Strive is the most retarded unbalanced bullshit fighting game on the market

Strive is the most retarded unbalanced bullshit fighting game on the market.

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>what is Smash 4
Guilty Gear is not a fighting game btw

dbfz made me pretty tolerant to unbalancedness if the game is fun
however strive is not fun, so its shit

Piss off smellies

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>dude just block this 12 way mixup lmao?

Does strive even have complex mixups? Alot of the cast seems neutered and streamlined. This is before getting into how slow the game looks

you dont play fighting games lol

literally not a thing in strive

Is Happy Chaos worse than pre-nerf Raven?

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Agreed. Strive is absolute garbage made for retards.

Have you tried Hokuto no Ken?

>same side low
>same side high
>same side empty jump low
>same side land into instant overhead
>same side delayed low
>duplicate for the crossup
>add in RC cancels
Kill yourself

Reminder strivetards defend this

Kek if anything strive is unfun as shit because of the predictable mixup flowchart game

Some characters in Strive have absolutely unblockable shit like Leo's sudden side switches or Millia's shenanigans. High level BRC and FRC fuckery is also impossible to react to. They promised and easier to understand GG but high level is just insane bullshit.

Who thought giving a zoner plus on block projectiles was a good idea?

That Ino player is so bad. Just fd him haha.

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Leo and Millia still have great mixups doesn't surprise me but the high level vids I watch alot of the roster just seems sorta slow and basic idk. Still on the fence about jumping in

Imagine being so bad, you get filtered by a baby game like Strive.

>cant say anything so attacks thrbplsyer instead
-1 player count, get fucked

lmao its just a crossup, its even slower than some dbfz or umvc3 shit mixups

your fault for playing the game on a shitty playstation, we told you modern playstation has shitty input lag and they are not meant for actual gameplay but cinematic movies

I felt the pain in his voice

For some characters it's more about frametraps since damage in Strive is ridiculous so you can just win from a couple stray counter hits. With BRC you can get some really tricky mixups with probably any character.

>it’s not as bad as the most degenerate games ever made, therefore it’s perfectly fine

btw if you find strive mixups too disgusting then don't even boot up Project L because that shit will be even more """"unblockable""" than strive because of assists and solo mixups like Ekko

That's another issue I am having with Strive. Seeing a Nago land a stray counter and leads to wallbreak and death. I'm not sure how the community overall feels about this game since I've been out of the loop but I'd rather stick to Rev2 for awhile

>reacting to 20 frame crossup
Eh, I'm not sure about that. It's one thing when character has just an overhead but Leo can do too much shit AND a fast crossup. Asking to block this shit is too much.

Just grab him

Rev2 has some balance problems as well with Johnny and Elphelt but overall yeah, I'd rather play it instead of Strive if it had rollback. Those situations when you blow up for no reason are extremely annoying. You feel like top tiers play a different game compared to other characters.

Strive isn't even a fighting game, it's a party game. That's why most of its playerbase is smashies.

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This game looks like a joke

DNF Duel will take that throne pretty soon

I can't believe Guilt Gear is casual garbage. How low the great one has fallen.

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The issue isn't the crossups or the mixups, the issue is the damage AND the wallbreak mechanic

Based Strive

Strive was the biggest monkey's paw ever.

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At least know what you're talking about. Strive isn't unbalanced at all save for the bottom three, Faust Anji and Jack-O. Happy Chaos and Ramlethal are incredibly strong but not unbeatable. When HC gets that one corner combo removed he'll still be really good but not oppressive. Every other character is more than capable of winning a major or at the very least an invitational. Strive's real problem is that I picked up Giovanna and solved the game in four minutes and got to Celestial. I'm fucking Gold in SFV, I suck at fighting games. Characters with a bare minimum execution (Milia) aren't worth shit.

Strive still the 2nd most popular 2D fighter on the market, and still making faggots on Yea Forums seethe a full calendar year later.

Go back to your rice farm and continue eating boiled fish heads and cabbage before you talk to other people about bad smells you Asian piece of shit

OP is clearly new to fighting games

that they went ahead with this design proves that arcsys is out of touch with fighting games. why make a character that doesn't interact with the opponent? next we'll have just a lifebar that doesn't do anything besides timing you out with 10 different runaway skills and a super that refreshes burst, while you automatically lose 1% life every second

local zoomer larping as a fighting game enthusiast discovers his first arcsys "This character just has a fucking gun and you will not have fun playing against them" character

>while you automatically lose 1% life every second
Would be interesting to design a character around this. Just in general, not for strive

You can win with any character because Strive is extremely volatile due to retarded damage. But when you look at characters' tools you can clearly see how some characters like Nago don't really have weaknesses in their movesets and can just mash auto win buttons or characters like May can just kill you off one hit like here Meanwhile Millia will have to consistently outplay you for the whole round to earn her win. It's just fucking bullshit.
Game also has lots of mechanics which most of the cast don't use. Kara bullshit - I think only Sol and Pot have that? RISC - like half of the cast doesn't really build it to any relevant levels. IB and IBFD are completely irrelevant since it's pretty much impossible to do due to inhuman requirements.
The universal fucking systems don't work properly.
>When HC gets that one corner combo removed
HC is just fundamentally retarded. He doesn't put any efforts into replenishing the resources and because of how Strive's air guard crash works he's comletely untouchable for characters without proper ground approach like I-No, that's why it's an absolute meme matchup for her.

that's because daisuke put those mechanics in the game just to not shock the old guilty gear fans too much but didn't actually bother to balance them since his target audience was someone else entirely

What annoys me is how they keep adding additional meters for characters like Jacko has two and Chaos also has two more gauges and you supposedly(?) have to pay attention to them and act accordingly but it's so fucking hard to look at them during the game that it's absolutely fucking irrelevant.

Will DNF be dead on arrival?

if strive was, what makes you think dnf duel won't be?

Someone sounds salty noone care about rev2 anymore

You have to actually be retarded to not be capable of managing HC meters. Just fuckin count,reload after guard crush once and hit people with 2d out of any H hitconfirm.

You dont even need to pay attention to the meters because evyery character with one bar GL has a + on block meter refresh super with extra benefits.

Strive as of now is just whoever gets 50 meter first wins the game.

The game is pretty and casual friendly

at this point i unironically prefer dealing with testament 17263718631 mix's in one string than having to deal with being on defense on strive

so was strive

>casual friendly
so it has no depth and casuals never stick around anyway

Being on defense is horrible because every top tier ignores FD while moving forward with + on block moves.

Shits incredibly stupid when you compare Ram/Nago/Leo/Happy/Sol with literally anyone elses frame data or options. Hell some characters cant even punish them at all because they all share the, "I have long range, am also fast, and every hit leads to a full combo" archtype that strive specifically tried to kill.

weird how casuals never stick around but strive has more players than kof15 despite being 10 months older

Yeah, but the women are fucking HOT

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PC KOF is horrible and the inputs/input method is incredibly outdated.

cope, strive is a casual baby game and also the biggest 2D fighter in NA. guess casuals stick to games after all, as long as they're actually fun

defense in strive feels so fucking bad, you never get any meter to yrc and fding takes up so much fucking meter it feels like such fucking shit to use and thats not even mentioning the game wont even register fd sometimes for some god awful reason this was never a problem in xrd or +r, also just defense being 2 frames makes no fucking sense 99% of the player base is just never gonna use it. in xrd and +r i could dead angle blitz even fucking slashback was sometimes useful this game has literally nothing.

Yeah, for some reason i never really hate mixups although i can find them annoying to deal with but they never make me legit mad, but in strive holy shit, might as well drop the fucking controller. It's like there are mechanics but they're just a fucking suggestion that some characters can just overlook and make you pay rent in the corner with their bullshit

>"I have long range, am also fast, and every hit leads to a full combo" archtype that strive specifically tried to kill.
reminder they gutted gatlings and then proceeded to give top tiers conversions from most if not all their good buttons while every other character gets little to no conversion.

Obviously the optical playstyle for HC that negates so much of the cast being
is uninteded and will absolutely somehow be nerfed. What I wonder is, how unforseeable was this, really?

This being a blatant bait and denial of strive being successful despite the hate it got thread aside how isn't strive casual friendly. That mission mode shit alone is extremely casual friendly if the high damage and simpler characters aren't. Those and the netcode are the reasons it's still so easy to find matches even if you play a character people hate.

Smelly f(a)gc detected

>or some reason i never really hate mixups
because you have agency whether or not you get hit, and if you don't its your turn. in strive you have to sit there and take it and pray to god you can abare out or do literally anything while they go to town on you.

>people say modern games are too homongenized, lacking "emergent gameplay"
>character with some kind of unique concept comes out and people are outraged
GG is a series literally known for everyone being retarded as fuck with some kind of actual bullshit. Why do people keep bitching about Strive not being like the older game when when they finally do add stuff reminiscent of the older games, like HC, it is despised?

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Sol's 6S is the most retarded thing I've seen from arcsys in a while. It is fundamentally NOT the kind of button sol uses, but there it is, and he's deleting your healthbar from a 5k because he had meter.

On that subject I really dislike drift RC. It makes every move a launcher and every combo the same.

because its all zoomers who never even heard of GG before this and want a "fair" fighter to play

happy chaos is more than just being retarded, this shit unironically feels worse than fighting baiken or zappa in +r


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>Going to bring up chaos code, can't remember the name of the one guy who negatively scales his combos to do do > 100% meterless
>Wikipedia it
>Mentions a sequel
>Sequel cancelled
>Devs apparently gave up on making games
Chaos code bros...

because in the older games you also had bullshit, yeah johnny and elphelt are in a tier of their own but at least i can also play my game and do my own retardation to win, same with +r when fighting against zappa/test/baiken, characters all had retard strength. strive characters have nothing and practically all play the same EXCEPT for hc.

I remember when people bitched that HC was way too weak and that people should be rewarded for mastering a difficult character. How times change

>On that subject I really dislike drift RC
Related but I fucking hate what they've done to Pot's PB xx RC drift after the october patch, it makes no fucking sense, like you throw the character backwards, it was supposed to be some sort of nerf but it's just stupid. Drift is cool on paper but goddamn not in a game like strive

Its even worse when you see frame data raw. Nago out here throwing 5k/beyblade that hits everything around him around being at worse 0 while characters who are specifically supposed to be good at close range like Pot having at the same range moves that are at best -6

Top tiers in strive are literally playing a different game. The game is so simple and solved right now that its just whoever has the best conversion tools off like f.s or 5.k. Its Mid-Long range conversion characters being viable with noone else.

There is no way you can tell me fighting HC feels worse then shit like +R Zappa or Justice. Yes, HC is annoying as fuck, but that's just how GG characters are. Everyone is suppose to feel like they have some some extremely powerful tools, it's these extremely powerful tools clashing that makes the series what it is.

because i can play anji in +r and do my own shenanigans and put him in endless mix's because anji is an actual complete character in that game and win the game, zappa will also do his thing and get sword and fuck my shit up but i can do the same back, hc shuts down the majority of the cast because strive is such a fucking limited game. also literally just super jump against justice bro.

>like Pot having at the same range moves that are at best -6
I play Pot and honestly i'm baffled by some decisions they took with him.

More recently KOFXV is the most unblanced with VRT, RRT and DRT