Why the difference?

Why the difference?

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I love my wife Ranni!

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you fight and kill malenia while you marry ranni

ranni is cute
malenia is not

the Rotussy is low tier compared to Ranni.

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Ranni's cute and Malenia isn't. Tiche doesn't have talk and she's cuter than Malenia.

Malenia looks like a man

i will not tolerate this false dichotomy any longer. melina is best souls wife, and we all know it

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you don't even know who she is

I don't know if I have a shot with her

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Malenia > ranni
Ranni attracts retards

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I wish I liked her more, but she's just barely around for anything.

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>malenia is hot
sorry about the typo, I'm posting from my iPhone

If you consider that tiny ass head, those man shoulders and those tiny tits that look more like tranny tits hot then yeah

choose your words carefully big guy
that's my mom you're talking about

rotten pussy

imagine the smell

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The worst thing about (t)Ranni is how her design doesnt fit with the rest of the game. She looks like Monster Musume character dumped into Berserk

All these bloody simps are lacking ORDER in their lives. Pledge yourselves to the one true King of the Lands Between and put this foolish simping to rest.

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>le berserk

Now, that's some good art there

average Zoraya fanart

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I'm not a Berserk fan, its not my fault its From's go-to when stealing inspiration for their games

What does that even mean? She suits the game's aesthetic just fine.

Because Malenia is disgusting and I'm Ranni's husband

No you're just a retard that ignores all the moe Berserk has
Or that pretend Ranni looks like that

All hail the Grace-Given Lord! None may approach the Erdtree!

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I want Malenia to rot me.

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It means that Ranni makes him mad.

woah she NEVER lets me do that

>doesnt fit with the rest of the game
>dumped into Berserk

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Don't you have sewers to clean up?

There's plenty of cool Ranni fanart though

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This is good too

Sounds like you've never read Berserk, aka cunny paradise

still weebshit

Elden Ring is a japanese game

Anime website anime game cope

same with all Malenia art

is game rendered in the anime style?

not the OP image, which is the dichotomy that this thread is about

>Not my cherrypicked example
>Just ignore everything else

Ok what now?

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>why the difference?
Because rannichads are chads

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just because a twitter lesbian drew it doesn't make it weebshit. it's a japanese character from a japanese game.

*not weebshit

the thread opened with the image positing a side-by-side comparison of the art styles and i'm referring to it, what is cherrypicking about that?

nice art

the very distinct anime style is an artistic choice and is very identifiable, just because a nip drew a picture does not make it weebshit in nature, just like the company that made the game being japanese does not make the game itself a weebshit game

oh so you're doing the autistic thing where you've got your own definition on terms and slang that you expect everyone else to agree on

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Yeah but Malenia has like 2 lines total and everyone likes her. Melina has the most lines of any character, and she's still incredibly boring.
Bad design
Boring voice
Nothing interesting about her personality

>just because a nip drew a picture does not make it weebshit in nature, just like the company that made the game being japanese does not make the game itself a weebshit game
You're retard, because something made by japanese people can't be "weeb"
But you don't know the meaning of the word weeb

>Yeah but Malenia has like 2 lines total and everyone likes her

seems we have different ideas on what the term "weebshit" means so that's probably where the misunderstanding comes from, you're also both quite defensive, do elden ring fans get trolled a lot on this imageboard?

think that's wishful thinking on your part homie, you said something dumb and are trying to flip the script on who's embarrassed right now

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genuinely i'm not, you think i would continue to engage in this conversation if that were the case? i'm willing to admit there is a misunderstanding from my choice of words but my point remains and OP's does as well, to my knowledge. all of the blue woman's art posted in this thread so far has been very anime influenced, whereas several examples of different art styles in the fan art of the red woman.

Ranni is just more popular with nips, thats all there is to it. There's plenty of western art of her too.

Also this

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Collaboration with American novelist too.

it's ok user you don't have to keep defending yourself, we all see you misused a term now

What drives someone to make posts like this instead of just going to any booru or pixiv and looking for fanart themselves?
Do you really need your worldview validated by what some random people post on a mongolian basket weaving forum?

Ranni looks like the type that would type out racial profanities while Malenia is the type that would have a Ukraine flag and pronouns on her twitter


You are mentally ill.

Ranni is way too much of a sperg to do any of that lol

t. ranny (not to be confused with my wife Ranni)

as long as we both understand i am the victor in this exchange

i said that purposefully to annoy you

i care very little about elden ring and don't see the point of doing that when others might do so themselves in this thread and illicit interesting discussion about fan-art and demographics, which i'm more interested in and why i stopped by this thread to make a very off-hand remark.


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