ITT we brainstorm SGF Collage ideas

I propose a war/battlefield theme. When you submit something to the collage you specify if you want to enter Shadow or Spongebob's side of the battlefield. Thoughts?

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I do suggest using the roster if we're gonna do a Team Shadow or Team SpongeBob battle royale for this year's Summer Games Fest

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wouldn't it end up being an absurd tiny amount of character selection squares if we did that?

watch this shit nigger IP count is gonna remain the same the moment after you call this spongebob shadow shit retarded

I don't really know otherwise

I like the idea.

Rindude is on Shadow's side.

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Naked Cream stands with ShadChad.

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fire up that ms paint


Is there someone who wants to volunteer to update the collage?


I'm working on Rindo right now.

Team Chadow here

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What do I do to make something? Just post a transparent png drawing of a character and say what team I want them on?

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Le drip god arrives. This one that I found is better than the one that I was working on.

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heres a template

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I did this Killer7 one for last year but I'm referring to the new one

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give him a weapon of some kind

For what? For the heart attack pose or make a new drawing for the collage "Choose your team"? Nobody's really even said what we should make yet.

seems like people are into the battle field idea, but there's only a few ips in the thread and no dedicated user to add to the collage yet.

If you want to make a non heart attack pose that's fine, but the heart attack pose would work with the battle theme like
You could draw them in the same pose throwing a spear, drawing a bow or with a sword and shield and it'd fit with the theme.

Add Chris Watts.

Okay. I'll wait and see what to draw when the thread picks up more steam. The main thing I want in on is the Gif collage, I made a frame that got in last year and had a great idea for this year's.

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what is the idea?

I cant believe I forgot to put sonic on spongebobs side of the field

Some guy had a zip folder of Squilliam having a heart attack that was split up into 24 frames. An user would then claim a frame and draw over it, just like the Abby buttsex collage when TLOU2 leaked.

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>932kb 1024x630
>when the OP is 2.09 3490x2147

What are you doing?

Oh shit the program I used resized it automatically, I'll fix it.

Please add Rindo if you're going to be the guy who's doing this :)

I know what the gif is, I mean what was your idea for a frame?

Put Squidward, Hayley Smith from American Dad, Son of the Mask, and Zavok on redditbob's side.

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Fix that shit already so I can add mine.

My Idea was one of the frames where Squilliam was sticking his hand straight up (F3, G3 or H3) his hand was going to be that hand toilet from Majora's Mask. Last year I did the Pikmin carrying Olimar on the stretcher.

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Just give png character and only Op should put in the image

There I just downloaded the wrong pic initially.

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Put Peter on team Spongebob please

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Wario definitely needs to be on team Squlliam since there's that new meme of him throwing Shadow into the trashcan

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make it happen

Shadow's team

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Now you fags better DIY or I swear I'll fill CHADow's side on my own.

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Shadow team

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how could I forget, reddit should be on shadows side

Don't forget to include the ifunny logo to really tie it all in, also you should probably namefag yourself for this thread.

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someone add a bunch of arrows stabbed into the ground, smoke, a moat and maybe a castle or the forts from 2fort

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saved and uploaded as png, i'm not responsible for taiwanese beanie baby message board fucking up the image

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This shipping is cannon and you cannot tell me otherwise.

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Bros I can't get Rindo in. Every time I save the image it scales it up to 11mb in

Somebody help me ;__;

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ok done

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>not the first post from this IP
Embarassing samefag.

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OP fucked up by putting Redditbob and Shadow too far apart. Now everyone is creeping too close.

When you save a image, after the save location window, there's a slider at the top of the next window that allows you to lower or increase the quality. Just save it as a jpg first, obviously. Keep it around 3.8MB to 4MB for maximum quality.

Add the Beaver bros (Norbert on Redditbob's team and Daggett on Shadow's team)

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Won't saving it as a jpg ruin it with artefacting later down the line?

>doing it this early
>basing it off of your faggy little discord """meme""

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Not much of a choice, we just need to trust someone to not shit all over the quality.

This shit isn't even fucking vidya or Yea Forums related.

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I did my best.

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>This shit isn't even fucking vidya or Yea Forums related.

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Hell user, at least keep up with the thread. Good effort though.

seethe you nigger

It took me 5-10 minutes to use the tool to copy Rindo's palette over ;__;

>reducing the resolution
don't do this, baka

where are my beaver bros

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It took me literally forever to not get it to be 11mb

Somebody add Rindo if they're so great

sneed team shadow
he's from simpson's hit and run

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that's Chuck. Both Sneed and Chuck are on Shadow's team