*punishes you for having fun*

*punishes you for having fun*

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>let me eat cake
Just stop fucking caring about the narrative implications if you want to murderbot around the game, you manbaby. High Chaos has the best ending level anyway for fucks sake.


*punishes you for having fun*

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It's not even just narrative reasons the game gives you so many OP tools to murderhobo with the game becomes a joke.

use weapons = bad ending

Where's the punishment?

i seriously hope none of you get your feelings hurt by NPCs in a vidya game

>Killing people is le fun, back to /pol/ chud


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By placing more enemies

How does it punish you when with High Chaos you get the kino ending where you get to take out all of the conspirators one by one?

But doesn't that mean that you'll have more fun?

But I wanted the bad ending

It that Trombley?

>Play through the game on High Chaos
>Game rewards you with more people to kill
The real "punishment" is that most of the powers are specced for High Chaos.
Game could've used some more interesting non-lethal powers.


It's a fucking game user.

>I don't want games to play to their strengths and involve their narrative with the gameplay
You colossal fucking retard, you're inbred to such a level you didn't even realize the game actually rewards your playstyle by placing more enemies in your path for you to kill and have fun with. kys

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Then don't use weapons?

>just don't play the game bro
peak Yea Forums

Are you retarded, my man

"""""punishes"""" you
>kill lots of guards
>there are now more guards to kill
>reach the end
>the 2 minute cutscene is different and has a bleak tone
who cares you blubbering faggot

It's not a bad ending for the player.

You can still use them, and you can still kill plenty of people. You can kill up to 20% of a level's enemies before shifting to High Chaos, and even then you can balance it out in later levels if you feel like it. You can kill your targets and be Low Chaos, you can kill the occassional guard that spots you and still be Low Chaos. People acting like playing the game normally would get you a super duper bad ending is strawmanning of the first caliber

>you WILL play the game the way we want you to
Make your way more fun then

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No. You can kill plenty of people and remain low chaos.
You're just a shitter with no impulse control that plays every game like cawadoody.

It's a little better in Dishonored 2.

why are you moralfagging over a videogame? The "bad" ending is 10x more entertaining, same as in bioshock.

Yea Forums doesn't really, right?

The devs not put in the lethal options and high chaos route?
Playing as a murderhobo is a perfectly viable strategy that rewards you for playing that way.
You're literally crying about taking the low karma route and not getting GBPs at the end.

WTF anons are talking about?
The "bad ending" is the canon ending!

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But you don't, that's the point. If you *needed* to, the game would lock you into that playstyle and give you a game over if you don't. It doesn't, you can play however you want, and the game reacts to your choices. Does Corvo rise above everyone else, or does he succumb to the same problem Dunwall does? Up to you. Play the game however you want, replay it if you like it, that's why it's such a good fucking game and you're such a big fucking moron.

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He is a baker now.

Dishonored 2 sucked

What the fuck are you even trying to say you dumb little faggot?
This is the reason why no one liked you.

Yeah but then I'd have to play Dishonored 2.
At that point I may as well run my own Dishonored game with the tabletop RPG books.

yup, sounds like modern video game design alright

What was is it, that you did not like about the game?

I would have appreciated the Chaos system even more if it was completely hidden from the player

Unfortunately, yes. The best thing we got out of it was old Corvo's design

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Don't use magic


> Everyone Gets the bad ending

i love any game that filters american psychopaths

>play as a killer
>get angry that you get more things to kill

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i really hate the lore changes but it's magnificent otherwise. i honestly think people just get blown away by how good it actually is besides that

Sorry not interested in playing as a black. Especially black woman. Yeah kinda racist but it's true. No one wants to play as black women even blacks.

I really hope you people are just baiting. No one is this retarded.

I can't believe people paid for this game. It always has looked like shovelware shit.

You can still choose to play as either Corvo or Emily. The game you're thinking of with the black woman is Death of the Outsider.

iirc the good one makes your targets suffer a fate worse than death too

>I haven't played it but it's shit
Alrighty then.

I still haven't finished it but I wonder if anyone has any insight on what they did to the controls in D2 that made it play worse than D1. I'm asking because someone linked this cool video in one of these threads, and the pinned comment says
>while working with these clips, it's patently, painfully obvious that almost none of what was achieved in this video is remotely possible with Dishonored 2, or indeed, with any other game. This sad realisation hit me in the first moments after that terrible launch, and it utterly obliterated my motivation/enthusiasm for these kinds of videos. Clockner, Rabbit's Respawn and I didn’t begin working on D2 *at all*, in the first place, which just goes to show. Of all of the nascent, eager skillers that began probing D2 for videos, most of them almost immediately stopped after presumably rapidly coming to the same awareness of non-viability. The momentum of the entire Dishonored-skiller community tragically just completely died overnight, as the hype immediately subsided into disappointment, frustration and anger.
I don't have a big enough brain to tell you exactly why the controls in D2 felt "off" but I definitely felt it.

The game is such generic dribble that the other user is confusing it with entirely different franchises.

I'm so sorry for you user

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yeah D2 feels clunky and the performance issues are terrible. I can run mostly any game at a high fps but D2 is slow no matter what settings i use

>have teleportation and time stop skills
>use it to be a sneak cuck
High chaos is the only way to play the game

It's a completely different engine (UE3 vs 'Void' engine) so they were simply unable to redo the old movement. What was apparently obvious to me in the first and only time I forced myself through it is that in D1 climbing an obstacle like a wall or a crate was very fast and smooth, and it had no animations for vaulting over; in D2 they decided to give Emily/Corvo an animation with their visible hand reaching out which makes consecutive parkour far slower and worse feeling than in the first game.

Anyone who says this didn't play the game.
You can kill most people you come across and still get the good end.
You need to kill at least 20% of all humans (including friendly npcs) for high chaos, 50% of all humans for very high chaos, and this is per level.

You also have to remember that you can still save Emily on the high chaos ending, but you can't on very high chaos ending.

I got my platinum in this game on my ps3.

I would buy it again and every achievement all over again.

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Playing through the game for the first time right now as a stealth pacifist while saving my dio brando playthrough as my second and yeah, not getting to use more than half the powers in any meaningful way and having just to sit around, watch patrols, and generally restricting myself is so fucking mind-numbingly boring it's unreal.

You mean "drivel" you fuckwit. If you're going to shitpost at least use the right words.

> player kills enemies
> game gives more enemies to kill
How is this a punishment exactly?

I finally got around to D2 and it’s a fun game to fuck around in and skip the story. That clockwork mansion level was fucking sick. Idk if arcane has anything else worth playing besides prey.

The reason why d2 feels so clunky is because the turning has a slight arm movement delay, you can't spam crouch like in ds1 and for some reason the pc version has a cursor delay no matter what I do.
Also, the jump has more of a delay than in ds1.
It's an overanimated game.

You only do that in the expansion. The base game let's you play as either Emily or Corvo.

Dark Messiah is top tier fun

People are just mental. Rant about Dishonored ending is litmus test for how shizoid videogamers are. Be killer, get killer ending. In a videogame. How punishing. What nexy? Rant about why people die when they killed?

That's the only way to make a morality system work. Everyone was to be the good guy, making it the boring and harder way to play at least encorages someone to be tempted to be bad.

high chaos isn't a punishment

wtf were they thinking

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Can you even see it anywhere but the end of each mission?

it's worth the money to send a message
disabled black woman killing powerful white man
so brave

I can't believe how many brainlets think that high chaos is the bad ending.

>oh no my 30 dollars what am I gonna do