Would you still marry her after everything that happened?

Would you still marry her after everything that happened?

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Well none of that was her fault.

No, I want a mother of children. Not a loose harlot who will handle my get with her tainted paws or kiss them with her stained lips.

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I wouldn't because I don't deserve her.

Why, what happened?

I still say she should've lost her virginity to her sister's big fat cock

I stopped playing the garbage halfway and downloaded a 100% save so I could check the rest of the scenes (a few are okay, but still way too many of the boring bullshit scenes like the random dude showing up for the petrification rape that stops being about petrification almost immediately and actually becomes more about mind break which it does better than most other scenes which don't even utilize the crest activation that much), so I have no clue how the story actually ends.
If she keeps the womb crest I would marry her and learn enough about magic to siphon off bits of the lewd power in order to go sex berserk like the mage in that yuri scene.
If they actually managed to get rid of it in the end, she's nothing more than used goods with no value.

I'm a fat bastard, so yeah she deserves me and everything I'll do to her.

Truly wasted potential there

nice run on sentence


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this game is for incels and im not surprised that they think rape would "taint" a woman but its not like any of you will ever get a woman anyway

>play perfectly
>still cutscene lose
It's pretty bullshit honestly

Sure but you would still need a mistress to bare your child because she can't also with the constant rape she's only into girls now.

>inb4 faggots say something about her being purified when she transforms

She won't be able to settle for a single man

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She is still pure at heart

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No, she's used goods

She has sex with monsters

She's already married to Claret.

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Did she get pregnant?

No, not for lack of trying though

As long as her womb is untouched she's still marriable


If you're okay with having mud monster semen crust in there, be my guest

>As long as her womb is untouched

Seriously, can't believe how badly the dev dropped the ball there.

lol no. I don't want a used goblin whore.

if she carried a few inhuman broods maybe, too frigid for me, sweetie.

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it's a view held by the majority of men in the past

I love hentai

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But she didn't want to get fucked by monsters, why does it matter that she gets ravaged several times bros... I want her to be happy.

>But she didn't want to get fucked by monsters,

fuck off incel, you dont have even one girl interested in you, you have no right to be picky with what girl you like and dont like
you would be on your hands and knees begging for any girl to show affection for you. and this is why you hate women so much. because of course people like you deserve to have their bank accounts leeched, and when it happens to you, you blame women for it
but in reality youre the most hateful and disgusting person. thankfully youre ugly and cant do anything bad to anyone

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That's a lot of projection user. Got any issues you need to work out?

You can still marry her user, but the things that happened can't be undone!

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>waa waa rape bad
it's rape, what did you expect? Ricca needs to be at least 50 times darker than it was to be enjoyable.
You guys wouldn't survive real rape, you guys are literally weaker than most women.

>koikatsu church

You say "marry" as if that will stop her from being kidnapped and raped anyways. That's a no from me, as I can't stop fate, only stay out of the way. I'll stick with a girl that doesn't exist purely to suffer.

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I wonder if she thinks about those moments while she's with you. Do you think she enjoyed all that?

>used goods

She had night terrors about it and couldn't sleep so no. It's mostly because they're ugly gobbos if they were remotely handsome rapists she would've probably liked it

I don't find her attractive.

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>He didn't reached the church

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typical incel response

>you don't even lalalala

No, used girls are used. End of story.


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Just because she came doesn't means she enjoyed it

no i don't want floaty controls and goblin syphilis


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Yes, she deserves a happy life

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lol no everyone has sex but you. you just pretend to have standards to cope with the fact that no girl whatsoever wants you. and you know damn well you would date a girl who's had many partners, you just dont have the chance

>male MC
>but it's NTR

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Too old

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When will we get a tactical FPS ero game?

>male MC
>but it's NTR
>but you are the goblin bull

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Lol the majority of men settle for whatever is offered to them. Modern life convinced every man they’re a king because of how well you lived. If you were some filthy fucking peasant working a field you fucked whatever was nearby and available. She’d have just been married off quietly to some guy.

And? Even virgins have standards, nothing wrong with that. Not everyone puts pussy on a pedestal.

user, you don't put pussy anywhere.

>male MC
>use guide to get overpowered
>skip all dialog
>ignore every H scene
>finish game without seeing a single titty

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This game would have been much better if Ricca was make and the enemies were female (not futa)


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this sounds like loser talk to me
youre the type to pose as a chad on here meanwhile actual chads dont care

I wish ricca actually stayed pregnant, she deserves a big happy family sired by monsters

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Love the irony of people posting shit like this as if they aren't pathetic losers themselves. Bonus points if they type exclusively in lower caps like some sexually frustrated woman on twitter.

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I am phone posting subhuman


>Used goods
lol no

it autocorrected shitter to better, too.

The game would have been better if Ricca was male and the enemies were females, females (futa), and femboys. The first scene should have been Ricco getting his balls tattooed by his brother's incubus tail while his prostate is tattooed by incubus dick.

Female MC is peak cuckery

ahhh, a glimpse into the mind of a moebuta

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any scenes with the pixie?


All the goblin rape is canon though.

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who was that girl again? was she a pornstar? im kinda horny for tomboys.

>japnese games
>western games
>DAZ gobbos

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