Why aren't there more top-tier """mobile""" games like genshin impact?

why aren't there more top-tier """mobile""" games like genshin impact?

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Genshin is better and has more SOVL than whatever shitter you're going to shill.

An overflowing toilet looks better than genshit

I miss infinity blade, nova, and galaxy on fire.

I miss Premium paid games like The Room and Infinity Blade

Divinity Original Sin 2 is on iPads. Those things sell something like 20m units a year. I wonder why more devs don't jump ship to mobile instead of spending hundreds of millions to release a single game on smaller platforms where people barely buy any games to begin with.

>look mom! I'm contrarian!

because simple games make the most money
theres endless amounts of match 4 reskins that normalfags play for some reason, so there's just no reason to make anything else
sometimes there's the odd flavor of the month mobile game that has those really simple graphics with no textures and just colors
but nobody's going to go through the effort of making a mobile game that's AAA quality. genshin is one of a kind in that regard, despite the fact that the gameplay is just mashing buttons and braindead gacha

Dragon spear ex is fun

It's 5 bucks and a decent rip off of dragons crown

>genshin impact
>top tier

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You literally couldn't post Honkai Impact? New Mihoyo shitters are insufferable

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>Dyke Impact

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>headcanon impact

Because nobody is willing to put any money into a game going on a marketplace dominated by f2p shovelware. Your $50M AAA mobile title could sink compared to fucking Wordle or Flappy Bird. The only reason Genshin exists is that the developers made a shitload of money with cheaper gacha games previously. Their development pipeline was already set up for mobile so of course the mobile version exists, but really it's a PC/console game that happens to have some sleazy mobile game elements.

All I see are some hot little bitches in Honkai

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Emulators > Clash royale = Genshin > shit > everything else

damn shes hot


She's literally HoT

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Dead Trigger
now delete your stupid thread

>coomer bait
>anime garbage
>literally costs thousands of dollars to unlock all content in a singleplayer game
>action gameplay is so mediocre you can play on a touch screen

Literal dogshit.

mobile insects dont require much effort to be captured.

Devs started making mobile-only versions of games and the reaction was so negative they stopped trying.

So instead of shovelling MTX into their mobile games, they shoved MTX into everything else.

Because fuck you, gamers.

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Still more of a game than BOTW

Play real mobile game, dodgelet.

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You have several decades worth of good games available for emulation.

infinity blade 1 was my shit

I already have the only other mobileshit worth installing and it's a 'press auto 5 times and log off' simulator

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Would take too much effort to make something like genshin, remember that genshin cost 100 million to make and it wasn’t even fully done with a whole element missing.

If they would just make a fucking game that I can buy for a flat 60 bucks, get all the content and unlock it at my own place I'd be more inclined to buy some chinkshit. Why do they insist on this gacha bullshit?

Buying games didn't exist here in Asia until recent years. We pirate everything.

My man
Also mobile ports with controller support are top tier

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Would make less money than it would now, and probably would just make each new map cost $60 aswell or more

Gacha makes more profit.

Well if their prerogative is to directly, negatively impact the playability of their game strictly for monetary profit then it's a shit game. Fuck any game that does this

we are viweing PAID CONTENT

Is Genshin any good?

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kill your self shit earing soi slurping chink cock sucker


There isn't a single, solitary "top-tier" mobile game because its a platform with a shit "control" scheme because it was never designed for gaming and full of the most brain rotted install base that'll play and pay for literally any dogshit presented to them

Just fap to the porn, way better use of your time.

whats a good tablet for reading manga? been looking at the fires they're surprisingly cheap and seem to have nice screens

You sound kind of mad my brother
Have you been spurned by mobile gaming in the past? From what I know, it’s very easy to ignore, with gems him being the only game to pass through that barrier

Bro your Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

The game is entirely playable without spending a cent
>inb4 seething reply

I wish there were more ways to reduce stamina consumption without abilities or food
>yanfei with 4 seals
>babala's healing circle
>2 anemo with gliding and sprinting stamina consumption reduced in the party
>regen stamina while gliding or sprinting

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Cry about it on their forums

>muh cooontroller support!!!
maybe adapt better gamerlet?

huh Do they pay you to repost the same shit every thread or is it just an obsession?

What mobile games are good these days? I need something to play when I'm on the shattering or restless in bed. Not interested in games I have to spend ridiculous money on either

Mean to type 'shitter'

Just emulate
Ideally something that doesn't require fast input

how do I get into genshin? granted that the itemization is overly complicated to trick people into paying for the gacha, but the gameplay itself seems pretty repetitive, just talk to X, go to this dungeon with some braindead "puzzles" and mash X and Y to kill some enemies who are barely a threat to you, and go back to the quest giver. Is there more to it? I actually like the visuals, and wouldn't mind a game to grind for like 30-60 mins a day

>the shattering
dicking around on mobile games when you should be fighting a war for the ELDEN RING

>how do I get into genshin?
You don't. You'll be much better off if you start an MMO instead. It'll probably be cheaper as well.

FUCK this shit man
i spent three months
to crank up Hu Tao's fucking ratio to 60/200
and in between finding diamonds in that shitpile i got SHIT
"uwaaaah u only ever play with 8 characters at most lol" BITCH i can't even fucking equip ONE adequately without spending a QUARTER OF A FUCKING YEAR finding something nice

>90 days
>XCom EW
>XCom 2
>Danmaku Unlimited 2&3
>Plants vs Zombies
>The Room series
>Exploding Kittens
>Geometry Dash

>pay the monthly $15 and the $60 tip goy