CTR 2 when?

>fun story mode that's actually challenging on normal and forces you to get good
>gameplay is great and holding Sacred Fire feels amazing once you get the hang of it
>no weight classes, you can pick every driving style with every character
>waifubait for days with lots of customization
The online real downsides are the wumpa grind and the loading times. Can we please bury Crash 4 and get a sequel for the game that deserves it already?

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banana wheel?

pc port never ;_;

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We should ask Uncle Phil once the merger's complete.

>CTR 2 when?
Nitro Fueled is also a remake of Crash Nitro Kart, you know

bandicut sexo

With the jiggle physics back, right?

I'm not a furry I'm not a furry I'm not a furry I'm not a furry

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>add all CNK tracks
>dont add a CNK adventure mode
Such a missed opportunity, at least the time trials getting increasingly difficult ghosts offered the best singleplayer kart racing I've experienced in years. God I love going fast.

IAT buried the franchise so that'd be a no.

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We didn't even get a PC port, why do you think we'd get a sequel?

At best i think we'll get a Series X/PC enhanced port

Microsoft ain't gonna let this franchise die.
We'll be getting Crash games and merch out the wazoo in a few years time.

>Unlimited framerate
>High resolution
>Loading times fixed
>Revived and populated online, that you don't have to pay for
>Improved netcode
>MTX removed, Wumpa grind lessened, all characters unlocked by default
>Tasteful mods

Makes me sad to know it will never happen.

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I claimed Liz

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>no weight classes, you can pick every driving style with every character
I do so wish they actually tried balancing the game instead of saying fuck it and just having you play Speed with everyone

I don't see why all the characters would be unlocked by default. I guess because there are no more grand prixs, but even then I don't see why they'd still put them behind Wumpa Coins. It would be cool to see characters who were previously in CTR games like Spyro or the TTR characters unlocked.

I'm hoping that's the case. even if it is, I'm certain some stuff like Wumpa League is gonna be cancelled, if it isn't already. Still happy about the buyout though, Microsoft was definitely the best outcome.

I dunno, I was just spitballing dream game ideas. I feel like adding new characters in a port would be unrealistic since you have to mobilise so many artists, modellers and voice actors, but having the team handling the port take an extra couple weeks to sort out the netcode and remove the most egregious jewing from the game would be in the realm of possibility.

If it were on PC players would find a way to trivialize coin collection or grant them directly to entirely bypass Activision's attempted jewery.
And thats a good thing.

Already exists via switch emulator

>60fps patch
>Unlock everything patch
>Tell Fagtivision to eat shit patch
>Ass rape Beenox fix

No need for a native pc version.

>challenging on normal
Maybe if you played less than an hour, it's stupid easy. Even on hard the AI suck and just cheat to recover from being brainless.
Sacred fire being shoehorned without actually bothering to rebalance anything was beyond retarded.
Now if they actually make a sequel with it in mind it could be good, so long as they keep the always online shit away

Don't bother telling them that
Every time emulation gets brought up it's always some excuse about how the graphics make it unplayable or no online making it unplayable

>the always online shit

Take me back bros..

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You can't earn currency if you don't have an active internet connection to Activision servers. Obviously you also can't buy anything from the always online cash shop either.

I'm surprised at seeing someone that decent dropping so many good boosts in a row

Ami's thighs.

I was busy trying to dodge the mines and aiming for that guy.

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Ripper Roo? More like Ripper Bro

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You got any tips for the turbines? I always end up getting hit when rushing through with USF

Hop U-turning and good reflexes, you can also memorize the cycle timing but you gotta turn on the skip intro option because that can actually make them change depending on when you decide to skip the intro cutscene.

I see coke...

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>CTR 2 when?
More like CTR on PC when? I feel like it was scheduled to happen but the whole blizzard thing and the acquisition in addition to the team who worked on it just moved on.

user it was never scheduled to happen
It was never going to be a thing with how they ignored and blocked every mention of a pc port long before the team got sent back to the cod mines
There was never going to be a pc port

The turbines in the tunnel are connected/move at the same speed so you can use the position of the second turbine to predict what position the double set will be in.
Generally if the second turbine is in a "Y" shape and you can pass on the left then you go far left on the double, and for upside down "Y" position you go middle for the double.

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I want Ami to put me in a headlock with her strong arms until I pass out.

fucking legendary

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Don't we all?

I want to be choked out by those thighs

pop my head like a watermelon with those thighs

You say that but they know they could get Rare or someone else to do a new Banjo and people woould throw money at them.

That does mean characters are cosmetic tho

The most disappointing thing about Nitro Fueled is that it didn't end up being the "EVERYONE IS HERE" moment of the Crash Bandicoot series despite being so close

>No Evil Twins
>No Madame Amberly
>No Willie Wumpa Cheeks
>No Rusty Walrus
>No Viscount
>No Farmer Ernest

it's not alway the smartest move to go for 3 Perfect! boosts, half the time when you're boosting at that speed you do the boosts to maintain your trajectory instead of relying on it for speed

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No Bearminator

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user he's dead
You shot him in the face with rockets

>No Park Drone

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It's crazy how much more fun this game gets once one learns how to turbo drift

>baby t
>no warthog

these guys need representation in CTRNF too

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Fuck off Nina-user.

IAT killed the franchise cause people only bought the trilogy and CTR out of nostalgia.

i was going to ignore her but yeah, this

Why would you want it?
If it did come out it would be filled with micro transactions, have less content than the original and be buggy as fuck
They'd probably fuck with the gameplay or include some shit gimmick too

Wait till you learn how to polswid and combine that tech with the engine pickup. You go twice as fast as a stage 2 blue fire pad

N. Gin literally has a rocket lodged in his head, your argument is invalid.

Oh boy another forced thread only active because only Crash General faggots are active here.
Yesterday was a rarity. Just use Reddit.

I'm sure releasing it on a storefront people only use for like two games, giving it a higher price point than NST/NF, and being flawed in general had nothing to do with it.