE4 is and how short the recent RE games have been, I expect a ton of shit to get cut. Maybe the whole game is just the village and they'll implement some of the more memorable parts from the later sections into it.

>walk through woods
>camera ripped from players control
>zoom in on screaming lumberjack
>shine flashlight at screaming zombie
>shoot 3 times with gun
>zombie disintegrates immediately
>camera ripped from player control
>shine flashlight at possessed steamroller
>disintegrates immediately

zoom zoom

Oh wow who could have predicted this

Remake 2 is a disaster of a remake beloved by zoomers who think playing it gives them an entry point to talking about the series. It has worse combat than the original PS1 game.

>Leon no longer has cheesy one liners or a sense of humor. It's a gritty horror for gritty people who know only how to swear and nothing else
>this applies to all cheese across the whole game from the likes of Luis and Krauser for example
>Ashley is a strong woman who don't need no Leon but tags along anyway
>no balistics comment
>no panty shots or being berated for it
>merchant's voice is either poorly imitated or his personality is changed to be more "realistic" and "gritty"
>no feedback from the years of reviews, comments, and so on will be taken into account to improve the title so the island will remain the same for example
>refrences to RE7/8 perhaps the plagas is connected to the mold or something
>mercs mode removed in favor of a seperate multiplayer addition like REverse or altered to be like RE8''s
There's probably lots more I'm missing but that's all I got for now. I basically expect the REmake 2 treatment which while it was a decent enough title it was a piss poor remake to the point where even Capcom states it's not a REmake anymore, it's a REimagining.

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The state of this thread

Nope, yet again you're just throwing around labels while unable to make a point. You dislike Remake 2 because it's mainstream, but it saved modern survival horror. It's in the spotlight because Remake 2 was a high quality game. Minus the lack of A/B, and the simplification of the story - it's also a very close approximation to a modern RE2, while forgoing the sins of the post 4 games.

Disliking something that's popular doesn't make you interesting, or cultured. You're a shitposter.